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New TSX Owner Reports

patpat Posts: 10,421
Congrats on your new ride! Give us your initial impressions here.


  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    Purchased the 06 TSX 5AT Carbon Gray w/ Quartz & Navi in May 06. To date we have 3600 miles from one road trip and mostly commuter miles. Mileage has been steady at around 25-27 mpg on mix commuter driving (65% hwy/35% city) and 32-34 mpg on interstate driving.

    :) Pros – I’m amazed on how much use I get from the Navi system. I’ve originally felt the Navi was overkill for a city I live in for over 6 years; but I find the Navi saves me a lot of travel time. I can drive directly to my destination instead of hunting for the address a mile or more away from it.

    Bluetooth is a great feature because my wife can never find her Razr phone in her purse. One city in our state outlawed talking on a cell while driving, my city might be next. The HFL may be the only way to talk in a moving vehicle pretty soon.

    There is enough power for everyday driving/commuting. Very smooth and stable on the highway, even with speed above 95 mph. Only time I crave more is passing on an uphill grade or on ramp situations. I live/travel between 5000-7500ft elevation. I have a few less horses available compared to my sea level TSXs.

    Love the HID headlights didn’t realize how much I was missing with Halogen lights until I saw HID behind the wheel.

    :( Cons – The XM radio promotion should be for at least 1 year instead of 3 months. It would be nice to choose between Sirus or XM.

    I’ve always figure 360 watt stereo would sound a lot louder, crisper and with more bass. My $140 Alpine in my 97 Accord with 4 speakers is louder and has more bass.

    I feel I sit a little too high in the seat and a few more inches of seat travel would be nice for me (6’3” w/ long legs). The rear view mirror causes a front right blind spot for me. I have to look under the rear view mirror at a 4-way stop because the car to the right is 100% hidden.

    Conclusion – The TSX has the performance, economy, luxury, reliability, features, and safety innovations I wanted in an entry level luxury sport sedan. I enjoy driving everyday and only seeing 2-3 TSX’s a week compared to 10-15 Honda’s a day. I like the exterior styling and the interior is second to none in its class. I plan on keeping this car well past the 120,000 mile mark. The TSX gets a 9 out of 10 in my book.

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  • abhiutdabhiutd Posts: 31
    I recently got my TSX and found out it was making a squeaky sound near the passenger front side, sounds like from the tire region. I'm still exactly not sure what the real problem is. Took this friday apt at the dealership. Hope its not anything major.
    Apart from this, TSX drives so smooth and i just love the bluetooth option. I didn't anticipate earlier it would be that convenient option....:)

    I have a question. When i start to drive the car, the doors doesn't get locked automatically.Aren't they suppose to when car reaches a certain speed?

    Love my TSX! Hope you guys are enjoying yours as well.
  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    No, the doors do not auto lock at all. You have to purchase something aftermarket like an additional alarm system to autolock the doors in drive.
  • to my TSX ownership.

    The car was truly the best value in the segment IMO. Features per dollar and residual value are top notch! Two major contributors to my buying the car. The sporting character of this sedan continues to impress me.

    - Luxury Features, ie. Xenons, HandsfreeLink, Memory Power Seats, XM, Aux-in
    - Sporting Drive. It truly is unbelievable for a FWD car. Torque steer is very minimal. I don't believe I've found the limits of it's cornering ability yet.
    - Materials Quality.
    - Balance of Size & Functionality. For me anyway, it is just ideal. Compact enough to feel sporty, but roomy enough for four people to be comfortable, plus a fair amount of trunk space.
    - Economy/Performance of the Engine. I know those two words don't normally go together, but I think they do in the TSX. Four cylinder fuel economy is a huge plus right now, but I feel good that there's enough engine to get up and go when I need to. Interstate power availability is more than adequate.

    - Noises. This is really my only one. There is a myriad of rattles and creaks. The only thing more frustrating is that they come and go. I can go a couple days and not hear a single one. Other days, the steering wheel rattles, the A-Pillars squeak, and the plastic plate that looks like it guides the auto tranny creaks. I'm waiting for my first scheduled service to take it in, hopefully I will get to praise the service dept and remove my disappoint.
  • Many thanks to all the advice I got from the Forum. I picked up my TSX with Navi, Royal Blue/Parchment last week in MD. Whole package came to $28,200, and I am going to spring for the extended warranty and roll it into my payments. I will keep reading the forum as I do maintenance to keep this rolling for years to come. Thanks to all.
  • Got my TSX this past Saturday. I only drove it once at night so far, and it was just down the street. The dealers should be telling potential buyers to test drive it at night. The headlights are incredible - I've never had a car that lit up the road like this, and the field of view is very wide too. In the cabin there are blue LEDs - not sure why, but OK. I really like the slow dimming roof light when you close the doors. Inside one of the compartments there is a light too. Of course the dash lights we already know are very cool.
  • abhiutdabhiutd Posts: 31
    Hey i was just going through the manual and i see there's an option of doing that through the Info and Set/Reset button in the setup. I still have to try it though.

    Also, do anyone of you know if there's an option of checking the tire pressure through computer?

