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Chevrolet Tahoe Electrical Problems



  • I have a 2005 Tahoe and today the seat heater buttons and memory position seat buttons quit working on the drivers side and the seat heater buttons on the passenger side also quit working. Thought it might be a bad fuse, so changed that but they still do not work. Any ideas on what could be wrong and how much to fix?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    I would recommend taking your vehicle to your local dealer of choice. They will be able to assist you with your problem and provide you a quote for the repair.
    GM Customer Service
  • My 2000 Suburban is doing the same thing. Battery is now dead. When I go to start the vehicle I get a bunch of buzzing and clicking. The lights on the dash blink off and on. I have never had any problems with this vehicle till now. I wanted to know if you ever got your vehicle fixed and what the problem was. Also, something strange was the other day and alarm went off while we were driving. The radio was off sounded like one of those warnings that come over the radio when there is an emergency alert

    Seems like an electrical gremlin.
  • ghosk,
    I have started experiencing the same problem, I just got of the phone with Chevy checking on recalls, they did not find any for my particular vehicle, however they did post a special bulletin SB07120 Battery Cable mis-routed. On some vehicles apparently one of the battery cables comes in contact with the power steering pulley from time to time and wears down the insulation. Some times the bar wire will come in contact and can cause issues with lights flickering, vehicle not to start. I'm in the process of checking this out myself and will post results. Also you may check and see if your vehicle may fall under recall 07007B or 07033. From what I understand this covers re programming the ECM to keep various accessories from draining the battery after the vehicle is shut off. To check to see if you your vehicle falls under any of these recalls or special bulletins call 1-800-222-1020. I was able to get through pretty quick. Hope this is some helpful information.
  • my 2006 tahoe z71 has been perfect until the last 2-3 years when i started having one electrical issue after another..same thing over and and out of the dealership over and over..sometimes for days. first the dvd wouldnt work..took like 10 visits for that to finally resolve. then i had the battery issue others have mentioned. heard if you leave ANYTHING charger, will zap it. greattt. just got stranded in the mtns after 20 min of shopping and needed a new battery. now i just dont trust it. its still making screeching noises from the radio when i turn the car off. its getting old. the car doesnt even have 55k mi on it yet. thank goodness its still under warranty (extended) and my dealership has been great...but its the hassle and now the lack of trust. we need to upgade to a suburban but now im hesitant to get another chevy..
    thoughts? :confuse: :lemon:
  • I just got another mssg from someone else - the dealership ended up replacing the battery cables..... after four batteries and being jumped once a month, we have gone 1 month without calling our tow truck driver. We also replaced the last battery with a Sears Die Hard - but before the cables were replaced the battery discharged like all the others . . . was still new enough that it could be revived.... We are keeping our fingers crossed but we still carry jumper cables with us - ridiculous for a car that cost us over $55,000 and is a 2007.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Please let us know if your problem comes back!
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi, I have a 2008 Chevy Tahoe LTZ 1. It is the top of the line Tahoes that Chevrolet put out in 2008. Out of the several Tahoes sold in my town ours is the only one that has an electrical problem and it is not the battery. It has been in the shop for the same problem 9 times and GM will not step up to the plate and fix the situation. I keep hanging on to this Tahoe because it came from the factory loaded and not built at the dealer. The dealership has done every thing possible to fix it and I realize they can only do so much. I called several attorneys and all they want to do is get a refund from GM. If there is a GM rep reading this, please note, I am going to the media, on all news television stations in town and bad mouthing GM. GM got a bailout from the taxpayer but when it comes time for us to get help GM is no where to be found. We no longer want our Tahoe, I think that we have been patient enough. It is defective and "WE WANT A REPLACEMENT" :lemon: .
  • Hi, I have a 2009 Tahoe LTZ. Though we have had many problems as well with our Tahoe...our main problem is the navigation/radio screen turns off & on...we have had it to the dealer 5 times...they can't "duplicate this problem"...they have replaced it once & it continues to give us now has some addtional problems: directions will not download to car & at the start up we get a white system LOADING screen...making the radio, navigation, & back up camera screen USELESS & the clock each time the vehicle is turned on is showing the wrong time!?!?!...just took in for service again last week...I am so frustrated...& just so they couldn't say that they "couldn't duplicate this problem" I sent a picture to the service manager!...after getting serviced was told it is "updates from OnStar" per service dept...WHATEVER! No one else I know has any of these issues...Makes me so angry!!! Any help would be greatly apprecited.... :confuse:
  • Don't know what to tell you. I know that the dealership can only do so much. When you buy a new vehicle, you have to remember that the dealership is selling you what they presume a vehicle with no problems. It is up to the manufacture to step up and do what they need to do for us. After all they did get a bailout from us. I am not one of those political types, but it make sense. I know what I'm going to do. :shades:
  • I forgot to mention one thing and that is that I still would not buy anything other than a Chevy, Ford or Dodge?. Even though Dodge is in the hands of Fiat it is still an American name plate. :blush:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    jdtech01 ,
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please email me with your VIN and current mileage as well as your user name from here? I would like to look into this further for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • I have an 07 Tahoe that periodically will be completely dead in our garage. Probably 15-20 times since we got it in September of 06, we special ordered it, my wife will go to leave and there will not even be enough juice to turn on the dash lights. Its been probably 7-8 month's since the last time it happened but it happened again this morning. There has only been 1 instance where it did it back to back days. Usually it is 3-6 months in between times. I have tested the battery and it tests fine, so I don't feel that is the problem. My dealership sounded shocked and then wouldn't return my phone call. I did turn it in under warranty at least once and I think twice for the same issue. After talking to an employee they told me that ie a common problem with the 07 yr model and that there are 29 different computers on the car. It is next to impossible to know which one it is unless his diagnostic is connected while it is happening. After seeing how many people are having this problem surely GM should have a recall on something.
  • Also, nothing is left on because when I connect the battery charger to it, nothing comes on in the vehicle. I bought her one of those jump boxes, and that doesn't even give it enough juice to spin over. Once I use the battery charger to crank it and Let it run for a little while everything is fine, at least for a few months anyway.
  • smorton1smorton1 Posts: 7
    This is excactly what I have been expericing. I'm currently arguing with GM to get this fixed.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057

