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Pontiac Grand Prix Engine fires 3800 series II 1996-2003



  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
    Also, please remember to report your incident to the NHTSA - they are the government agency responsible for tracking issues and investigating defects.

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  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,731
    I wonder how many of the people with problems due to oil seeps collecting and moving onto the hot exhaust have had their cars back to the dealer for servicing or for oil changes. I believe there was a recall for modifying the plastic loom for the spark plug wires.

    If the owners have their oil changes done at QuickyCheap lube and don't follow the internet for recalls and TSBs, they may not have had proper checks and updates done to the vehicles. Also, the seeps would have given an oil smell occasionally from oil getting onto the exhaust area. That should have prompted a visit to a knowledgeable repair facility to check on the source.

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  • Seems like nobody comes here to tell their Grand Prix fire stories any more. Maybe all the ones that were going to burn have burned. My 1999 is still alive. No fires.....yet.......
  • Since this discussion covers 8 model years, the earliest of which is 17 years old, it's safe to assume that some of these vehicles have died peacefully of natural causes. Vehicle fires in this model aren't exactly what you'd call a common or expected occurrence - as mentioned, we're covering 8 model years here and given the number of complaints, your statistical likelihood is low.

    May you have many more happy years!

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  • kirstie, did or do you have one of these cars?
  • No, I just host this discussion.

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  • I am shocked to see all of the Grand Prix's that have caught fire.

    My car engine started on fire last week, 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix with the 3800 engine. I decided to google Pontiac fires because I was so confused why it started on fire.

    Parked my car outside to go into a store and within a few minutes I overhear someone mentioning that an older Grand Prix has smoke coming from the engine and I go outside to see it was my car!

    Car is totalled just lucky the car fire didn't injure anyone or anything else. Still a little freaked out that could have started in my garage.

    Didn't realize there were all these issues with the 3800 engine.
  • MY 97 grand prix caught fire back in September. the fire went out before it caused any serious damage. off instinct, I replaced the cat converter, spark plug wires, o2 sensor, and power steering hose, car still gives off burning smell but I won't drive it longer than 5 minutes for fear that it will catch on fire again. I called the dealer and they said that my car had already been serviced for the recall and they sent me a letter saying my car was out of warranty in 2007 so what next? I really would like to drive my car again.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,731
    The dealer told you it had already been serviced for the recall by taking of the plastic part that would catch and hold oil drippings.

    What I would do is replace the silicon valve cover seals with new ones. They tend to settle with age and not seal as tightly, allowing a little leakage. Replacing them stops the leak.

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  • I started a such of a lawsuit because Oct. 2008 I had expireanced this same problem. My engieng cought fire 3:00am on my way to work. Frist it stalled so I turned around to head back home. Soon as I made the u-turn that's when my engieng went up in smoke. I feild a police report but had the vehchile towed to the junk yard. Here it is 2013 and I am trying to get passed it but as a reminder GM keep sending me a Recall Card after the fact so I am S. O. L.' ed out of a car and a lawsuit. I had to acquire a car note (which I've never done before). It happened so fast. The car was running good one minute and then the next this fire. I lost everything as well. I almost didn't get out the car because all the power locks that I was used to stop working, I panically unlatched the manual lock though a prayer.
  • I had the same issue with my Pontiac grand prix 2002. My engine caught fire 10-15 minutes after it was turned off! i was shocked because i hadnt had prior engine problems and terrified because i was in the car ten minutes before it burst into flames. I couldnt get the fire out, eventually police and the fire department ended the fire before it spread to my house. This is a terribly dangerous situation and i am shocked. I was not notified when i bought the car used at a dealership. My insurance wont cover the damage and my car is totalled
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