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Jeep Compass Problems and Solutions



  • Same problem on my 07 Compass. Same lies about leaves. It has been in three times and still leaks. On a plus note I notice I can keep the leak under control if it rains all night by parking nose down a bit (facing downward on the slight grade of my driveway). If I park nose up lots of water gets in and leaks out of the map lights. Nose down none. This shows us that the side/rear drain tubes are the problem.

    It's a pain to have to back into my driveway if rain is expected but it works for now until I can force them to properly repair the problem. Or I give up and silicone the whole mess shut from the inside.
  • To all '07 & '08 Compass owners who had experienced sun roof leaks,

    I just posted a msg under "2009 Jeep Compass" discussion title, detailing my 2009 Compass sun roof leak problem! You would think that after 3 years Jeep should have this low tech item problem re-designed/fixed. NO, same damn problem in same damn way! The irony is that I got rid of my Japanese SUV, to buy an American, thinking that I should buy our own country's car with the "Cash for Clunker" incentive, only to have this pain 3 month, < than 2000 miles later !!

    Chrysler, please fold up now and don't build a "new" 2010 Compass ever to torture people !
  • Hello

    I purchased a 2007 jeep compass also and after i purchased it low and behold a week later it started making a grinding noise at low speeds in the front end also i noticed that when i would let off the gas it would jerk hard like it was down shifting after about a year and 3 different dealers they finally found out that it was the tranny. being that they had one in stock im thinking that it is a pretty common problem so i hope this helps and maybe you can finally get it fixed because i know how it is
  • I now have 12000 miles on my 2009 Jeep Compass and it just developed a map light leak. I've also had a problem with the fuel gauge registering incorrectly. When the fuel light comes on and I let the indicator go as far past empty as I can, it still has 3+ gallons. The dealership said they had never seen a problem with the fuel tank. Do you know anyone else who has had a gauge problem?
  • Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who has your fuel gauge problem. Hopefully I won't have the same problem when my Compass reaches 12000 miles !

    Guess what, recently the "Change Oil" light came on and the vehicle is still < 3000 miles! So far I have been ignoring it. Now 2 weeks later the "Low Tire Pressure" icon light also came on. What a shame that we Americans build such a shity car and call it a "Yakee ingenuity" !
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Well I bought our 2007 Jeep Compass April 4, 2007. By August 31, 2007 We had enough of the cheap CVT, mismatched hard plastic, poor fit and finish, gutless 2.4 junky world engine. At 8,400 miles we took a huge loss and bought a Chrysler Pacifica AWD Touring. That was the best choice I have ever made on a vehicle. The Caliber, Compass, and the Partriot are all cheaply made junky vehicles. Already these vehicles are scheduled to be dumped. If Chrysler is to make it it can't be done making these kind of subpar bottom line quality vehicles.

    Keep in mind MB designed these vehicles and was making the cheapest vehicle they could.

    Best advice is dump your's as fast and as soon as you can! Do not sell it to someone you like!.

  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Hasn't Chrysler already dumped the Pacifica?
  • Yeah everyone seems to complain about the compass's power. Did you have an auto or manual? I have a manual and I used to have a 4cyl Ranger now that was gutless! The manual tranny compass is far better than my ranger and it was a 5spd as well. My only complaint is the compass's clearance. I've already almost ripped my oil pan off. But I saw a lift kit that gives 5" of clearance and it's only a few hundred bucks.
  • We bought our 2008 Compass in Aug. 2008. At 32K miles (I drive a LOT on the highway) our Jeep was a little over a year old when the 4WD! light came on and then began to studder then the traction control lights came on (ESP and BAS) then the Jeep just stalled, even tho I had almost a full tank of gas, it dropped and said I was on E. The Jeep would start back up, but then stall again. It was towed in, they replaced the sending unit, and changed the ground connector. The NEXT day, the same problem happened again. This time the sending unit was fine, but they "cleaned" the ground connector, and added another one. A week or so later it was back again, this time they replaced the fuel sending unit (again), and replaced the tipm module. The Jeep ran for about a month and the problem started to happen again on the highway, but I kept giving it the gas, and it worked its way out and never happened again. UNTIL today. Its back in the shop, and I'm filing the papers for the lemon law. Other than that problem, I have not had any problems with the Jeep, yes it does suck for power, gas mileage, and so on, but it is a cheap [non-permissible content removed] cross over. what did you expect when you TEST DROVE IT. But for mine... :lemon: and for the record. I would not buy another one, and as much as I LOVED Jeep I won't buy another one.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • alexisonalexison Posts: 1
    My husband and I leased a 2007 Jeep Compass in February 2008. Within a month we had to take it in for leaking map lights. We were told that the seals on the sunroof needed fixing. The jeep didn't have any issues all summer. Come November 2008 the map lights were full of water again and leaking. I took it back in and was told that the drains were clogged. The cleaned it out and told me not to park under trees if I could, and that I should park it in a garage. I don't have a garage to park it in. I also live where trees loose their leaves in the winter!! The jeep has now been in for leaking map lights 4 more times. Each time we are told its our fault because there are leaves in the system. I have to kick snow and ice off the drains that are placed behind the tires in the wheel wells!!! We haven't opened up the sunroof in over a year, we act as if it doesn't exist!! We have 1 year left on our lease and can't wait to get rid of this vehicle. Sure it drives nice, but after sliding into a curb when water dumped all over my steering wheel causing my hands to slide off, I am DONE! The stupid thing only has 14897 Kms on it (Canadian) and is 3 years old!
    Unfortunately we don't have a LEMON LAW in my province!
  • Yep, I have the same leak around the map lights. But here's the difference: I don't have any trees around. And it stays in the garage most of the time. I left it parked outside a few days when my son had his car in the garage, and that's when it first started leaking.
    Mine is a 2009 Rallye and has 14,200 miles. I went to the dealer to try to trade it on a 2004 Jeep X with 33K (for my son), and they only wanted to give me $14000 for it and wanted $18K for the Jeep X. They know the Compass is a piece of junk, too! Guess I'm stuck with mine.
  • specvern03specvern03 Posts: 4
    edited March 2010
    I have a 2007 Sport Manual transmission and at times when I am driving at a constant speed and I need to speed up, I press the pedal more and it will not respond. I press the pedal a few times (feathering it) and then the vehicle 'chugs' and is fine.

