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Pontiac Grand Prix Engine fires 3800 series II 1996-2003



  • bedensbedens Posts: 23
    My car that burned was a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT not GTP and when I stopped the car I didn't smell ANYTHING.
  • gtp03dawgtp03daw Posts: 16
    Do you have that contact information ? Or was it the 1-800 number on the Safety Notice that was mailed last week ? I sent a message to Pontiac and my responce above is what I recieved...But if there's another back door ? I recieved nothing. Not from Insurance ( they accused me of Arson ) and nothing feom my Extended 100,000 mile Warranty. Car only had 62,000 miles.
  • The NHTSA said that if the exhaust manifold is hot enough and the oil gets below a heat shield, "it may ignite into a small flame and in some cases fire may spread to the plastic spark plug wire channel."

    If GM will release the recall, and they will update my Alldata, I can give you the actual bulletin.
  • saint3saint3 Posts: 4
    I feel your pain, and yes we need a class action lawsuit started. Count me in I had a 2002 40th Anniversary GTP Sedan and in 3 Jan of 2007 it became a total loss with a fire after i went into a store, I was lucky that my 2 kids and me were not in it and I parked it far from other vehicles so the fire did not damage anything else. Just like most people that contacted GM were told that your car was a fluke and that they have not heard of it happening before but here we are 267 cases later. By the way GM actually offered me book value even though there was nothing wrong with my car and I would have to sign a release stating that I could not go after them again. I did NOT take their offer. I feel really bad for the people that had structure damage, which means garage or house damage. If I find out anything I will post it, my e-mail is
  • Well, it looks as if I'm getting nowhere with Pontiac CAC. My Grand Prix GTP burned last January. My insurance company totaled it obviously. Once I found out about the recall, I contacted Pontiac CAC and have been told that there is nothing they can do for me because of 'the policy'. Been through 3 levels of their management so far with no luck.......
  • I had a 2000 gtp with the series II engine and every so often I would smell exhaust fumes coming through the vents, spent $3000 overhauling the whole exhaust system, changed the valve cover gaskets which were dripping oil on the manifold, shampooed the engine and still the same smell. A few times I even noticed a burning wire insulation smell coming from the vents. I found a few melted wires under the hood and had them fixed. Anyway, I was fed up with this car trying to kill me with either exhaust fumes or fire so I sold it and bought the 2005 grand prix gt (non supercharged) with the series III engine. Guess what, same smell coming from the vents. Hmmm..... I think I am going to sell this car, take the loss and never buy a gm product again and I will make sure everyone I know doesn't either. Just thought I would post about this so that anyone contemplating buying a newer model of GM's deathtrap on wheels can have all the facts...
  • carp5carp5 Posts: 1
    My 2001 GTP just caught fire yesterday...a complete loss. Never heard of any recall. Let me know what to do to join your fight.
  • I own a 02 pontiac grand prix 40yr. ann. ed. with the 3800, It is only on the road in the summer and has less than 36,000 miles. I received a letter from GM last week. I haven't had the bad luck that some of you have had with the car starting on fire. But I have noticed in the past a strange odor. My question is that if GM is going to recall the pontiacs, what about chevy. I also own a 97 camaro rs, with the same motor. Do I need to worry about this car also. I have a little girl and don't want to risk putting her in a vehicle that can start fire. If any one has any information please email me at Thank You.
  • Last night on my way home from work when I stopped to pick up my 1 year old daughter, I parked in my sis's parking lot at the restaurant she owns and went inside to get the baby ready (I have/had a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix and I have been the sole owner since I bought it in 2001). After about 10 minutes, my sister ran out to the parking lot to get some things my 2 boys left in her truck from the weekend. She ran back inside and said my car was either overheating or on fire. We ran outside to find the front hood of the car engulfed in black smoke. My brother-in-law ran out with an industrial size fire extinguisher (good thing he owns a restaurant and had one of those big ones handy) and was able to keep the flames low (and off of the neighbors house) until the fire trucks got there about 6 minutes later. Of course, my car is going to be a total loss, but I am sooooo thankful this did not occur in my garage at home after I would have gotten home with the kids! I did a quick search online this morning and found all of this information including the recall (which I have obvioulsy NOT received in the mail as of yet --- . A lot of good that will do me now.) Has anyone had any luck in getting back their deductible and/or other damages from GM????
  • bzellerbzeller Posts: 2
    My gand prix caught fire sitting in my driveway on 2/04/08. Totally cunsumed with everything in it. When I got the possible recall letter from gm mid March-I called them. They said sorry! I am definatley going to do something about this!
  • I too have a burnt 1998 GTP. I received the letter and contacted GM, but they don't know what will be done about my car. I also have a 2001 GTP, that I feel is a ticking time bomb. I have panic attacks when I my car. I want something done about my car, but I don't want a piece of paper that gives me $500.00 of a new car I want the one I have restored to the condition it was in or money. I can't drive my car with pleasure anymore. I am interested in a suit. Let me know morw. I think GM needs to step up to the plate. My email is:
  • I sent all of my claim information to GM on Thursday. I am still waiting to hear back from them but assumed it would be a few days. I got an email from edmunds that they had to delete my last post because I included names & phone numbers of my contacts at GM. Please email me at for the information. Thanks!!
  • jodi84jodi84 Posts: 3
    i know what everyone as said about GM but they did me good! it happen in feb and i now have my check i only wanted the vaule of the car so i ended up getting 4,000
    but i was happy with that!!! they were very nice and helpful. i think it all comes do to the inspection and what your asking for. :)
  • ihlihl Posts: 5
    Hi my car was 1997 Grand Prix GTP new super charger tires rimes the works. seemed to be running great. I let my son take it to his girlfriends home while they were having dinner about 20 minutes after he arrived there the neighbors came running over and told him his car was on fire he only had seconds to get a few school items out before it was totally engulfed it was so hot it burned off the hood and the rims to the ground. that was Feb, 17 2008. March 15 2008 we received a letter stating that there could possibly be a fire hazard with the car. To make the story short I only had liability
