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Mercedes-Benz GL Class Maintenance and Repair



  • dkim1dkim1 Posts: 10
    I took my GL450 to an independent dealer in Northern Virginia and they were able to verify the problem and gave me a referral to a service advisor and a technician from a different dealer (since it is covered under the warranty). Will let you know in a couple of weeks what they can find.
  • My '08 GL with Macadamia MB-tex interior is experiencing severe discoloration on the seating surfaces. A friend who had the same interior on an '07 experienced the same problem, although I incorrectly assumed it was unique to his. Now another friend with an '08 model is having the same problem I am. In all cases, complaints to our dealers were met first with denial that there's any problem, then advice to use a dry cleaner strength solvent (which apparently is now difficult to obtain).

    My dealer told me the problem is blue jeans. The rubbery nature of the seating surface apparently picks up the dye in the jeans, darkening the material. It's only taken 3 weeks for mine to look awful. This isn't from new, unwashed jeans either. Just my and my wife's regular duds that have been through the wash plenty of times.

    I'm interested in hearing if any other owners are experiencing this problem. I think it should be considered a defect and repaired at Mercedes' expense.
  • benzrbenzr Posts: 2
    Got my GL 320 CDI in Jan. Drove it to Amelia Island, FL this Easter from Michigan and had 2500 miles at the time. 500 miles into the trip, 2 problems showed up.

    1. low oil level warning indicator went on a total of 6-7 times for the round trip. I suspect the dealer I got it from did not hand over the veh to me with a full tank of oil. I had to put in 2 quarts on the way to FL. Had it checked at a MB dealer in JAX and they said there was no leak. The low oil level warning came on again on our trip back to MI but the oil levels were full.

    2. The worst problem was that the shock absorber on my right rear wheel was defective. Noticed the problem on the way to FL when I stopped to check the oil level. Watch out for a metal-to-metal grinding noise. It is not the brakes! We had a fully loaded vehicle with 4 occupants and a Thule luggage carrier on top. I didn't know the shock absorber was the problem until I had the Jacksonville dealer take a look at it. Found out there are over 70+ SA's on backorder across the US. Tells me there may be a defective shock absorber problem. Since I needed a new one right away to make the return trip to MI, the dealer pulled a GL off their lot and transferred the SA to my vehicle. Thank God! Drove fine the rest of the way

    I'm having both these problems checked out at my local MB dealer this week. I'm surprised no one has reported the SA problem here yet.
  • No posts here in a few months, so I hope folks are still out there.

    I have an 07 GL450 (leased in Dec '06) that currently has 21500 miles on the odo. 18" Conti tires are basically gone. Asked dealer on the previous service to check alignment, but they found nothing wrong. Noise is bad, performance on the decline. Would be different if it were one or two, but all four are in the same condition. I would not classify myself as overly aggressive with the throttle - speed limits around town, 80 on the freeway.

    Anyone else had similar issues with the tires over longer terms? Not that I consider 20+k miles to be long term. As an example, our BMW X3 has original tires at 25k miles (with the same treatment) that still gauge like new.

  • azmbazmb Posts: 3
    Bought my GL 17 months ago (Dealer demo, had 4500m)-great driver but...........................went in for my C check 10 days ago, no significant issues and cost was low, < $300.
    Had to buy new tires????? the original dunlops only had 26K and were worn out (Original equip) took them to MB to get load balanced ($110) as the normal balance still had a shimmy, even after trading the tires in for a new set (COSTCO-love their return policy). On the way home from the balance, the check brake pad light illuminated. MB service rep initially said probably a loose wire.....and also said 27K was way too early for pads. Until they got their hands on the car, now the car needs pads and rotors! $1200!!!!!
    I went ballistic-since they completely missed the brakes on the C check. Anyway, long story shorter....Agreed the labor for the rotors and pads as a concession since they missed it, but still set me back ~$700 for rotors and pads after 27K. I have the old rotors and pads, do not look that bad but illuminated the light. I will write a letter to MB USA and Germany and see what their position is. Another perspective was-its a heavy vehicle!
    I've driven MB in Germany on the autobahn at 100+mph and had heavy braking requirements and never needed a set of rotors before 70K-80K miles.

    So beware the maintenance costs of this great driving very comfortable SUV.
  • I also have 2007 GL450 with 20,000 miles. Tread still looks new. It's hard to wear out SUV tires. Maybe take it to another dealer so same thing doesn't happen to your next set of tires.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Or should I say lack thereof :( Like the above poster, all I can do is plug the ipod into the glove box connector and listen to one song at a time. While the ipod is connected, I can't operate the ipod at all - have to disconnect it to choose a different song. Anybody figured this out?
  • bhana1bhana1 Posts: 12
    Are there any larger exterior mirrors for the GL-450 available?
  • I am having the same problem with my 08-gl450 MB Tex gray seats. I see your post was over a year ago what was the outcome did the dealership do anything to resolve the issues. Thanks in advance for your response.
  • spimaspima Posts: 2
    Hello I&#146;m from Crete Greece
    I have the MERCEDES GL 420 CDI SUV and I have a lot of problems. I bought the car
    September 2007 and now I have 18700 km.
    The problems are:
    At 2090 km. the mirror
    At 6100 km. the airmatic and the third row of seats
    At 6300 km. a broken gear-wheel
    At 8500 km. leaf spring
    At 8800 km. change of compressor of airmatic
    At 11924 km. service
    At 15255 km. front and down wishbones
    At 16500 km. front and upper wishbones of differential gear
    At 18750 km. wishbones and broken gear-wheel again
    The guarantee is till September. Does anybody has similar problems?
  • Any advice on where to go to get a replacement part for the front side of the side rail, drivers side? The dealer quoted some crazy price to replace the whole rail.

