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Chevrolet Tahoe Electrical Problems



  • canyousaylemoncanyousaylemon Posts: 6
    edited September 2012
    My 2008 Tahoe has been at the dealer for over three and a half weeks now. Not to include the previous visits. I am absolutely appalled that GM can not even figure out what is wrong with the cars they make and sell people. My Tahoe has been having some sort of electrical problem for months now. It never starts in the morning. We have to jump start it daily, or if it sits over 4 hours. It loses power driving down the road. My clock resets every night. I stalled out with my 3 children in the car, as I was turning onto our road, and almost got hit. Dealer has replaced battery, alternator, reset codes daily, positive and negative battery cables, heated seat modules, you name it. When does GM have to step up and fix their problem? This is ridiculous. Do they want their wives and children driving in these vehicles? I love my car when it runs...this is our 5th GM vehicle, but it is surely our last. If we don't get this fixed soon, I am going to rent out newspaper and billboards to advertise for GM......I am making a $500 payment every month, yet I am running around borrowing cars from family members so I can get to work...REALLY!
    I have been reading this forum for months...I've read of numerous people with the same problem, and have never seen one person with a solution. The GM Customer Service people just say "Oh, do you want us to help follow your issue?" when do they solve the issue? Even when people say they pay to take it elsewhere, the response is the same, "Glad to hear we could help" really...I haven't seen anyone get help yet!!!!!
  • I would love to hear if you pursue legal action. I am fed up as well.
  • Good afternoon canyousaylem,

    Have you gotten a Service Request started through Customer Assistance on the difficulties you've been having with your Tahoe? I understand that you're frustrated, and if you would like for us to look into this further we'd be happy to do so. Please email us at (include your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Could you tell me what you are going to do when I give you the requested information? I haven't seen a single person in these 347 posts that has actually been helped. Is this site actually a place to get help, or just a place to vent and see how many other people are having their lives ruined by GM? As I search the internet, I see more and more people with my exact same issue. Not one has found a fix or received any assistance from GM. Is there a lot of 2008 Lemon Tahoes sitting somewhere?
  • Is your Tahoe still starting? Did this fix work for you?
  • It seems to me that GM customer service is always willing to take your Tahoe in to look at it, but never offer a free diagnostics of the problem. Another way for GM to make money off of us without recalling the issue when there are so many with this issue.
  • As wise consumers we need to recognize that just because they are "the dealer" they don't necessary know what's best for your pocket book. YES- if your car is on warranty, take it to the dealer, BUT - if you're out of warranty, find an honest car mechanic and keep tabs on them in terms of what they are doing to your car. I recently had a situation where the car went into the dealer for a loud noise coming from 08 Chev Tahoe front wheels. They charged my wife $100 to look at the car and tell her that they thought that the brake pads on the front wheels were not CHEV OEM Equipment and as such, even though it didn't need pads, we should get it replaced. Well, My brother in law suggested we take the wheel off to look at the drum. First, we found 2 (side by side) lug nuts that hadn't been tightened. The lug nuts were loose and could removed by hand. Then - we found this small screw had been stripped and was partially protruding from the drum. It's a set screw from the factory. Well, the DEALER mechanic put the wheel back on even though this screw wasn't flush with the drum. Hence, wheel was at an angle and each time I applied the brakes, the car would make loud squeal. For those out there reading this, realize that we are going through tough economic times and you need to be a WISE shopper and consumer. This theory seriously applies to your car - a very important part of your life. In my situation, I called the dealer's service to report the matter. BUT - what about all the other situations where they are collecting $100 or more from people just for looking at their cars? Participate in these only forums. Read expert's opinions here and then do your own reading to confirm that information. I remember getting valuable advice form an EdMonds Forum user who worked as a mechanic for a long time. He was right on the money when he told me about my original electrical problem on the 08 Chev Tahoe. It was as he said - a connection problem with the battery negative terminal. The new battery I put in from Auto Zone had smaller top posts and the factory cables were not tightening enough to make it a concrete electrical connection. Dealer wants $96.00 for that cable. It cost me nothing to remove the cable, grind down the connectors so that they would close tighter. Problem was resolved, but not before mechanic convinced me to get a new alternator ($350). I was on my 3rd battery from Auto Zone before I figured out the problem. Next time you drive into a service station, keep in mind that the mechanics there see you as a bag full of money. (Smile...)
  • Good afternoon canyousaylemon,

    If you were to send us the requested information, we would get a Service Request set up and would contact your service department at your dealership to learn more from them about the diagnostics that have been done. We would potentially send your case to a different department for continued assistance so we could hopefully move this towards a satisfactory resolution.