    on the car. The Fire dept. came and put out the fire the tow truck hauled it away and we sent it to the junk yard before we ever new there was a recall now we have no recourse because we have no car for them to investigate. GM said there is nothing they can do with out the car.
  • msossamamsossama Posts: 4
    They have had my car since 3/18 and all I am getting is the run around. Now they want a complete documented history including receipts of all the maintenance that has been completed on my car since I've owned it! They have it at a GM dealership and they still haven't sent out an investigator. Meanwhile, I have no car. If I take the insurance payout (which is approx. 2-3 thousand dollars under what it is worth with all the options my car had) I am unable to do anything regarding the recall. So I sit and wait and call everyother day and just deal with a very bitchy case worker who tells me that they are still not admitting to anything and they need to investigate and they don't know when that will be completed. I get NO answers. I've called the Federal Trade Commission and issued a complaint but I doubt that will do anything. GM doesn't care about the consumer or the suffering that this "problem" has caused for so many of us. I'm not sure if I should contact a lawyer or what. I can't go all summer with no car. Meanwhile I'm still making car payments on something that I don't have anymore. If anyone has any advise, I am totally interested! Help please.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I had a 1999 Supercharged Grand Prix GTP, which my nephew had bought from me since I was buying a new car -- actually I have had two Grand Prix's since the 1999, but the 1999 also went on fire about two years ago up to and including the windhshield. The fire dept. put the fire out, and then the car was towed to a place and the investigator from my nephew's insurance company came out, inspected it and my nephew received from the insurance company what he would have gotten for the car from the dealer around where he lives in NJ. He was very satisfied. I think you should forget about GM and the aggravation you are going through and just deal with your insurance company. Let your insurance company fight it out with GM, if need be. It is very difficult dealing with big companies and I don't think it is worth the aggravation and meanwhile you are without a car!!! My nephew had another car to drive and then bought a used jeep with the money he received from the insurance company and he uses the jeep for work. In his case, everything was done very quickly. I really don't think dealing with GM is going to be easy and will take a long time. I have had three GTP's and thank God it did not happen when I was driving any of them. I now have a GXP and I had a few minor issues with GM and got nowhere, but "free oil changes." And, believe me, all I did was get aggravated with the GM Customer Service people, and then they actually lied to me because they told me that they called my dealer, and when I talked with the dealership, they told me that the representative never called them!!! So, why bother with the headache. I would have my insurance company go and see the car, if they haven't already, and settle with them. chats1
  • reginahreginah Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 GP-GTP, thank god it has not caught fire. I have received the recall letter from GM, called the dealer and they don't know anything about the recall. Called another dealer and they said to wait for another letter from GM. The Grand Prix is a total waste of a car. I have just reached 90k, have had 4 batteries-cause unknown, 2 alternators, hub bearing assemblies, tie rods, back windows fall down-have it propped up with a grip vise, leather seats are tearing up-don't think they are leather, 3 sets of tires that wear so badly down to the wire-I drive under 10k per year, numerous brake pads. Now I prepare to get my emission and had to replace the temp sensor-engine light on, after replacing and driving a few days-light back on. Pontiac has built a total lemon, I will never purchase their car again. The sad part is that GM act like they don't know what is going on-because they know this would be a big loss for them to recall and pay for all the burnt up vehicles. They are trying to get out of this, but we as loyal GM customers need to fight them to the end. Everyone needs to contact the BBB and file a complaint with them, once so many of us complain, this will get the ball rolling. GM is taking their time to fix the problem-they probably don't know what to do to fix it. This car is a piece of mess. I am outraged over this. People lives could have been lost and they are acting so non-chalant about it. GM think they have problems-they are continually losing more and more customers with their arrogrance. Eventually there will be no more GM if they don't change with the quickness. The only reason I purchased another GM product is because I was a former employee and was offered a discount, otherwise I would have not purchased an American car they suck. Everyone contact the BBB in detroit and file a complaint.
  • quote: I have received the recall letter from GM, called the dealer and they don't know anything about the recall. Called another dealer and they said to wait for another letter from GM.

    The dealer should be notified the day the recall is sent out to customers. I being a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep parts manager, am notified the day the recall is released. They better check their mail. Also you don't wait on another letter, they only send one recall letter. They have the recall number and that's all they need. Sometimes it takes time to get new recall parts with so many people needing them. If they don't know how to get the recall parts and let you know when to bring it I would find another dealer. And what's going to hurt is all the people that are not the original owners or gm doesn't have their contact information. They are driving these time bombs and will never get a letter. Hope fully they will hear about on tv or something.
  • gaffnejgaffnej Posts: 4
    Hi, Was your car total loss by insurance? The reason why I was asking is because my car caught on fire, and I have been contacted by GMC, and just trying to figure out the process, if their is one. Any and all information is greatly appreciated! I thank God for this very informative forum!!
  • msschm22msschm22 Posts: 5
    Yes a total loss. a $10K car was scrapped off to an auction and recieved 575.00 for it which barely covered the new tires I put on it a month earlier. I have called GM and they are wanting the Fire Department records insurance policy and the proof of being sold off as scrap/salvage. Once they have all that then the fun begins to try and see what they will do for us.
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