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Pontiac Grand Prix Engine fires 3800 series II 1996-2003



  • Has anyone gotten anywhere with this? Is NHTSA or GM doing anything? I want to know what to do with my car,I am sick of it sitting in my drive way.
  • If you haven't already, look through the entire discussion. There are posts that reference the NHTSA investigation.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • Hey tommy23,
    Yesterday my 2001 Grand Prix GT went up in flames at an intersection. I had just filled the car up at the gas station (had the car off for about 10 mins i suppose), pulled out, idled at the red light, began to move at the green and BAM! went up in flames, lost all power steering and brakes, and was just able to pull into a parking lot beside the intersection. The car was running perfect before I pulled in to get gas... I don't understand! Now the car is at a compound and I need to give the insurance a call on monday. What do I do about this? I've never had this happen nor have any of my friends / family!
  • bedensbedens Posts: 23
    I am responding to this post. I had a 2001 Grand Prix GT. In March, 2006 mine went up in flames. I had driven it approximately 30 miles, switched it off and 15 minutes later it was in flames. I called my insurance company and I also called GM. GM sent someone to check it out and supposedlly they can't determine the cause of the fire. I have never gotten any kind of reimbursement from GM.
  • What did you get from Insurance?
  • j195j195 Posts: 1

    I just did a simple Google search and found this post / forum. My car started on fire 11/16/2007. I was standing at the light waiting when all of a sudden, I heard a loud bang, car started rattling, like on the cylinders died, then white smoke, then black smoke, after witch I saw fire. Fire department put showed up, but half of the car is burned, and what was not burned was flooded with water.

    This really sucks.
  • bedensbedens Posts: 23
    Just payoff on my car loan.
  • gearrgearr Posts: 21
    I have just got a 06 prix with a 3800 supercharged motor how can I find out what the series is.
    thanks gearr
  • gearrgearr Posts: 21
    Thanks tommy
  • My Pontiac caught fire on January 26, 2007 in my work parking lot. I had been there about 15 minutes when someone told me my car was on fire. The car drove fine before then and was well maintained. It was a total loss. Does anyone know if NHTSA or GM is still investigating this matter? It is amazing that GM is not willing to do anything after all the fires that have happened.
  • It's a pain for sure, my 99 GTP went up in flames within minutes of parking in 2003. Insurance claimed arson, GM denied the claim..4yrs later still nothing...Earlier posts have some links to the current investigation...
  • bedensbedens Posts: 23
    My 2001 Grand prix burned in March, 2006. GM is ot willing to take responsibility for all these fires. I did receive an email once from NHTSA but I haven't heard from them since.
  • Hi Everyone,

    My 1999 Grand Prix Supercharge 3800 v6 engine caught on fire Saturday November 24, 2007!!I was at a car wash selecting my wash, and putting some of my things in the trunk when I smelled smoke...I looked up and smoke was coming from under my hood. A burning part of my car dropped down from under the bottom of the engine area and a worker saw it, and informed me because I was still in the car. I was alone, but I hurt my right leg moving quickly to get out of the burning car, and when they let the hood up flames stood about 3 feet high. Another worker went in the oil change shop that they have on the premises and got a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. The fire was contained under the hood. God was with me!, I am sooo very blessed..I am a single Mother of two beautiful smart girls, and I so grateful that I am still here to Mother them!! My car is still in the shop and for repair. I have never had any problems with my car, all schedule maintenances have been completed, and I have had the car 6 years...and it runs good! I truly love my car, the proficient of the engine, the get up and go…this is just mind boggling on what caught on fire, and the safety of me and my two girls! The shop mechanics cannot figure out what started the fire, and how to repair...can I get some advice from you all? Thanks..HotinDuncan
  • bedensbedens Posts: 23
    You aren't the only one who has suffered a fire with their Grand Prix. I had a 2001 Grand Prix that caught fire and burned in March, 2006. GM will take no responsibility for the fires. I have been trying to get something done bout this for almost 2 years now.
  • There is a lot of information about this in the other postings here. The NHTSA and GM have an on ongoing investigation in progress. As far as I know, GM is still interested in seeing vehicles that aren't too badly damaged. I know of one car they purchased outright for the light damage it had, making it one of the easy ones to diagnose. Total-loss failures are usually too difficult to root-cause. Do you have any pictures of the damage? I can send them to the contacts I have at GM if you are interested. However, they are not likely to do much for you, if anything, until the official investigation is closed.

  • Wow! I have a question. You state that you had all scheduled maintenance done on your car. What was the last few maintenance items? Did you ever have the fuel system service/clean/flush? Valve cove gaskets replaced? I am curious as in researching the difference of the Supercharged 3800 vs. the non-Supercharged engine, there is a difference in the way the fuel rail system is engineered.

    Glad that you are ok!!!
  • My mother's 99 Grand Prix GTP just caught fire last week, the liscence plate, tires and parts of the enegine were melted to the ground. I don't know if it was a 3800, but chances are based on what I'm hearing here. I don't know if you're still looking for replies but we'd be intersted in hearing what you have to say in terms of what information you may have, or something we could tell the insurance compay. You can contact me through email

    Thanks very much,
  • You can click on the "prev" button below and read the previous posts on this subject.
  • The last few maintenance was an oil change, of course every 3,000 miles, pads on my brakes, tires rotated, those are the last few maintenace. Nothing to my fuel system service/clean/flush, and nothing to my valve cove gaskets replaced? I am not sure of the difference of the Supercharged 3800 vs. the non-Supercharged engine.
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