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Isuzu Axiom Maintenance and Repair



  • I drove my car back from work for lunch it was cold out side I beleive it was wednsday, I parked my car in my garage closed the garage door & out the Axiom in park.
    When I did this I was abou 2 turn of the engine when it started revving up onits own from 1g to 2g up & down about 5 times I turned it off!
    Then cranked it over again, nothing.
    Hasn't done it since.
    Whats up???
    Im thinking egr valve or pvc valve? What do you all think!
    I just bought it January 26th so I have only had it so far for 7days! :confuse:

    Any help is appreciated! Thanx in advance!
  • A couple days ago, my CD changer would not play. I had not used it for a couple weeks. I was listening to the radio, then I pushed the CD button on the front panel. Nothing happened, the radio kept playing. I opened the center console to eject the disk cartridge and pressed the eject button. Nothing happened, the cartridge appears to be stuck and will not move and come up. I can't tell if there is a cd jammed or not, it is loaded with 6 cd's and I have a couple favorites in there. Any ideas? How hard is it to remove the changer and take apart even to remove the cd's? Can the changer be repaired or replaced?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I parked my car in my garage closed the garage door ...

    Wild guess - build up of CO2 made the O2 sensor try to compensate?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Dear rsarnol,

    My Axiom started having similar problem and guess what the dealer said, engine wiring harness needs to be replaced! But it's going to be $616 (pt) + $834 (labor)!!!

    So want to find out what happened to you finally? Or did you try what axiomguy suggested which is changing the EGR value?

  • stunna8301stunna8301 Posts: 2
    my 2002 just had to have 6 new o2 sensors and a new fuel pump."i would hate to have a paid for lemon.
    oh and how much did you pay for yours.
  • stunna8301stunna8301 Posts: 2
    my isuzu axiom needed a push and it was all fixed.
    is yours a piece of [non-permissible content removed] to>? :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: is what the hell i bought
  • How did you get your CD to start working? My CD changer stopped working on Friday, and has not worked since. I even changed the fuses thinking that was the problem. Help, I need my music!!
  • This may not be any help to you ... however. I now believe my problems were associated with a battery jumping situation.

    One day, I left my lights on an drained the battery. Before that, I had been listening to either the radio, or the CD. Then I got a jump start from someone. I didn't try to use the CD until a few days later, and found that it didn't work. That's when I posted the original message.

    I didn't get any information, and I didn't do anything. I was as bummed as you are.

    A month or so later, I once again accidently ran the battery down, and needed a jump. Slow learner. Once I got the engine started, and driving, I decided to give the CD another try. An to my surprise, It turned on, and has been working ever since! I also have not run the battery down again.

    So I hope you can get it going somehow.

    BTW, for long trips, I now play an IPOD through a cassette adapter. At least the AXIOM has a cassette slot. It sounds pretty good.
  • Hi , somebody change the timing belt of my father's Axiom 2002 and he don't remember how to put in time again. If somebody know please let me know how. Thanks!
  • That sounds exactly like an amp is connected. I have a boat with a 1000 amp and sub and if the engine is off, I can only turn the radio up a tad before it cuts off and it will keep doing it until I turn the volume down. I was told it is because the amp draws so much power that the battery can't keep the voltage up w/o the engine on which keeps the battery at maximum power. Just my thoughts on it, hope it helps. Can't be many places they could hide an amp in the Ax. Either under the seats, behind the dash or inside the console. Good luck.
  • dgluthdgluth Posts: 49
    My 2002 Axiom has 30K miles on it and it runs like a top. I have been very happy with it so far.

    Dennis P.
  • high idle when 1st starting my axiom about 3 mins...makes a wining noise in the engine... ac compressor is rough sounding when it comes on and off... i can hear my valves tickiing when it is running... anyone else with similar problems/solutions
  • My '04 will sometimes start with a high idle, but it doesn't last three minutes--more like a minute. As far as the valve noise, the DI engine does seem to have a unique sound--almost like a quiet diesel. Mine has 70,000 miles on it and I've had few problems.
  • rcopa1rcopa1 Posts: 24
    I have an 02 XS with 58,000 miles and have had no problems. None, nothing - would have expected something but it runs great. I only drive city too. I'm not crazy about the vehicle but have to say mine is well built. My only issues would be RIDE and gas mileage.
  • I bought a new to me 2002 isuzu axiom a few weeks ago. It has 94k miles. It is real clean and it is a one owner car. However, when I slow down to almost a stop ..there is a noise and feel of a small thud and when I take off there is another thud...almost like a drop. The transmission light is not automatically shifts nice from 1st to 2nd when I accelerate. When I ease to a slow stop there is no noise and when I ease the acceleration there is no noise. Any clues?
  • The 2002 Axiom has an Active Suspension. It is controlled by microprocessor. It is designed to counter force against bump and lean motions exhibited by the body. It is a little over-agressive so whenever you blip the gas pedal or poke the brakes or stop a little hard you will feel a thump as it counter forces from the shocks. All the 2002 's do it and I think the rest of the model years also. You'll get used to it after a while and will not even notice it except when you hard stop.

    The brakes will make a wet rubbing sound when you stop if you set the hand brake when you park and leave it on. I set the brake when I stop and shift into park and then release it after turning off the igntion as long as I am not on a hill. This seems to prevent the rubbing noise and sensation. When I do park on a hill I have the noise / sensation of wet rubbing brakes for the next 3 uses of the truck. Then it dissappears.

    The engine makes a quiet diesel ticking sound when running because it has solid valve lifters. If the tick is loud you probably are low on oil. Pull the stick when the engine is cold and off. If the ticking is very loud and you have enough oil, you may need a valve adjustment, but this is unlikely unless you have a very high mileage on the engine or unless it has been run with low oil for a very very long time.

    Hope this helps you folks.
  • i have a isuzu axiom 2002 the other day I noticed the war would not crank at times then would start as if nothing was wrong then the other day it just stopped cranking Ithought it might have been the starter but when I had it tested it was fine then I had the alternator test and it was functional. I was told it might be an alarm system malfunction. I was wondering if anyone has come across this problem and could tell me where to locate the anitheft system and disable it.
  • isu2isu2 Posts: 8
    what were the parts used (brands) to add the air bag shock mod.
  • Looks like my 2002 Axiom (70,000 mi.) has a lower intake manifold leak, is this a common problem? The Isuzu parts guy told me you do not have to remove the upper intake first, upper and lower can be removed as one unit? Anyone know the torque sequence , I plan on doing this over the weekend.
  • rpg11rpg11 Posts: 1
    does anyone know if a 2003 isuzu axiom has an auxiliary input in the factory radio
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