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Hyundai Tucson Maintenance and Repair



  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    the owner's manual is too short and simple and lacks sufficient contents. We need find a book with much more than that. Hope those auto publishers will do that soon.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    If you go to you can register there and get access to Hyundai service info, TSBs, etc. There are diagrams, instructions and more. All in all, a very useful site for Hyundai owners. :)
  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    The plastic case of the remote control is cracking and probably will broken soon. Do I have to go to dealers to replace that?
  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    It happened a couple of times that the remote key could not lock the car and I had to manually close each door. The battery may be low. Is this the sole reason?
  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    battery and air filter are too hard to find. Had to use dealter for th ebattery and buy air filter online.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Where are you located that you can't find parts? :confuse: I live in south-central PA and I just checked out the sites for the local Autozone and Advance Auto stores here and both show filters and batteries that fit my 05 Tucson and they have them in stock. Unless you live in some out of the way very rural area, I find it hard to believe you can't find aftermarket parts.
  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    I am in FL and the area is heavy populated. I had checked out pepboys, advance auto parts, warlmart and kmart and sears. No, I haven't found any. I think Tucson use some parts not very popular.
  • tucson07tucson07 Posts: 5
    ;) I've got an '07 Limited, 15,000 miles and LOVE it! Since new when I would change the temperature on the ACC system, each degree change would be accompanied by a "beep".(which although not particularly annoying I found unnecessary). Then several weeks ago I noticed that it doesn't "beep" anymore. The system functions perfectly but just no more "beeps" when I change the temp setting. I looked in the manual to see if there was a setting for this but there's no mention. I was wondering if anyone else with the ACC system has noticed this.
    Another thing while I'm on here, anyone else with the sunroof notice that when opened in the slide mode it stops about 6" shy of fully opening? I did the reset routine noted in the manual to be used after manually operating the roof with the crank but this changed nothing.
    These are both minor glitches and I do have to say that if my Tucson was a person I'd marry it!
  • rdillierrdillier Posts: 71
    We own a 2005 Tucson (First new auto for us) and love it generally. However, it's been in the dealer shop for two weeks trying to fix an air conditioning problem. Simply stated, after the AC runs for a while, it begins to "snow" inside the cabin, and then the AC shuts off. They've replaced everything, and called Hyundai USA and Korea about fixes, but the HQ says they've not heard of this problem. If they leave off the dash, the AC works fine. But when they reinstall the dash, the problem resurfaces. Any thoughts?
  • I'm starting to get paranoid !

    I have had the following items replaced on warranty in the past 3 months:

    oxygen sensor
    catalytic converter (took 2 months to get it diagnosed))

    I've also paid for a full brake job (which is probably about right)

    No sooner did I get it back from the shop last week from the alternator death than it was leaking something... but of course when I went to the shop it did not drip for them, and they tried to tell me that the stuff I wiped off the pavement after it sat at work was from some prior vehicle.

    Saturday morning, it boiled over and left me stranded out while I was bird watching.... 3+ hours to get a flatbed.... Managed to get a friend to take me to the dealership so I could get a loaner before they closed....

    Is this a known series of problems ?

    What else should I expect to go wrong ?

    Any tips for getting customer service to to anything more than just fixing this thing 1,000 time over -

    They are starting to sink some bucks into this thing, and because I have an extended warranty, there's still another 40k+ bumper to bumper to go !

    -Beth the paranoid
  • Followup note....

    They just called to report that the problem is that my click fan was not working and they are replacing it....

    but that puts a lot more worries into my mind... radiator damage ? engine parts warped ?? gasket damage ??

    PLEASE tell me if I am just being paranoid.

  • deplantedeplante Posts: 1
    I have an '05 Tucson w/30k miles; I purchased new in Sept. '07. I have a defective area in the leather on the top of my steering wheel and am having difficulty getting this fixed. I started to complain about this in January and the service rep at the dealer said had to wait for a warranty rep to visit. I took it in and he barely looked in the door and said it is "wear" from the way we hold the steering wheel. Well as I tried to explain to him, neither of us hold the wheel at the top. We both hold to the side/bottom. I also tried to argue that they obvously used defective leather, as it should not have worn so much in 14 months (less than 30k mi). He decided to allow as "good will" to have the dealer call in their local vinyl repair shop to see what they could do. After many scheduling problems with the dealer; I finally got in to see the repair person. His solution is to dye the leather to "hide" the worn spot. This is a strip about 8 inches long running from about 11:00 to 1:00 and is flat to the touch. I did not agree that this fixed the problem. I have called the 800 customer service number and their opinion is that the regional rep has the final say. So I am stuck with either living with this, getting it dyed, or paying over $1000 to replace it myself. All I want is to have new leather wrapped on the steering wheel; is that too much to ask?