    Kindest regards,
    GM Customer Service
  • Yes, I also have one of the 2008 Chevy Tahoe lemons. Mine is still having electrical issues, dealer just says they can't duplicate. It sat for a week straight, they never fixed it, just gave it back. The wipers don't work properly, headlights turn on auto but won't shut off, we've had door locks go out, total power failure to the right side (wiring harness came loose). Now the radio started with the popping noise and shutting off issue yesterday. We also have an 02 Tahoe, never had one problem. This 08 is a nightmare.

    Has your issue been resolved yet?
  • Hello astevens1,

    If you would like for us to check in with your dealership on recent appointments to get these issues diagnosed, we'd be happy to do so for you. Please send us more details at including: your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I have been having this same issue for over a year. First it was the door actuators on 3 doors and the o2 sensor which were all replaced. Now the last door actuator isn't working and the car goes haywire and dies and comes back all by itself. Took to get the battery tested and its fine. the hard shift the car is make scares the hell out of my kids and myself. Husband just took it to the dealer and they said it was some wiring harness and are charging us $385. Why should we have to pay if these are obviously KNOWN issues by GM. I almost don't want to pick up my Tahoe. Won't be buying ANY GM products in the future.
  • Good morning nowen1,

    We're sorry that you've had these difficulties with your Tahoe, but it sounds like your dealership has found a resolution for the electrical concerns you had been having. If you would like for us to check into anything further, please email us at with more details, including: your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I purchased my 2012 Chevy Tahoe in May. I have had problems since the first day with it. The first morning I went out and tried to open it with Key fob it took over 10 minutes for it to work. I have brought it to the dealership twice now for it and the first time I was told the key fobs were bad and so they replaced them. Here it is now and still have the same issues and they are getting worse. After 10 minutes of trying to open the vehicle, now once I get in it won't start, so after another 15 minutes of trying to start it, it thens has my sensors going crazy. It says to service them and then tells me they are off . I brought it back and was told that they found 25 error codes and reset them and can't seem to find the issue. They think it is a grounding issue. I put a call into Chevy today and told them I am not dealing with this and I want another vehicle. I was given a reference number and was told they will call me back. I have videos of me trying to get in my vehicle in the morning. I just hope Chevy replaces my vehicle. I can see other people have had the same issues and are still having them years later. Of course when you talk to the dealership you get the "I can't duplicate the problem". I am very frustrated and also concerned for my safety and my children. I Hope Chevy does the right thing and takes it back, but if they don't I guess that is what the lemon law was made for.
  • Good morning tiggerbad1,

    We're very sorry that you've had these difficulties with your new Tahoe! It sounds like you've contacted Customer Assistance already - did they set up a Service Request for you? If not, and if you would like for us to do so, please email us more details at (including your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and approximate mileage, and the name of your dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Read the lemon law at There are so many attempts that a car dealership can do before they are required by law to buy the car back. My advice to you: If you just bought the car and are having these issues - more will come as one electrical issue is often tied to another. Do work with GM Social Media gal to see if the problem can be resolved. However, make yourself familiar with the lemon law and what your rights are in terms of returning the car and getting another new one. My sister had electrical problems with a brand new Hyndai and after five visits, they eventually bought the car back under lemon law and returned her money.
  • To any GM/Chevrolet representative monitoring this forum: My 2008 Tahoe, for which I paid more money used than I have EVER paid for a vehicle, has more problems than any other vehicle I've ever owned. First it was a dead battery at 2 1/2 years old, then when a new battery was installed, a random, intermittent, not starting problem that could sometimes be solved by jiggling or loosening, then retightening, already maximum-tightened battery cables. Then, lo and behold, the not starting problems stopped (and I mean stopped for the past 2 years), and were almost immediately replaced by failed door locks. Let me tell you it's great fun in Florida running to my car, unlocking it with my FOB (so the alarm won't go off when I manually unlock the driver's door) and then getting soaked while I manually unlock my driver's door to get inside. But.........thank God I have one door I can actually insert a key into to unlock, because when we take guests in our 6-seater vehicle, I have to drop the front passenger seat all the way back and crawl into the back seat (at the age of 53, I don't think a 70-year old would be able to do this) to unlock the door behind me. Yes, the driver's door won't lock, and the rear passenger door won't unlock!!!!