    My name is Jared and I am assisting Christina on Edmunds. Please email us with your contact information, VIN and mileage. Also include your Edmunds username and a brief description of the issue.

    -Jared Duane
    GM Customer Service
  • steveqsteveq Posts: 14

    Can you also help me with this problem? I have already taken my 2007 Tahoe regarding this problem and they couldn't find anything. I now have another appointment this Monday but I anticipate that they will still not solve the problem. I will email you my contact information, VIN, and mileage.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057

    I would like to look further into your situation. Could you please email me your contact information, VIN and current mileage? Please include a description of the problem you are experiencing.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • exintrunkexintrunk Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Tahoe with a very intermittent issue. Occasionally after starting the car the message "rear access open" appears and all the interior lights come on like the door is open. It is not. This may stay this way as i drive down the road for up to 1/2 hour and then just turn off and everything is normal. this may occur every time I start it today or it may not happen for months. there appears to be nothing I can do to influence it either to act up or stop acting up. One interesting this is that the rear wiper will work when in this condition. Any ideas?
  • keithsplacekeithsplace Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    04 Tahoe:I had the same problem with my 04 Tahoe. It started
    months ago, the heater kicked on with the a/c on high, it would only blow hot air.
    Couldn't figure out what was going on, sort of an uncomfortable ride home, lucky it was short. Problem cleared after it sat and re stared it, and only did it one time more.
    Then a couple weeks ago the battery was dead in the morning. Had to jump it.
    I purchased the Tahoe used 1 year ago, and the battery was about 4 years old so I put a new battery in. Then I had a dead battery again after a couple days of not running the vehicle, I had to jump a couple of times the next week. I checked the battery and alternator free at the auto parts store, both checked good.
    Took to trusted shop and cleared all codes then found one that would not clear or reset, the mode accuator for the hvac system was bad.
    Part was $199 , total bill 391.00. Will post later if this did not fix the battery drain and weird heat a/c problem.
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