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Pontiac Grand Am: Fix or Trade???



  • thanks yeah a-b is drive to your job and back home nothing more.
  • Depending on your problem with your signals it could be as simple as the selenoid (right term?) located behind the ETS/Hazard buttons. It cost me $75 including labour to get this replaced and I have never had a problem with the signals since then.
  • the starting problem sounds like the one i had (key word had) the passlock system was keeping the car from starting. so i figured out that it was a tumbler in the key hole was sticking or something too that effect. i put some graphite lube in my key hole and ran the key back-n-forth a couple of times to make sure it lubed up everything in there have not had problem happin agin .... (knock on wood)good luck
  • dakneldaknel Posts: 1
    I've been having problems with my 93 Grand Am for awhile now. I'm not a wiz when it comes to cars and what the problems are but I do know something is wrong with mine. I have a 3300 Engine if that helps at all.

    Anyway, I first started noticing something wans't right when I drove it one day a few months back and it started making this rattle like sound when I would push on the gas pedel. It started out faint but the more I'd push down and the faster I'd go the louder the rattle would get. After awhile it started acting even weirder. I would be pulling out of somewhere and it would act like it wasn't getting any gas into the engine. I would push all the way down on the pedel and nothing.. then a second later it would jerk back into excelorating again.

    There were also a few times it would just die when I had to stop at a stop sign and then id put it in park and start it up again and it would start just fine but then it would start reving itself like someone had their foot on the gas pedel but I didn't. I took it to a shop here in my town and they said they couldn't find what it was. So I left and it started doing that thing where id push on the gas and it'd act like nothing was being pumped into the engine then I heard a :ting: kinda noise and it started back excelorating again. I didn't have a problem with it agian till like a 3 months later. Now its making that horrid rattling noise when i push on the gas and it dies again when I slow down or come to a complete stop. I've also noticed when i start it up and put it in park it acts like it struggles to keep a steddy idle sound. it keeps acting making sounds like its about to die when its idle.

    I really don't know what is going on and the people at the shop here have no answers. Hopefully someone can help me? Could it be the fuel pump?
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