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Acura TSX vs. BMW 328i



  • That's exactly why I'm not disputing that you could easily be right about the comparison. I've only had my TSX a month and haven't even been in for my first oil change.

    There's a common "recommended" maintenance schedule of course, but I planned on following the maintenance minder that's built in to the trip computer for most things. Beyond that I planned on digging in to what may be needed in the future after I clocked a few more miles.
  • dannyledannyle Posts: 43
    I was not aware that the 2006 325I with standard bi-xenon HID headlamps and heated seats. I though this was always an option. Am I wrong ? :confuse:
  • potemkinpotemkin Posts: 196
    What's a ti?

    Sorry, I wasn't real clear their...

    In this instance, a "ti" is a 1995 BMW 318ti. A hatchback that was introduced (to the US) in 1995 and discontinued in 1999.
  • bora1bora1 Posts: 42
    Based on the research I carried out, the recommended service frequency of the TSX is 8,000kms (5000mi) or until the "Maintenance Required" dash indicator lights up. The BMW 3 Series' recommended service frequency is every 20,000 to 25,000kms (12,000mi to 15,000mi) or until the "Maintenance Required" dash indicator lights up.

    The first 4 years of maintenance are performed by BMW at no cost. All wear and tear parts are replaced by BMW at no cost within the first 4 years i.e. disc brakes, wipers, etc. The BMW dealer that i consulted also picks up your car from you house (when servicing is due) and leaves you with a courtesy car. When the servicing is completed, the dealer drops your car back to your house. Now that is quality service.
  • bora1bora1 Posts: 42
    2006 325i comes with standard Bi-Xenon HID headlamps and heated seats. Nit sure about the US, but these are standard in Canada.
  • bruceomegabruceomega Posts: 250
    Can anyone comment on how the performance of the TSX and 325 compare when they are both equipped with an automatic transmission?
  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    The BMW has a better weight distribution and the max torque is available at around 2750 RPMs instead at 4500 RPM with the TSX. Both cars have similar overall weight. The extra low end torque of the I-6 will make the BMW accelerate harder and give you better 0-60 times, somewhere between a 5AT/6MT TSX. BMW cannot provide the same features as the Acura for the same price.

    The Honda/Acura K24 I-4 iVtec engine is probably one of the best engines in the world along with the K20. You will get better gas mileage with the Acura 5AT and a wider RPM range to have fun with. The Acura TSX can live between 6-7,000 RPMs without missing a beat. Both cars would give each a run for the money on a road course depending on the driver.

    Features, reliability, and gas mileage put the TSX on top for me.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    If you want any performance commnets on the TSX then only a manual tranny makes sense.
  • I agree that you will get better performance in the TSX with a manual rather than an automatic.

    I was trying to ask a slightly different question. If its the case that the car will have an automatic, and not a manual, then how does the automatic TSX compare to the automatic 325?

    My guess is the automatic is a bigger performance hinderance to the TSX than to the 325 since the TSX has a smaller engine.

  • I think that when the 2 series (or if) comes out that will be a better comparison to a TSX. Nothing wrong with it but remember you are buying a japanese honda accord. Maybe try out the US accord if that appeals to ya. Very reliable.
  • I drive a 2006 TSX and love everything about the car. The one thing that bothers me a little is the 200hp. I think that Acura should put the turbo 4 from the RDX into the 08 TSX. I would also like to see someone do a comparison test between the Acura TSX, BMW 325i, Lexus IS250, Mercedes C230
    Saab 9-3, and the Volvo S40.
  • Hey guys. New around here. I'm really glad I found this thread as my situation is pretty pertinent. Basically, I'm about to reach the end of a three-year lease on a 2004 325i. I had the 5 speed manual and have absolutely loved the car. I had wanted one for a while and have not regretted my decision one bit. The service was outstanding. Aside from gas, I have not spent a penny on the maintenance of that car. The actual personnel at the dealership was outstanding as well. They really know how to treat you first class.

    So basically, I was dead set on getting a new one. Went by the dealership on Saturday and started looking at the 2007 328i's. Figured out that I'd be looking at about $600+ to lease a new one (I've been paying $390). I had to seriously check reality and think about where I'd be in three more years...probably married with at least one kid and I wasn't sure I really wanted to be locked in to that kinda payment.

    So I got home and thought about what could satisfy me...I basically didn't want to settle for something else only to cry inside everytime I passed a 325 on the road (which we all know is about once every other minute :) ). Ok, without rambling much more, I've always liked Hondas, but have fallen out with Accords since they've gotten a bit lamer over the years. No brainer...check out Acura! They've got style, class, and built upon one of the most reliable manufacturers out there.

