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Nissan Xterra Maintenance and Repair



  • My 2006 Xterra also has a annoying rattle that comes from the back side of the radio. Does any one else have these problems? It seems to only happen when it gets around 80 degrees outside.
  • interesting, i read there is an ac clamp that holds some tube that may be loose on the firewall to cause this rattle. i get a "water dripping sound" after the truch has been wet. it seems it comes from the pass side.
  • mjienckemjiencke Posts: 1
    I've experienced the same problem with my 01' Xterra. Anyone find a cause yet?

    I bought my X with 60K i have added close to 60K in 2 years and the only repair I have made is 2 new leaf springs/shocks in the rear...not even a break job. So I couldn't be happier with the way my X has held up mechanically. The interior however has had the following problems:

    -AC stopped working (recharging makes it work for about an hour.
    -both front seats no longer slide back/forward!!!!
    -first 2 settings on the climate control knob don't work (so heat is always blowing hard on 3 and 4)
    -rear wiper works, fluid does not
    -rear windows slowly dieing
    - E brake doesn't stop it from rolling ever... even in a level parking lot. (only other mechanical problem). Had the cable tightened but it worked for a few days and then stopped again. Even when it did, the break would stick and my X didn't roll very well.

    If anyone has experienced these problems, PLEASE let me know how you fixed them!!!!!!
  • I live in AZ too so mine doesn't get cold. It was kept in my garage. It happened few times for dealer with different codes each time. Same thing it would cycle off after a while. I threatened the Lemon Law and they changed a spiral cable... problem solved. It's been 3 months and it hasn't happened again. Since then I feel so good I just did a 3" suspension lift. :shades:
  • On my 2006, besides the VDC and Slip lights, I needed the caster/camber kit, front tires and new fuel sending unit in gas tank. (the cause for squeaking from the rear at 1/2 tank). Also, I bought the NISMO cold air intake and the bracket broke within 3 weeks! We're all doomed!! :sick:
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I still drop ny here every blue moon, but maybe offer some help

    -AC stopped working (recharging makes it work for about an hour.
    >Sounds like a leak, dealer has to check hoses.

    -both front seats no longer slide back/forward!!!!
    >check for change and other small items in the track, look deep, it might not be obvious.

    -first 2 settings on the climate control knob don't work (so heat is always blowing hard on 3 and 4)
    >the resistor is burnt out, cheap DYI, its behind the glovebox

    -rear windows slowly dieing
    >Yet anohter resistor, but a recal it out on tis one

    - E brake doesn't stop it from rolling ever... even in a level parking lot. (only other mechanical problem). Had the cable tightened but it worked for a few days and then stopped again. Even when it did, the break would stick and my X didn't roll very well.
    > they have to removs the rear drum and super grease the pivot point to the cable, tightening/adjusting is a short lived patch as you noticed
  • bogfuggerbogfugger Posts: 3
    I get to go see my nissan dealer today,I have rust bubbles on a few of the spotwelds on my 2005 exterra/offroad,dont know if it is a paint,or metal issue,just dont think there should be rust on that new of a vehicle,has anyone else seen or have this problem.....mine X is 2005,offroad,4-wheel drive 30000 miles......
  • mwb1mwb1 Posts: 2
    I have actually had the same problem for months since purchasing my new X a year ago. Only last month did the dealer finally find the problem which was a sensor located in the steering column. A hefty expense fortunately paid under warranty. I think there should be extended warranty assuming this might happen again.
  • screech552screech552 Posts: 7
    i have a steering pull problem. was the caster/camber kit for that pulling problem? i was just wondering since i had alignment checked 4 times! i hold the wheel straight and it goes to the right. when slowing to a stop it pulls right. maybe i should go to a tire place.
  • webninja7webninja7 Posts: 4
    it sounds like alignment still. mine never pulled but it was scalloping the tires.
  • I have a daughter with an X-Terra, about 4 years old. She got an estimate for break work that I believe is to replace pads on all 4 wheels. I am uncertain about rotors, don't even know if this vehicle is all wheel disc or not, but I suspect estimate of $750 includes rotor replacement. I have replaced many brake pads and rotors, but never on an SUV. What is the process? Similar to other vehicles in that you remove two bolts on each caliper to remove the caliper and then pads, and then remove the rotors without much further ado? If the rear wheels are drum, remove the drums in the traditional way and then the shoes that will be loosely connected to be removed as an assembly connected by springs? Is there something about the price of parts that makes this worth $750? Any insight will be appreciated. I am trying to determine if I should make a 300 mile round trip to do this myself.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Hard to imagine that it would be worth you driving 300 miles and all your drive and fix time. Price sounds very high, I'd have her go another service location. Many many places do brakes. With a 4 year old vehicle, would doubt that she'd really need anything done to the rears. I would expect to do front pads, and replace rotors only if she wore the pads down to wear the gouged the rotors. You can check parts costs where you are (and I don't know the prices for an X-Terra) but I would expect front pad set costs about 30 bucks, and rotors 30-60 bucks each (if needed).

