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Jeep Compass Problems and Solutions



  • Hi, I bought a 2012 Compass Sport (2.0ltr, Auto 2wd model) in Nov last year and have had the same problem. My local dealership here in Australia have had the car 3 times since and haven't done anything to fix it as they 'can't find' the fault even after talking to Chryslers technical department. I'm going to be ringing Chryslers customer care and insist they take action by replacing the appropriate bits as I'm over it. Why I need to do this instead of my dealership is beyond me, as part of their customer service they should be doing it. I won't buy another car from them or Chrysler, despite actually liking the car. :mad:
  • 02/24/2013, Bay Area, I've got a 2007 Jeep Compass, 2.4, 4-cyl, automatic. After a 400 mile trip to Tahoe, the Electronic Throttle Control light and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) lit at the light two blocks away from home. Engine made weird noises and almost no power. We made it home. I just started it today and there were no signals.

    Any advice? Thanks.
  • I had the same issue with my 2012 Compass. It started at around 2000 miles and took 4 dealers and many calls to Chrysler NA before the checked what I asked them to check. It wound up being the MULTI-SWITCH in the steering column. It is faulty. It won't show up when they scan the car for problems. It's a relatively easy part for them to replace and shouldn't take them long to replace it. Hope this helps.
  • I absolutely can't stand my Compass. Bought brand spanking new and have nothing but problems with it. Now the issue is a strong smell of gasoline in the interior of the vehicle. It's really bad on the passenger side above the catalytic converter. My mechanic whom I've known my whole life says that there is no leak coming from anywhere. Since it's a closed system he is baffled as to where it's coming from. I've even had it professionally detailed with the carpets scrubbed, and I've removed the floor mats. Some days its worse than others but its getting unbearable. I've asked a few dealers but they say nothing is wrong with it because the computer scan isn't showing any codes. Didn't realize that computers could pick up smells, but that's what my local dealers think.
  • I have the same issue !!! I brought it in to the dealership and they couldn't re-create it and no computer code comes up, so they said there's nothing they can do. Meanwhile, I'm scared to death when it happens. Everybody around me is accelerating, and my car is acting like a bucking bronco!! I don't know what to do.
  • heelo, I have a 2008 jeep compass 4x4, and the red secutiy ligt and tpms light comes on and flashes and then goes out. the dealer has replaced the win module with no change and they don't know whats wrong. they say it is showing a fault for key 1 but the issue happens wioth both keys.. any help or ideas are apprec.
  • I have a 2011 compass and wondering if anyone else experiences this phenomenon. All factors being equal, correct tire pressure, using gas from the same station each time, no extra cargo, alignment okay, no A/C, etc. I get about 26-27 MPG in the city (freeway and city streets). But, when I've traveled from Orlando, FL to Savannah, GA the past 3 times my fuel mileage goes down, that's right goes down, to 24-25 MPG. The dealer can't find any codes in the computer or any malfunctioning parts. I've never owned a vehicle that gets lower MPG on the highway than in the city. Has anyone else experienced this or can tell me what might be affecting the highway MPG like this?
  • I tried cleaning the throttle body recently but was advised to no force open the butterfly to clean inside since it operates electronically. But, I was told if you don't clean inside that butterfly you haven't really cleaned the throttle body. Does anyone know how to safely open the throttle body to clean the inside without damaging the mechanism?
  • mpamovempamove Posts: 1
    Windshield Wipers go off for no apparent reason. Sometimes when I turn right, sometimes when I turn Left, sometimes just when I"m going straight. They go off mostly once, sometimes 2 to 4 times. It happens more in warmer weather. In winter they go of randomly every 200 to 400 miles. Now that its warm they go off randomly every 1 to 20 miles (even multiple times). Been to the Dealer twice and I'm bringing it back for a third time. The dealer is trying.... But Jeep doesn't seem to care.
  • I have yet to experience a full loss of power as I just got my Jeep less than a month ago... However I have noticed the light flicker once and I seem to always have more of a lack of power rather than a loss when I really wanna get moving quickly... Seems to not be a fan of higher RPM's... Have you experienced this as well? :confuse:
  • shanbieseshanbiese Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 Compass (40k miles) last week and not even a couple days later I started having problems. I got drenched from the leaky map lights, the floor on the driver's side is soaked.. and it hasn't rained for at least three days, when it gets hot out the black plastic cover on the bumper warps and the liftgate won't open. I haven't been able to call the dealer yet due to work hours and their hours. Hopefully they're not complete dingbats about it (yeahh I can wish, right?) But by the looks of all these other problems, I'm not looking forward to dealing with it. Wish me luck! :confuse:
  • I hope that I'm not too late to join this thread as I appear to have a similar problem with my 2013 Jeep Compass.

    It currently has 3000 miles. Approximately 2 months ago, we noticed a 'whistling' sound while accelerating between 15-40mph. It is extremely annoying and we've been back to the Jeep dealer whom we bought it from several times. They assured us that the sound was 'normal' due to the CVT transmission. I've asked why the sound was NOT present when we purchased the vehicle and they assured us that it was due to the car 'settling in' and it having more miles on it. I have test driven several of the same dealer's 2013 Jeep Compasses and none have had the same whistling sound. All of their explanations and reasons for the whistling have been very vague and leads me to not believe what they are telling me.