    In addition, is there a good, free resource site to identify part numbers with diagrams? I could contact my service advisor on this I suppose.
  • ejm767ejm767 Posts: 1
    On my 2007 GL 450 does anyone know how to clear the brake wear indicator on the message info center once pads have been replaced?
  • Anyone had engine compression problems where a cylinder is no longer fully working and has bent the cam rod?
  • We bought our 07 GL450 (CPO with extended warranty) in mid Feb. There were issues with the car from the start. I meant even during the first time we saw the car in the lot the tailgate won't open. The dealer claimed someone had drained the battery. . . . so we bought it. Then we noticed the DVD doesn't work during the delivery and some other small things. Brought the car back the vary same wknd and left it there to have everything fixed. That's just say that was the beginning of many other problems. 7 months into the ownership, I have been to the dealership for at least 10 visits with two overnight repairs and I am taking the car back for another issue with the tailgate tomorrow. The rep at the dealership recognizes my number when I call that's how frequent problems appear. . . . Don't really have the time to deal with this piece of junk with work and two babies under 3 y.o. Can anyone guide me what to do next?! Thank you!!
  • Anyone know the release date on this vehicle?
  • atlplayaxatlplayax Posts: 3

    I am considering buying a 2009 GL550. This will be my first Benz, been more of a BMW person but want the 3rd row capability of the GL. I have been reading a lot about the reliability issues of the GL. Main reason to buy this truck is for long trips for the family so would like to have a car that will not leave us stranded.

    Current owners, what has been your experiences so far with this vehicle ?, what would you suggest I look out for ?. Thanks in advance
  • I am looking to buy a Mercedes GL 500, model 2009. One of checks a friend of mine does before buying a second hand car is to start the engine and then open the hood and remove the oil cap, according to him if oil bubble out then it is not a good sign. When we did that with the GL I was interested in, oil bubbled out. Is oil bubbling out any indicator of engine problems?
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    I am not sure of the oil bubble, but I would be careful with older models of the GL. Many problems noted on this forum especially with 2007 and earlier. I personally stay away from used/pre-owned vehicles. Despite the car fax information, one does not really know much about the vehicle including the dealer. The only pre-owned vehicle I would maybe consider would be a lease return or trade in that was bought and serviced at that MB dealership. There is still an issue that the vehicle may have had many problems requiring extensive srvice at the dealership. Look into a GL 2012 that may still be available.
  • GL450 is unreliable and has poor quality from my experience.

    I own a Mercedes Benz 2012 GL450, I bought it new. it is at 27000 miles now.

    My GL450 has so many problems. suspension noises for left and right sides, radios turns on by itself, excessive dust on front wheel, car suddenly level up when parked sometimes.. it has been in the shop back and forth at least 4 times, around 3 weeks time in the shop. Rental car guys know me personally because I have been there so many times. I finally got my car back today, suspension noises are gone finally (after at least 3 times trying), but new problem showed up, I can't start it with first try. For one time, I tried at least five times in my garage today. It is scary !!! especially for a one year old car and I am disappointed considering I bought it over $70k and it is a Mercedes !

    I tried to work with Mercedes Benz customer service and dealership. Here are their responses.

    Mercedes Benz customer service: Mercedes offers little help and very arrogant, manager told me "you car is still drivable", they don't care about customer satisfaction as they claimed.

    Dealership: they try to sell me a new GL450 2013 at MSRP. Good job dealership, take advantage of your customer who needs help and still thinking make money from your customer with a lemon car.
  • My wife purchased a 2008 GL 450 in 2010. The vehicle was in the inventory of a local dealter as a lease return and only had 22K miles on it at the time. My wife was convinced this could be her "forever car" thus did not mind spending some extra dollars for this model. Things went fairly well for the remainder of the 50K warranty with the exception of a "roaring noise" which seems to come from the right front quarter of the car as one is driving. The dealership called it "tire noise" and refused to pursue the issue any further. Having spent over 30 years in the R&D side of the tire manufacturing business I knew for sure that answer was wrong. The warrantly ran out at 50K and things began happening. The roaring noise persisted. Air bags began to fail...three of the four within six months time. The dealership wanted $1300 for each one installed. I found rebuilt ones on line for less than half that price. The plastic radiator chamber has a small leak, and the power steering pump is now leaking with less than 60K on the car. What a bad decision we made in buying this vehicle. We are looking at replacing it now but with the experience we have had to date, there is little likelihood that it will be with another MB GL. This vehicle is literally the least reliable, most expensive to maintain vehicle that we have ever owned. Mercedes should be sending out letters of apology to all us suckers.

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