    They're probably quoting to do the rears as well, because they don't know if they'll need anything to replace until they take the wheels off.
  • mcwoods2mcwoods2 Posts: 2
    Has anyone tried one of these systems? Is it worth the effort? I am looking for little more power and mileage.
  • rbinctrbinct Posts: 1
    Hi- My first post here!
    When starting and driving my auto trans X after being parked a while, once you hit 15 miles an hour (seems to be shifting gears at this point)there is a clunk in the engine. Only happens once after it's been parked. Dealer svc has greased and lubed everything and tightened a Uclamp and everything else they can find and it STILL happens. Any ideas of what is causing and more importantly- how can it be fixed?
    Thanks so much! RBinCT
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    i had a similar concern with my 05 xterra, and after reading all the posts on and my dealership explaining that its the computer checking some type of system and you will hear that clinck..sound.. no need to worry. i am at 72,000 miles and everything o.k.
  • xterrablexterrable Posts: 1
    I also have a 2000 Xterra. I had the same hose go out on me a few years back. I took it to a friend who is qualified to work on AC's. (The dealers are certified but pathetic!) But now I have another problem. The compressor clutch started not working intermittently and I figured maybe the freon charge had leaked down to a point where there is just barely enough to allow the compressor to come on. The guys up on the corner put the gauges on and it was low, so I had it evacuated and recharged and by the end of the next day it started acting up again. They said they couldn't find a leak anywhere but noticed the fan wasn't working in front of the radiator. He said the fuses both were good and the relay checks out ok. In fact I swapped the other one myself under the cover with the one just like it to make sure. Then I checked the fuses myself with a meter to make sure. I made the fan come on by connecting jumpers from the plug to the battery terminal. It came on but it didn't spin up at the speed that it normally runs. There are four pins so it's probably a 2 speed motor. I tried different combinations to see if it would run at high speed but no luck. Usually the fan runs when the button is pushed on the dash to turn the a/c on, but there is no voltage at the harness end of the connector for the fan. The dealer lied and said the fan is working ok. It's been 4 days now and I haven't seen or heard it come on yet! They also said the high pressure hose is leaking. I said go ahead and order the hose and I'll have my friend put it on and charge it back up. So they ordered the hose and it looks like the wrong one! We crawled all over the place, under the dash and everything looking for the hose and we couldn't find it, so now I have to make a road trip back to Nissian to get the right one. (That hose ain't cheep either! $155 bucks!)
    I've already given the guys on the corner $168 to charge it, and the dealer $260 to diagnose it, change the oil, and for the hose. So were almost at $400 and we still aren't fixed.
    My friend came by and put the sniffer on the system and couldn't find any leaks. We took the black light and found some dye around the high pressure hose compression fitting but couldn't see any drips or see and feel any evidence of oil around the suspected leak. Almost as though someone smeared dye around the fitting and said, ooops! there's the leak...right there! This whole thing is wearing on my patience. The a/c will never work right until the fan starts turning. Seems to me the dealer boys are too lazy to get out the book and trace the problem back or call their tech support and get some help. As soon as I can find a vehicle that I like better that suits my needs I will trade it in and buy something other than a Nissan. But, in the mean time I need to get this issue fixed. Has any one had problems with the fan. If you found the fix I'd like to hear from you!
  • pete408pete408 Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Xterra (Off Road Version, 6sp manual, about 13000 miles on it). I've seem the same thing with the VDC/SLIP lights coming on once in awhile. The dealer was useless. They said they captured the condition code but could find nothing wrong. Said to bring it in if it happens again. It happens every few weeks or so. I haven't brought it back yet. I figure if Nissan doesn't acknowlege a problem, I'll just build a paper trail with the dealership in case something big fails later that might be tied back to this problem. Anyone know if Nissan has a TSB open on this?
  • mithunmithun Posts: 1
    Hello all:
    This is the first post for me as I just joined this forum. I have 2006 Xterra 1ith 11484 miles on it and it just started making rattling sound that seems to be coming through glove compartment. I removed all loose objects from my car and after I drive for 20min the rattle sound seems to be coming from glove comportment or somewhere around that area! I tried my best to focus while driving to see where the noise is coming from but could not find the exact location. I took it to dealer today and they said it might be due to hot temperature outside, they put some insulation around AC cables, speaker lines but the problem still persists. It is intermittant now but Ican still hear rattle sound. I will be taking it to the dealer again tomorrow but if anyone had this problem before could you please share information with me?

  • mwb1mwb1 Posts: 2
    I too have an '06 manual - This was one of the most irritating new car issues I have ever experienced. The dealer cannot do anything and each time I went they said the same thing - come back with the light on. But each time the computer would not register. On the 10th visit it finally registered. They found a computer chip in the steering column was faulty. Perhaps you can aim them in the same direction. It would have been very expensive to replace so don't wait too long.
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