    Within 5 seconds of loading the website, I was all over the TSX. (The European Accord is sooooo much slicker than the clunky US model!) Funny though...I started to build and price and I found myself asking, where are all the options?! That's when I realized, they're all standard!

    So I compared. MSRP on a TSX I'd like - about $30,000. For teh 328i I was looking at - about $36,000. For a 328i with the options I could get in a TSX - about $43,000!!!

    So I checked out Edmunds and read a great review of the car. Checked out some other reviews and they all looked great. Checked out your guys' comments (because what really matters) and you've helped convince me.

    This Saturday I plan on giong over to Acura and test driving. Now I know it won't be as nice a ride as my current 325 (although the '06 TSX has more horses than the '04 325) what with the RWD, 50/50, and 5sp MT, but I'm looking forward to it. If they can get me a monthly payment around $450 or lower for a 36 mo. lease with 15,000 miles per year, I'm totally sold...assuming it drives reasonably well, although your comments and the reviews leave me with no doubt it will.

    I'm considering a AT with Nav (I'd get the MT, but yeah...will probably have a kid eventually and will need the use of my right hand).

    So long story short, as a current 325 driver, I love that car, I'll miss that car, but I think I'd be a total fool to pass up the value and added features (not to mention totally wicked cockpit) of the TSX.

    I think I've been converted!
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    So, tell us what happened.
  • I own both of these cars. I've had an automatic 2006 TSX for about 7 months. I never test drove the BMW when I bought the TSX. We seriously considered 5 vehicles this time; the IS 250 AWD, the Audi A3, the 325i, the RDX(mpg ruled it out), and a loaded Honda Accord v6.

    I picked up a new automatic 06 325i a few weeks ago. Both the TSX and BMW are great but different. The BMW does handle better. I feel like I'm wearing the BMW whereas the TSX is just easy to drive. That said, I'm comparing two cars that handle better than almost every other car on the market (or at least the ones I test drove). Visibility out of the BMW is better for me. My wife seems to like the TSX. The BMW clearly has more power but the difference isn't all that important or noticeable for regular driving. Both have enough torque when you need it. I like the seats in the BMW a little more. The TSX interior layout design is better but the quality of the interior is a bit better in the BMW. I have satellite radio in the TSX and it blows away the BMW, which currently only has regular radio. I'm sure the BMW will sound better when the satellite is hooked up in a few weeks, but I really do think the TSX stereo sounds good for not being a brand name.

    My BMW didn't come with rear fold down seats or heated seats, two options I wish it had. The TSX bluetooth works more consistently than the BMW bluetooth, but the BMW bluetooth is more sophisticated and integrates with the phone better. If you're buying a car in this price range, get bluetooth, its worth it.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    and this may not be the right thread to ask, but, can the key fob be removed from the dash without turning the engine off with the push button? And if the answer is yes, would the engine keep running, or would it shut down right away?
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Gas mileage on the 330i was 34 mpg on the highway at 80 mpg. Yes, it's a 330i and much more expensive, but the 325 mileage isn't that much different. The BMW legendary handling coupled with $0.00 maintenance made it an easy choice. Once I got behind the wheel of the BMW I never looked back.

    The Japanese offer more content, but I love to drive and this is where the BMW shines. I never worry about reliability. Even with a manufacturers reliable track record, yours could turn out to be a lemon.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    If you are talking about the comfort access on new model BMWs the answer is yes.
  • Perhaps, mrgold35 meant (overall) mpg, not just highway. There are 3Series owners who reported city mileage in mid teens.

    This is off track: but my Maxima SE w/ a 3.5liters engine gets 21.3mpg (my calculation-not the trip computer's) in city. And this is on a 7 miles round trips (with 13 lights) to work daily. This past July 4th, we went down to Greensboro, NC, we got 29.6mpg (again my calculation) cruising at 70-75mph (using cruise control)with four adults, a trunk full of luggages, and the AC was blasting. Not too shabby, I think. ;)
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    No, I'm referring to the standard 3-series system. Doesn't one need to insert the fob into a slot on the dash before pushing the On button? What I'm wondering is if the system requires you to turn the engine off (with the button) before extracting the fob?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Perhaps, mrgold35 meant (overall) mpg, not just highway. There are 3Series owners who reported city mileage in mid teens."

    Really? Show me one. I used to commute in NYC metro area traffic, and did so for over five years it both a 3-Series and a 5-Series, and never once did my mileage dip below 22 mpg. The flip side of course is that both cars were easily able to achieve low to mid 30 mpg numbers on the highway running just south of 80 mph.

    Best Regards,
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