    Also, at times (I cannot find a common scenario when it happens) when I go to start the car for the first time after it has set for a bit, the car will not start. I don't get any noise from the starter- no "low battery" turn-over, no warning lights, just nothing at all. I turn the key to the off position and sometimes it takes a few times then it starts. I have taken it to the dealer and left it for a few days, but since there is no CEL recorded they cannot find or duplicate the issue. I am lost.

    What's terrible is that I was a service writer for 6+ years and I have no power or pull what-so-ever now that I live in another state. And also because I am a girl, I have had several service writers talk "dumb" to me. (That makes me VERY angry!)

    Anyway, adding to the other posts about musty/water smell. I have never had a water leak (that I know of) but living at the beach I always had water drug into my car. I bought a charcoal block (you can find the hangar and closet sections at Walmart). It will "soak-up" the smell and the moisture. I just put tin the rear cup-holder and it worked great.
  • 2007 Jeep Compass Sport 4dr SUV 4WD (2.4L 4cyl 5M) Raylle


    I thought I was making a decent investment it had 309 mi and was brand new. It's a jeep right? At 13,000 miles I had a worn set of tires that cost me $800 to replace. The warranty didn't cover the alignment problem I had. By 20,000 miles I had broken seat moldings on both sides of the vehicle. I also had an Airbag light blinking. The dealership fixed and within 2 weeks it came on again. My seat moldings are not covered by warranty due to "Natural wear and tear" on the jeep. :mad: Another set of tires at 24,000 miles. I am at 38,000 miles my warranty is over 3,000 miles and my transmission is going out. The dealership that sold me the car said it is a $6000 problem and my tires are worn again. :lemon:

    I have tried to trade in the Compass twice now. My credit isn't great and I owe $15,000 still after 2 years. My compass only has 39,087 miles and I am upside down the dealers only want to give me $8000 for the Jeep. :lemon:

    Favorite Features

    It is awesome in the snow when my tires are good. Great to maneuver. Fun to drive and good looking vehicle.

    Suggested Improvements

    Take it off the market or re haul the style. Jeep has better quality products then this. My brakes do not hold when parked on hills. :cry:
  • loniacloniac Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2007 Jeep Compass in Dec 07. Everything was going pretty well until last summer. I currently have around 65000 miles on it (I drive a lot!). Last summer I was parked outside for a couple days, and when I got in to drive, I was pelted with water coming from the map lights. It had been raining for a couple days. My entire floor was also wet. After that, I always made sure I was in the garage. Doesn't matter though. Car still leaks if it's raining and I am outside. Gonna have to take it in to the dealer I guess.

    Also already had to replace the tie rods last summer. For a two year old car (at this point), this seems a little ridiculous. My wheels were so loose, it almost felt like they were going to fall off.

    And currently, I hear a "whirring" noise when I drive. It almost sounds like a helicopter. I have no idea what is causing this, and no one else seems to know either.

