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Acura TSX vs. BMW 328i



  • Wow, your mileage is amazing.

    But, if you scroll down to the "BMW 3Series:Real World MPG" board, you'll see what I meant;

    kyfdx:15-18mpg "on grocery runs....."
    jjdow:"well under 20mpg without any aggressive driving..."
    benitocelli:"18-19mpg in city driving.....," and
    pattiluv: "12-14mpg in city.."

    Well, I guess, we can skip pattiluv's situation since her car has only 2000 miles. My cousin, a diehard BMW fan, who has the E46 3Series (and still owns a 3.0Z4 and 3.0X5) claims he can only get about 16-18mpg in city.

    Now, I'm not trying to dismiss your fact. But It's kind of funny that whenever gas mileage question comes up, someone would boast about the highway mileage of a BMW. Hey, that's wonderful. I'm all for it. But what about the rest of the story??? Do BMW owners only drive on highways??? :confuse:
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    20 and 24 in local type driving. Since I never commuted into Manhattan and sat on the FDR south rush hour, I can't comment about that type of driving.

    But locally I got those numbers. I started out by calculating the mileage never trusting the computer, but I found out the computer was fairly accurate.

    You know I guess it's that same story with hybrids. Some people expectations were much higher than what the car delivered, others got better mileage than they thought they would.

    My guess is the gas variations are due the differences the way people drive the car and they way they *report* they drive the car.

    For example, not to pick on grandmothers, one persons driving like a granny is another persons accelerating like a bat out of heck. So the guy that floors it at every light, might not be honest and complain about lousy real world mileage. But the guy who accelerates the same way and thinks he, "drives like a granny", grouses at the fact the mileage is lousy. Of course any car that is driven as if it had two speeds, on or off, will suffer lousy gas mileage...even hybrids. To top it off, the EPA tests are worthless as a common denominator.
  • My guess is the gas variations are due the differences the way people drive the car and they way they *report* they drive the car.

    Most definitely. Your point is well taken.

    I, for one, can "sometimes" be classified as a grandmother in term of city driving. Since my daily drive to work is relatively short, I take a long drive (~8 miles one way) on the interstate about once every month to loosen up the engine.

    The recent log book on Edmunds E90 330i longterm road test reveals only 27.7mpg at 80mph (using cruise control), and Blueguydotcom can attest to the same situation (28mpg at 75mph) with his E90.

    But, hey, there is nothing to cry about. A car this much fun to drive, who keeps logs of the mileage!?!?! ;)
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    kyfdx:15-18mpg "on grocery runs....."

    Well, I suppose a grocery run one mile to the store, and one mile back might very well yield this kind of mileage as the engine isn't warmed up.

    jjdow:"well under 20mpg without any aggressive driving..."

    Not buying. Admittedly both of my BMWs were ordered with a 5-Speed manual transmission and that may be the differentiating factor, however, no matter how hard I thrashed either car I never got the mileage below 20. Said another way, when I picked up my 530i in Munich I kept it below 100 mph (just) for the first 1,250 miles and then bumped the cruise control up to 130 mph. The OBC (which proved to be very accurate) was registering 24 mpg at that speed. If driving at a buck thirty doesn't qualify for thrashing my car then nothing does. ;-)

    benitocelli:"18-19mpg in city driving.....," and

    Sounds a bit low, however, if we're talking a car with a slush box I might believe it, especially if it was an E46 325i.

    pattiluv: "12-14mpg in city.."

    Even though it isn't broken in yet the mileage is WAY low. Said another way, there is something very wrong with that car.

    A year or two back on the 5-Series discussion there was a new owner of a used 530i 5-Speed who was getting low 20s on the highway. Everyone on the board kept telling her that her mileage was WAY low, and her mechanic (who didn't work for a dealership) kept saying that her mileage was typical. Stalemate.

    I finally suggested that she have her OBC reflashed with the latest firmware from BMW (only available from a BMW dealership). In spite of the fact that she was told the reflash would cost something like $150, she had them do the flash. Her mileage instantly shot up to nearly 30 on the highway. Vindication.

    Best Regards,
  • For my 2006 330Xi:

    Doesn't one need to insert the fob into a slot on the dash before pushing the On button? Yes

    What I'm wondering is if the system requires you to turn the engine off (with the button) before extracting the fob? Yes
  • Yes, whatever floats your boat.

    These are various city mileages that people get with their (old) 3Series. I can only wonder about the kind of mileage that the more powerful 335i and 328i will get.

    About a year or two ago, either Consumer Reports or one of the consumer-oriented groups (mag) did a mileage comparison test on a bunch of cars, SUV's, and minivans. If only someone can find a link to that report, then we will know how well the 3series did in term of OVERALL mileage.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Thanks for the info! Just one more question, if I may: so the fob cannot be physically removed from the dash with the engine still running?

    Thanks again.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Yes, whatever floats your boat."

    Ummm, I don't understand the context.

    "These are various city mileages that people get with their (old) 3Series."

    It seems that you've culled the worst of the worst to make your case, a tad disingenuous. Yes, no?

    "I can only wonder about the kind of mileage that the more powerful 335i and 328i will get."

    Driven at the same speeds as their lesser powered ancestors, I have no doubt that they will get nearly identical (if not better) mileage. Driven up to their full potential (i.e. driving them faster than their ancestors could go) I have no doubt that their mileage will be lower. Hey, it's the price of fun. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • bodble2,

    On my 2006 330Xi, I cannot remove the fob while the engine is running.

  • Ummm, I don't understand the context.
    Well, you seem to have every reasons why those mileage shouldn't have been that low.