    Oh, and also when the car no longer had starting problems, it was also replaced by a front speaker not working, as well as the back-up indicator and "open door chime" volume going all the way to almost inaudible. Except for when my husband drives my car. For some reason, 9 times out of 10 when he drives, the volume goes back to loud, which by the way is what it is set at. Yes, I have read the manual cover to cover and I know how, and have set the volume to loud. Doesn't matter when you're dealing with a haunted car!!!! You must have some incredibly talented programmers, or some incredibly inept technicians. Oh, and there is also the matter of now my dome light doesn't work when I open my car door. Yes, that was great fun a few weeks ago when my father was dying, and I had to make several trips to airports to pick up family members and back and forth to his residence at night to be with him as he passed. Is it too much to ask for the dome light to come on when it's dark outside and I open my car door???? It comes on if I turn the button, so it's not out, right? Oh, and the timer doesn't work on my display indicator control panel, or the DIC as it's called in the manual. So yeah, I'm glad I'm no longer getting stuck with my engine not starting, but I really expected more from the most expensive car I ever bought.

    The "badness" or "crap manufacturing and parts" of the 2008 Tahoe is all over the Web, and yet GM/Chevrolet does not and will not own up to it. I'm sure you must realize how incredibly patronizing you sound on these forums as you state over and over and over, ad nauseum, "have you contacted customer service?", "I'm sorry to hear of your problems with your xxxxx car; we strive to provide the best customer service ever...blahblahblahblah" - do you seriously think that people don't read all that when they are trying to figure out how to avoid paying $800 to have two stupid door locks fixed at a dealer? Electric door locks have been in cars since the 60s, for gosh sakes - it is not rocket science - and 99.9 percent of us never had a problem with them previously, and certainly didn't have a problem with them when the car was only three or four years old.

    So, once and for all, can the GM rep who monitors this forum please tell me how you are going to fix the obviously global problem with these cars, or are you just going to leave ALL these people, who obviously represent only a fraction of those experiencing these problems, with no recourse other than to NEVER buy a GM product again in their lifetime? I can tell you I was turned against Ford when I was eight years old (hole in floorboard that I feared I would fall into the road when small) and Dodge (bad first year Durango) and I will never purchase another one as long as I live. People develop strong feelings for the vehicles they trust their lives to every day, and you and your company would be well-advised to remember that as you try to earn your living from those vehicles. I am anxiously waiting for your reply.
  • If that's what you do, then why hasn't anyone in these 360 posts had their problem resolved? What a crock of &@$". After I've gone back and printed all of these 360 posts, I see that your response is nothing but a standard phrase that you copy and paste. Guess that's a pretty good business. You sit at home reading all of our problems, probably thinking "Ha, you poor bas&@&@! You won't be finding a fix in this lifetime!" As you copy and paste your standard bs response. :sick:
  • Exactly. Well said. It is dangerous for these vehicles to be on the road. MY Tahoe will loose all power while I am driving it. I will never buy a Tahoe again. They should have had a recall a long time ago. They don't want to spend the money to ensure the lives of their customers. Very poor customer service. I will never buy a Chevy again in fact.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post your concerns and frustrations with your vehicle. I understand your position. We are not mechanics and cannot diagnose the vehicle and its concerns. I understand your confusion and I would like to take the time to explain our position on the forum and what it is that we can do; as well as what we are trying to do, but it has never been and will never be to patronize you guys.

    General Motors realizes that their customers are using outlets such as Edmunds and Facebook to share information from vehicle concerns, dealer concerns, as well as questions; therefore we have been sent out here to connect with you.

    When it comes to problems you are experiencing with your vehicle, prior to our involvement on these social sites, the only way these concerns were documented was if the customer contact GM Customer Assistance directly via the 800 number. In participating on these social sites and gathering information, we have been able to document the different concerns and experiences from customers who were not calling the 800 number. Our purpose out here is to connect with customers, gather information, and assist to the best of our abilities with the resources we have. Granted this does limit what exactly we can do. As you have stated there are many posts, and in engaging with them they have been documented; and cases for those who contact me directly via the email address. The number of the same complaints is monitored and kept track of. We count on you to keep us informed of the situations and concerns you are having so we can continue to track and monitor these as well as step in where we are able.

    I understand our responses seem very generic, and I do apologize; but there are only so many ways we can ask you to send us the information we need to set up a case and start the ball rolling, and this goes for apologizing as well. Sarah and I are real people here and we do understand the economy, your frustrations, and sympathize with you. We have very specific conversations with management and dealers on your behalf. We would like you to know that these concerns are heard and every word gets documented for General Motors. Each case is individually handled based on a number of factors and we do our best to work with the dealers and provide you the best customer service we can and a fair resolution.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    GM Customer Service
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