  • No tire pressure monitor on the '06. It is expected on the '07 however.
  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    I haven’t seen a lot of changes for the 07 TSX other that the tire pressure monitoring system. I purchased a cheap solution for $17.99+shipping. I use them on my TSX and 97 Accord, I call it my "passive TPMS". I have 32psi for the front and 30psi for the rear tires. You really don't notice them on the tire like you would think.

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  • abhiutdabhiutd Posts: 31
    So does it show on your computer or you just see some indicator like the one shown in pic? I'm assuming it would be available in auto shops like napa,etc.Or if you can tell me the place you bought it at.

  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    This is just a very low tech screw on replacement valve stem cap. No electronic at all. If your tire pressure is below a certain psi, the top will change from green to yellow and finally red if way too low. I haven't played with it to see how low the psi’s need to be before it changes to yellow. I think some type of TPMS will be mandatory for all new autos in a few years. I found these on the internet because I prefer to click/order compared to driving to a brick/mortar.
  • Hi all,

    Just got a new 2006 TSX 6 spd w/ Navi. I am coming to the Acura family after having owned a few new automobiles - BMW 328i w/ Dinan, Mazda MX-5 6spd, and Accord V6 Navi Coupe - - so far the TSX does a nice job of blending the strengths of all those vehicles. Can't wait for the break in period to be over already. The bluetooth feature (Nokia E61) has been outstanding.

    Looking forward to contributing and learning from the forums.

    Happy Driving!

  • abhiutdabhiutd Posts: 31
    Well you have owned pretty nice cars and i'm glad to hear you like TSX rather you went for it in such a big and competitive car market cause TSX is my first ever car and it feels good to hear opinions from people like you which in turn makes me proud of myself that i chose TSX....:-)
    I also have E61 and syncs with HFL like a charm. I just crossed my break-in period, 600 miles and just want to mention i got a decent MPG within this period of 26 mpg mixed city/highway with A/C all the time. Hope to see my mileage gets even better.
    Enjoy your TSX!

  • Abhitud: Glad to hear you're enjoying your car. I always liked light cars that were fun to drive and could be driven hard. The TSX is pretty mature in its life cycle and they got around to fixing most of its initial problems. I used to be a complete badge wh*r# but glad to have grown out of that phase, for the most part :) I hardly drive these days due to my career and all I need is a fun light semi-tossable car for the weekends. Regarding the E61, you might want to check out for some fun/useful software.

    I had the chance to take the car for a 100 mile trip through some nice winding roads today. Good ride overall but the suspension does seem to get a bit iffy when it meets a bump or some other irregularity while you are cornering. Loving the stick shift!

    BTW, I am trying to get a side guard for this car - Acura does not carry one for the TSX. The one from the RL does not fit due to the door curvature and the TL won't match in terms of color. Has anyone gone the aftermarket route?


  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    Glad to hear you guys are enjoying your TSX's, but since when does a 3300 lb car qualify as light? :D

  • Come on now, it's a relative statement. I'm sure he wasn't thinking Lotus light by any means. Besides . . .

    Welcome to 2006+. It's called Safety, and Technology. They have weight associated with them unfortunately.

    TSX: 3345lbs
    325i RWD: 3285
    A4 2.0T FWD: 3450
    IS250 RWD: 3435
    C230 RWD: 3405

    Turn any of those competitors into their AWD variants and the TSX gains a 200lb weight advantage minimum. :P
  • johnny420: Fair point mate. It is somewhat relative depending on your frame of reference. I suppose I felt it is a light car due to the way it handles compared to the car I was driving for the last two years which felt heavy. Had I been driving the MX-5 recently I might have had a different view on the TSX.

    The closest analogy I can draw is when you drive an MX-5 with the top down it feels like you are driving at twice the speed. I guess what I am trying to get across, rather poorly, is how something "feels" can change your perception of reality.

  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    One major weakness of the TSX is the OEM all season Michelin Pilot HX MXM4. Most Acura TSX owners who like "spirited" driving rate the tires average to below average. If you just do commuting/Home Depot/visit in-laws, the Michelin tire is perfectly fine.

    To maximize the TSX’s potential will require a higher performance tire. Adding a lowered A-spec or Tein suspension, thicker rear sway bar along with 17 or 18 inch performance tires will improve the TSX’s already great handling without compromising the ride quality too much.

    I don’t know, adding side molding to the TSX may distort the already great looking lines and profile of the car. I hear what you are saying; I’ve already got one ding on the passenger side door exactly where the side molding would be at. I just wax and buffed it out the best I could and now park further away (I need the exercise any way).
  • abhiutdabhiutd Posts: 31
    Guys, Please excuse my ignorance about cars but what this side guards might be. Is it the side spoiler?
    I'm certainly enhancing my knowledge through you guys.. :D

    Another thing- when i unlock my car through remote and try to customise my options in computer by pressing Info for 3 seconds, it says Customisation impossible, unknown driver. Now the manual says only if you user your keys to unlock your doors it would say Driver Unknown but i'm using my remote. I wonder what the problem is.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There are discussions about tires and about the side moldings. Go to the top level of this TSX board and check them out!

    While you're there, be sure to click on "Track This Group" (located just over the discussion list on the right) - that way you can use Read New Posts and never miss a TSX related message. ;)
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