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Pontiac Grand Prix Engine fires 3800 series II 1996-2003



  • gtp03dawgtp03daw Posts: 16
    Here's the URL to the NHTSA's defect investigation recently opened....

    In the search window use "PE07006" to pull up the open report...
  • Does anyone know anything about the NHTSA ivestigations? How exactly does it work? Will anyone be notified if they do find a defect?
  • tommy231tommy231 Posts: 27
    Messages 44 and 45 above have links to the investigation. You can look at the documents they have posted there. GM is due to respond on April 20th, at which point I presume their response will also be posted. I expect that in the unlikely case this turns into a recall, the affected GTP owners will be notified. Very few of these types of investigations actually turn into recalls, so I recommend checking back at this site periodically, as well as at: -fires/
  • dumpsterdumpster Posts: 1
    Well add me to the list. Yesterday (friday 13th)I parked my 1997 Grand Prix GT at work and with in 10 minutes it was in flames. It was not a GTP but it sounds like the same problem. I'm writing this so maybe people will understand the severity of this problem. My car was in a parking lot away from people and you're glad when you see these burn that it was not in your garage at home and no one was hurt. What is it going to take for GM to realize they have a problem ?
  • jessica9jessica9 Posts: 12
    I want to know if the nhtsa is only investigating gtps because i talked to a rep from the nhtsa and he said every message posted on this site was being investigated i have a 1998 gt. i need to know what to do with the car?
  • tommy231tommy231 Posts: 27
    There was an investigation on non-GTPs, but I believe it was closed. The only one still open is for GTPs. The one that was closed can be found at:

    The one that is still open can be found at:
  • My 97 GTP caught on fire on April 27, 2007. I just had gotten to work about 5 minutes and someone came running in telling me my car was smoking. The car was burning and smoking for at least 2 hours. The fire marshal said that the fire was most likely electrical due to the amount of smoke. The body of the car is still in tacked but the engine is toast. I heard that GM was going to stop the investigation and either do the recall or not by April 20. Lets cross our fingers.
  • At this point, a recall would do those of us who lost cars no good,since there is nothing left to recall. Hopefully, at least maybe it will help someone else. :(
  • Last Saturday i drove my car home, went in and took a shower and went to leave again and my car was in flames. If anybody knows who i can call about this hit me up.
  • allietubballietubb Posts: 1
  • tommy231tommy231 Posts: 27
    I do have the email address of one of the GM investigators, but he asked me not to give it out on the Internet for obvious reasons. Therefore, I volunteered to collect contact information and forward it to him, but apparently this forum considers this offer some sort of weird solicitation and actually removed my previous posts (#53&#54). If you would like me to forward your information to them, please make your email address public in your profile and I will send you an email to establish direct contact, or send me a note via the email address in my profile.
  • Please contact me regarding the investigation information.
  • tommy231tommy231 Posts: 27
    I have done a few things to help protect my GTP from fire damage. I have posted the details of one such modification for the sake of others looking for a possible fix, in advance of any official declaration from GM or NHTSA. Click on "tommy231" above and then go to "Visit my Carspace page" and checkout my photo album where I show the before and after photos of the modification I performed on my car.

    This modification should only be performed by a skilled Technician. If you choose to do this to your car, you do so at your own risk. This is probably not the single fix we've all been waiting for, but it does address an actual issue I found on my car.

    I am not saying your GTP has this issue too, but it might, and I am interested in knowing if it does. It is fairly easy to check if you know your way around an engine bay. It is a little more difficult to actually fix if it has the problem.

    The symptom I found was that there were two wires stuck to the side of the starter solenoid, which is under the front exhaust manifold. These wires connect directly to the battery without any fuse. They weren't completely melted through yet, but they looked to me like they might be on their way to failing.

    GM has been notified of this issue and they claim they are looking at this as one of many possible concerns. It does not seem likely that this is the primary problem as it would seemingly exhibit symptoms prior to failure, such as blinking lamps on the instrument panel, or brake related concerns. However, nobody that has had a GTP fire complained of any prior symptoms such as this.... or have they?

    Stay tuned...
  • my 99 grand prix caught fire on may 25 2007 i was driving home and it began to smoke, i pulled over and when i shut the car off, none of the locks unlocked and the windows would not work, by the time i found the manual lock on the door, there was so much smoke that i could not see the steering wheel. is there anything or anyone i can talk to or contact about this?? my e-mail is
  • my 99 grand prix GT caught fire while i was driving on May 25 2007 my car filled up with smoke and none of the doors unlocked and none of the windows went down. GM needs to do something before somebody loses their life!
  • tommy231tommy231 Posts: 27
    There is an open investigation in-progress with GM and NHTSA for 1999 through 2002 GTPs with the L67 3800 Supercharged Engine for underhood fires ( These fires seem to start 5 to 15 minutes after shutting off the engine. There was an investigation for non-supercharged engines, but it is closed (
  • tommy231tommy231 Posts: 27
    I looked at 2 other GTPs yesterday; a 1999 and another 2002. The 2002 had the same configuration as mine with the two wires coming off of the starter solenoid. However, neither wire was stuck to the solenoid, but they were both wedged under the positive battery cable such that a similar concern exists due to the pinching of the wires.

    The 1999 did not seem to have the 2 wires, or if it did they were routed differently. The engine was too warm to look closer at the time. The 1999 seemed to also have different heat shielding surrounding the fuel lines above the steering wheel area.
  • 05toering05toering Posts: 5
    Looks like the NHTSA investigation has been upgraded to an Engineering Analysis as of June 12th (EA07-008) and the other GM supercharged models have been included. They should include the 97 and 98 GTPs as well since those are identical, IMO. The lead investigator said he would consider those years but didn't have enough official complaints w/the NHTSA on file for those years.
  • Please contact me regarding the investigation. I did send some picures to someone awhile back. If this is you, please let me know where the investigation stands. Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Julie Haugland
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