    Is any one else having issues trying to get the leather repaired under warranty?
  • js26241js26241 Posts: 1
    A little bit of advice even though it may have been stated before- do NOT use aftermarket oil filters. Hyundai was having a problem with engine knocking and it was traced to other manufacturers filters falling apart. Hyundai states that warranty claims related to use of other filters may be denied. Sign up at to see all service bulletins.
  • We have been having the same problem with our A/C as well. It is actually in the shop right now. When it was looked at before, they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Have u heard anything more on it, or is it pretty much a lost cause?
  • We were having the same problem with our A/C as well. When we drove awhile with the AC on ice chips would start blowing out of the vents (great if your drink is warm but disconcerting if you just want cold air). Then, just warm ac. So, we took it to our dealer to get the problem fixed. They had the car for a total of 3 weeks over three different visits.They drove it and couldn't find anything wrong with it. But the problem was that it took over an hour of driving before it would stop cooling and they didn't want to send a tech out on an hourlong joyride. Thankfully, it was still under warranty so we just kept taking back in. They said they were totally unfamiliar with the problem, but at least they kept trying. So, on the third visit they took the entire dash out and replaced the disperser valve. This seemed to do the trick. No more crushed ice- just cool air. So, take your Tuscon back to the dealer and tell them that this seems to be a common problem and they need to get familiar with fixing it and to stock disperser valves. Oh, and one thing that you must do on humid days is to run your ac on recirculate instead of fresh air, makes a big difference. Hope this info helps! BigDog4263
  • hi dave!

    were you able to figure out how to get the middle console out of the tucson? i need to replace the power outlet in my tucson and think i have to remove the console, too. any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

    seattle, wa
  • So here's a new situation that I haven't experienced with any of my previous cars (none of them have been Hyundais). As a background, I own a 2006 V6 AWD AT Tucson, bought new. It only has 22,000 miles on it. I've been getting about 18.5 MPG in mostly city driving until about a month ago when, all of a sudden, the mileage, as shown by the car computer, dropped to around 13.5 MPG. Recently, it has climbed to about 15.2 MPG. My driving pattern has been exactly the same all this time: nothing has changed in terms of gas used, distances, speed, acceleration etc. I've changed my air filter, but no marked improvement has occurred. So I took the car to a dealer this morning. To my great surprise, the service advisor REFUSED to take my car in order to diagnose it. He gave me a sheet titled "Hyundai Technical Service Bulletin - Fuel Mileage Calculation" that lists driving characteristics that affect mileage, like weight, acceleration, speed, accessories usage, maintenance etc. Daaaa... The second page spells out procedures to calculate MPG. The advisor told me that Hyundai requires them to have the customer do a mileage calculation and write down dates, mileage and amount of gas used on that sheet before they can take the vehicle in for diagnostics. WHAT? He also said that since the "Check Engine" light does not come on, there is nothing for them to check. So one thing completely contradicts the other because my engine light will not come on even if I do the MPG test so what's the point to even mention that? I think it's an outrage. Since when does one need to provide written proof of a problem before having the dealer attempt to diagnose a problem?!!!! Additionally, the car computer shows the current MPG. And if the dealer can't use that number to verify MPG and provide service based on that, then my conclusion is that the car computer is meant to be just a gimmick. The fact that there is 5-year warranty means nothing unless it's followed by Hyundai and its dealers and implemented. By the way, the Bulletin given to me is dated November 2005. It is obviously not a new problem, especially judging by the number of posts I've seen that have to do with poor mileage. There is no doubt that Tucson's auto transmission and engine technology is old, and lower mileage is to be expected, especially on an AWD vehicle. But there is no excuse for Hyundai and its dealers to be blatantly nonresponsive to their customers' concerns. I will try to call their toll-free customer service number, but I doubt that anything will come out of it. I've also had a pretty serious problem with the car's underframe that had to be repaired/replaced (under warranty) after only 15,000 miles. This is my first and last Hyundai product. I am planning to trade the car in at the first opportunity. Hyundai will loose customers very quickly with this type of service (I think they already have based on recent stats, more so than other brands). I would not recommend Hyundai cars/SUVs to anyone. :mad:
  • hcg1hcg1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Tucson with 3350 miles on it. I have been averaging approx 18 to 19 mpg city. My last 2 fill ups were 14.5 and 13.7 mpg. There has been no change in driving habits.My dealer can't give me a reason, and doesn't seem too interested. There is no black smoke like it is burning too rich, and no smell of gas like a leak.Anybody have any ideas?
  • I was shocked to see my VA Hyundai dealer quote a price of over $1100 for a 60,000 mile service. I was surprised to see that the timing belt is to be replaced. My wife's Accord is done after 100,000 miles. Has anyone questioned this early replacement? Thanks. Dave Wilson
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,985
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide will tell you what Hyundai says needs to be done for the 60k service and how much it should cost in your zip code. The dealer is probably padding the service with checks and replacement items that may not be required (although you may decide that some extras are worth doing).

    The service should cost ~$400 here in Idaho for an '08. But you're in VA, and prices can be nuts there (my sister lives there and always paid through the nose to get her VW fixed and switched brands because of it).
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