    I was really excited when I bought this car, as it had a lot of the features I was looking for. I was hoping to keep this car for a number of years. Now I just can't wait to get rid of it. What a waste. I expected a lot more from Jeep.
  • nukechasernukechaser Posts: 6
    There is, indeed, a great deal of complaints here that tend to lead one to believe that everyone expects their sunroof to be as watertight as a submarine hatch. This just isn't the case. Most sunroofs, regardless of manufacturer, allow some water to sneak by.

    Why? We're dealing with a hole in a metal roof that expands and contracts with temperature, and we're using a compression seal that isn't pressed very hard into that hole.

    That being said, there are two very important things to know and check if water is ending up in your map light. First, travel-limit of the glass in the closed position needs to be optimized. When we push the "close sunroof" button, there is a limit that tells the motor to stop. If it doesn't go far enough or too far, the seal isn't able to stop most of the water. Secondly, the the small amount of water that does get past the seal must have a drain path. If your drains that lead down through the windshield frame pillars are clogged, the water pools where it can. Where is the lowest point near the sunroof? Yup, the map light.

    If you go back through the archives here, you'll read how some folks didn't have a problem if they parked a particular way. This is because they parked with the Compass tilted with the "working" drain on the downhill side.

    Next time it rains, park your Compass level, slide the opaque sun screen open, and bring a flashlight and an umbrella. Point your flashlight into the sunroof tracked area and watch how some water drips right past the seal. You should see some drips, but not a constant, steady flow.

    Once you determine which side allows the most "drip-by", open the sunroof, stick your umbrella up through it, open your umbrella and look with your flashlight where that "drip-by" was going. It should be heading towards the drains running along the sides of the windshield. If they are clogged, you'll need to clear them out, either with compressed air or have them "snaked" with something to clear the blockage.

    Remember, travel limit and drains. These are what need to be checked and you stand a good chance of eliminating that "wet map light" problem.

    For the record, I bought an '07 Compass in Sept. '06. I have over 81k miles on it. I had a slight "wet map light" issue (until I figured out the issue) and I also had a "whirring noise" which turned out to be a failed alternator bearing. Overall, I am happy with my Compass.
  • maryoregonmaryoregon Posts: 1
    I just hit 25,000 miles with my '09 Jeep Compass only to have my map lights start leaking last week. Fortunately for me I called my local Jeep dealership who told me exactly how to unplug the drains myself (unless I wanted to pay them $100+ for the service). I am proud to report that I have fixed the leak (living in Portland OR and parking outside all day is a great test for my handiwork!). Here's all you need to do: open up your sunroof, put a small step stool or ladder next to the drivers' side door, grab a flashlight and a large pitcher of very hot water and climb up. There is a drain hole in each corner side of the front opening of the sunroof (flashlight helps locate them). I slowly poured the hot water and it immediately drained thru my left side drain (I parked in the garage and heard it hitting/dripping onto the floor) but my right side drain just pooled the water. It very slowly drained so I waited about 30 minutes and got a 2nd pitcher of very hot water and climbed back up. The water still didn't sail thru the right drain but I was patient and eventually the pitcher of hot water worked its way up to a fast drain. It's been pouring rain again this week and knock wood my map lights have not leaked since. I plan on doing my hot water clean-out every few months to avoid any future clogs. After I backed my Jeep out of the garage I inspected the pools of water on the floor and it was obviously very gritty/sooty so these drains must be prone to collecting crud. I thought I'd post this to save others from the money & hassle of going to the dealership. Thanks to the helpful guy at NW Jeep!
  • dick50dick50 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    I have a 2008 Compass Sport 4X4 with 2.4 engine and CVT. When I start out in the morning, it won't accelerate, just goes very slow for several hundred feet. If I push the accelerator hard, it sometimes jumps ahead when the fuel feed catches. This is a potentially dangerous situation that the dealer cannot diplicate. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!
  • Help Please!! I am having the same issue and the dealership is not helping me. My warranty has just expired after they supposedly fixed the problem. 2 weeks later now it is worse than before! If you could please let me know how you resolved your issue I will greatly appreciate it!
  • I am having this exact same problem. When I took it to the shop they were telling me that it was a sensor in the tire which I did not believe. Now, a week later, I still do not have my car and they are telling me it will be another week before they can even look at it. I have a 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty. Is this problem covered under the warranty?
  • jorgemxjorgemx Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I have a similar issue. I live in Mexico City (2000 Kilometers above the sea level) and I have no problem at all, but when I get to the beach, the problem appears, when I try to accelerate to pass another car the accelerator pedal does not respond, and the engine losses power. I need to depress the accelerator pedal to try to get a response again. This may become a safety issue in an emergency situation. Does any one has an idea of what this problem might be? Something similar to the problem in accelarators in some Toyota models?
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