    After my last visit with the dealer, they recommended that I call Chrysler's customer service - which I did. They explained that they had NEVER heard this complaint before and that there was nothing that they could really do. They suggested that I get a 2nd opinion from a different Jeep dealership - which I did.

    After visiting a 2nd Jeep dealership, they confirmed that they heard the same noise but that the sound was NOT normal. But because they cannot recreate the sound when the vehicle is sitting idle in the factory, that they could not identify much less repair the sound. Their only suggested was to drive the Jeep more miles and wait to see if the sound 'disappears by itself' or 'gets worse'.

    Now, it appears that I'm left with literally no alternatives to have the whistling corrected OR even a correct diagnosis as to what it is because the 2 Jeep dealerships are telling me the exact opposite thing.

    I've been told:
    •the transmission is fine
    •fluid levels are fine
    •no other seals, tubes, or vacuum system(s) have been jeopardized.

    I would GREATLY appreciate anyone's feedback and suggestion with this. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Unhappy Jeep Compass Owner
  • compass12compass12 Posts: 1
    I would like to know if anyone has the same issue im having with my 2012 compass. while the car is in drive and idling it vibrates on the steering wheel.Is this normal ? Also when I turn on the heater or the a/c the vibration increases . I had taken the car to two dealership and no one can find any problem with it. I sent an email to Chrysler and told me that they couldn't help me with the issue im having with the car and to try going to another dealer to get it check.
  • I have had numerous problems - windows not working, rust, light issues, balljoint issues,
    cat conv-eng light code off and on. , inside lights go off and on (knobs), and slow uphill kicks in randomly with stick?




    :lemon: :lemon:
  • Hi I have a 2012 Jeep Compass with the same problems. Could you please give me your last 8 on your VIN, so I can tell Chrysler customer service to look into yours for verification also, they told me the same no one else has complained, my info is down below.
    Everyone with this problem needs to call Chrysler Customer Service 1 800 334 9200 and report it, as CVT Transmission overheats, slows down, High RPM, and high pitch noise. The more we call the more they will look into it. Also ask them if there has been any others with similar problems on their computer, if they say no, they are lying. Tell them to look into the last 8 VIN number
    CD588748 , which is my vehicle, and then ask them why they are lying? We need to all come together on this. I know they are lying, because there are youtube videos and forum complaints. Now you know why they are replacing them on the 2014 models.

    If anyone has fixed this through the dealer or by calling Chrysler, please post any and all information of your last 8 VIN, reference #, dealer, ect. so we can all reference off of it. Thank you.
  • My new jeep compass first trip...the power outlet didn't work and most annoying "wind rushing through on drivers side. we checked id window was up and repeatly kept shutting relief. somewhee either door or window doesn't create a seal. Ed Shultz seen it 3 times and Jeep juxt more or less says to bad. Anyone out there with same problem? Vacation/long trips are out. Shultz said all compasses have a sael problem..please any ideas?
  • Hi I do feel you on this. I bought my 2013 jeep compass 50 days go it has 4000 miles. I have three window seals peeling away. When I brought this to Chryslers attention they said it was normal. Then not even a week later I noticed when my engine was cold and I started it then after a minute of running I turned it off it would shake the whole jeep and make clicking noises. I took it back to where I bought it they looked at it and told me Chrysler said it was normal for a 4cylinder to do this. I said that Ed not acceptable to me and took it to another dealership only to find out it is a computer problem. So now after a lot of fussing at Chrysler they are fixing the computer problem but will only fix one window seal. I will not stand for that either. Good luck I want to get a new jeep compass I think mine is defective
  • I sincerely wish you luck. They wouldn't do anything for me even after 3 service trips and numerous e-mails and phone calls to Jeep. I took about 3000.00 loss and had to buy Subaru...I just think everone with these problems need to post it everywhere on internet and with the BBB. Eventually the people who rates cars will address this problem.
  • If I were you I would see if you can return you compass. mine did the same it was the transmission, the dealership didnt tell me what was actually wrong just tried to charge me a fortune to fix nothing that was actually wrong. The car eventually went and I was stuck on the side of a high way in the canadian rockies. NOT FUN. I will never buy a jeep or dodge ever again after being treated the way I was by the dealership. They actually laughed when I told them because they didn't do their job I was stranded, and offered no help not even calling ahead to another dealership to see if they could take good care of me for their mistake.
  • I bought my Compass in 08, it was a 07. Thinking I wouldn't have the problems I've been having right now.... I've almost overhauled the front end suspension.... Only have the inner tie rods to replace. That's not before the struts, rocker arms and outer tie rods.... Not only that, I'm having headlight problems and what I think window problems from what I've read. My husband and I are stumped on the these god forsaken headlights... WTF is going on? Low beams don't work now but high beams work. High beam has blown out on the other side(so thank god I'm not high beaming everyone while I drive). When my husband looks it up, it's this wallet gouging price to fix cause we can't find the tool to fix it ourselves other than going to dealer. What can I do?????HEEEEELLLPPPP!!!
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