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Pontiac GTO Reliability and Maintenance Costs



  • eliaselias Posts: 1,900
    hey there mparis1...
    GTO Robert's ls1gto/ls2gto web site seems to be doing fine!
    Let's hear it for $1.53 gasoline! Woo Hoo!

    26500 is way early for an O2 sensor to go.
    Is your gas cap loose-goosy? If yes, you can probably get a free pontiac replacement at a dealership with a quick unscheduled stop like I did.

    Pontiac has sent letters extended the warranty on the GTO gas cap twice so far.
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    Just informed my Pontiac Dealer, largest one in brooklyn,ny ,BRUNO PONTIAC, is closing this month....NO GTO service guys left in Brooklyn. Do any of you fellows recommend a place for service in the NYC area? :cry: :cry:
  • I have a 2005 Pontiac GTO with 70,000 miles on it. Only problems I have had are tire issues which I have seen are due to struts now and my car eating batteries. But other then that it has been a great car! But here's my problem now. Back in February I was sitting in traffic and then my car said it was overheating so I pulled over. No smell of overflow like you smell when a car overheats. Sat there for a bit and then proceeded to drive 50 miles home with no other problems. It's not late August and it did again twice and both times I waited a bit and drove it home. No problem. All the times it happened I was sitting still and idling. I replaced the thermostat and while idling from a very cold start (overnight) it sat half way for a few then the temp gauge started to move. The fan kicked on and stayed high a little and then moved again and then it sounded like a bigger fan kicked on and it stayed a few and then moved up. I had some sensing the heat of the engine. The manifolds where about 240 but the rest of the engine including by the thermostate was only 130 degrees. Again no smell of over heating. I also have had no loss of water/coolant either. Any suggestions?
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,900
    hey there coach.
    my 05 gto also has 70k miles - just got a new battery and trans-fluid swap after giving symptoms of clutch not totally disengaging the gears.
    for your car, sounds like the two cooling fans are operating normally.
    maybe the temperature-sensor is malfunctioning and reporting overheat when there is no overheat? presumably you are talking about the analog temperature gauge as the one which indicated overheat.
    fwiw, if you turn on the A/C that should make both cooling fans run all the time, helping to cool the engine!
    possibly check also - lots of knowledgeable folks there...
    please do let us know if anything interesting is discovered.
  • dear eilias,
    what battery did you get. my understanding is that the group 85 battery is only available from GM.

  • eliaselias Posts: 1,900
    hi roadrunner. i got a battery at NTB and do not recall its details currently. there are oddities with the battery spec - some battery shops will claim they don't have a matching battery. but they really do - once they see the battery they should say - oh we have an exact match for that (even though it won't be properly in their database!)
    not sure i recall all the details. iirc, "type 34 fits" is one answer , and you should not have to cross-over the +/- cables - should be an exact fit. ls2gto/ls1gto web site has plenty of battery discussion/advice to help you.
  • thanks for the tips on the battery. rr70
  • your right, lots of battery discussions. group35 is the drop in size. thanks, rr70
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    edited December 2012
    2004 GTO PBM is 8 years old and is down for another winter. Still going strong. Who else remembers their buying experience the end of 2004.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,900
    2005 M6 CGM is 7.5 years old.. still strong @ 103k with pedders suspension & ice-bear tires for winter-running this year. Longest I've ever kept a car, by far...
    I do remember the 2005 buying experience, sure does seem a while ago.
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