    It seems that you've culled the worst of the worst to make your case, a tad disingenuous. Yes, no?
    May I,.....Ummm, I don't understand the context.

    You asked for reports which show that the (3Series) city mileage is in the teens, so I showed it.....the way people reported them. There are only 25 posts on the "BMW 3SERIES:REAL WORLD MPG" board, and only a few people reported their city mileage specifically; those that I showed you and gerapau (18-20MPG) and tropes (20-22mpg). So, according to those posts, only tropes is able to get above 20MPG in city.

    Again, I'm not out to disprove anybody. I just prefer to see a balance claim (read: overall) about the 3Series gas mileage. And until someone has the link to that unbiased mileage comparison test, we can't really know for sure.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Actually, this isn't the best place to get into detailed critiques of others' mileage.

    Let's get back to the subject. Those who want to continue this conversation should meet up in the 3-Series MPG discussion.


    (BTW, I'm just replying to the last message in the string - this is to all involved.)
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I'm thinking that the reason that the post numbers in the "Real-World Mileage Numbers" discussion are so low is that most of us 3-Series owners spent out time in the now defunct 3-Series discussions and didn't even know there was a discussion dedicated to fuel economy. That said, I've been contributing in the various 3-Series discussions since 1998 and have read pretty much all of the 50,000 plus posts since that time. While I don't think there is a good way to prove this, it is my bet that there are literally hundreds of mileage related posts in those discussions, and it is very much the rare post that claims economy less than 20.

    Thinking about this from a different perspective, one of the long time contributors to the E46 3-Series discussions, a certain brave1heart routinely races his 2001 325i, going so far as to run in the One-Lap of America (and doing so well that he was the highest placed E46 325i, beating out many M3s and other superior hardware in the process) series last year. I'll send him a message to confirm this, however, IIRC, he once made a post suggesting that he was getting somewhere around 15 mpg while racing. Not too shabby.

    I'll keep y'all posted. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Oops! I was writing my reply when you wrote your redirection. Sorry about that. :blush:

    Best Regards,
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Thanks, Bruce! I guess that's a foolproof measure to ensure one cannot inadvertently walk off with the engine running. But it does beg the question, why did BMW bother with this system vs. a standard ignition key?! It seems there's only a negligible improvement in convenience in that you don't need to turn the key, but just push a button. Unless there is more to the system than what I'm aware of. :confuse:
  • Well, I have an interesting update to my story. Back in September my lease was coming up on my 2004 325i and I ultimately decided to get a 2006 TSX AT w/ Nav. I liked the car, it was definitely good looking, drove pretty well and had excellent features. I really enjoyed the nav with XM and the Bluetooth was the best. The thing was, I was definitely going to miss my 325. This was evident right away when I was at teh dealership and the sales associate I was working with asked if I was excited as he was handing me the new keys to which I replied, "Yeah, I guess so." I really liked the TSX, but I never "bonded" with it. That may sound really lame, but I love driving and I just couldn't connect with my TSX. It felt like I was driving someone else's car. On top of this, I just couldn't take curves quite as fast confidently and, although they've done a lot with front wheel drive, I really felt the torque steer. I also found myself saddened a bit every time I saw someone else in a 3-Series...not to mention my co-workers got tired of hearing me say how much I missed my Bimmer.

    So Saturday I finally decided, after 5+ months of liking teh TSX, but missing the hell out of my 3, it was time to change back. I just picked up a 2007 328i and am unhealthily in love with my car again. I know this isn't what an Acura message group wants to hear, but I guess it's the point of these forums.

    So basically, if you're looking for a lot of standard features and cool bells and whistles for your dollar along with a pretty good ride, the TSX cannot be really can't. BUT, if you are a serious driving enthusiast and would rather have the power, handling, and smoothest ride out there, the 328 is the way to go...without a doubt. Take it from a born-again Bimmer-fan.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421

    And this isn't just an Acura discussion, it's a comparison including a Bimmer, so your comment is most appropriate and welcome! :)
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    congratulations on getting the car you love. I probably love my tsx as much as you love your bimmer. I do alot of driving- nc to nj and back alot. For me my06 6 spd w/nav is just what I want. I am not out to win any races- had my share of cars with turbo's. I am glad for you as I am sure your co-workers are too. Happy motoring!!!!!!!!My only suggestion is manual transmission is the way to go
  • Actually, I had gone to the dealer with the intention of getting a manual. I had one on my 325 and was looking forward to it again. Believe it or not, they did not have a single MT on their lot. Oh well. While not the same, the steptronic is there and decent. i woulda loved to try it out with an MT though. Oh well...maybe next time. My fiance keeps reminding me anyway that I won't want to worry about shifting when I've got a screaming kid in the backseat....yikes.

    By the way, I've made the NJ to NC trip many times. I'm from north jersey, went to school at UNC - Chapel Hill, and now live in Charlotte. Pretty nice drive.
  • I was debating between the Saab and BMW with the cost advantage clearly pointing to Saab but I recently test drove the Jetta GLI and I'm impressed. While the GLI doesn't have the prestige of a luxury brand it is very competitve in terms of features and performance. I drive an Altima now so any of these three marks a big change for me. Any comments to steer me in the right directtion would be appreciated.
  • In my opinion Saab is out of the question because of the horrible resale value. I shopped in the same segment and my final choice was the VW GTI which is practically a GLI without the trunk.If you want a fun car for not too much money you should go for a base GLI (sells for about 23000 after discount)but if you want to spend more,a base 328i with sport package would be a better choice than a loaded GLI. My advice is to get the VW (you get the most car for 23000)but not for the price of a BMW. Good luck with your decision.
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