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How to replace power window regulator on a Buick Rendezvous?



  • The dealer list price was $40.14 each, but they sold them to me for $33.45 each. It was higher than the gmparts website, but when you figure shipping, it's an even wash.

    These are a little sturdier than the factory originals, so if they last a long time, I'll be happy.

    Thanks again for your advice.
  • The advice here was spot on but just some additions to those who have minimal experience doing this type of thing or just overly obsessive. When you are taking off the panel depending what you use, you may scratch the paint so wrap any sharp object with duct tape before prying it off.
    Be careful taking the window, locks and speaker connections. Make sure you have someone to hold the panel while you disconnect. (Mine actually pulled out of the connection but I was able to save it.)
    I was able to take the switch out of the door panel and test it before putting it together.
    Before you take the regulator out, make sure the barrels the the clips attach to are in the lowered position before removing. Mine were wedged to the top and I had to put it together again to bring it down.
    I put duct tape on the paint over the small speaker as when you put it on the paint can get scratched by the small clip by the speaker.
    If you hook up the window switch with the panel off, you can raise and lower the clips to make it easier to tighten them to the window.
    One of my clips were put together wrong. The black plastic piece was put on wrong (backwards) I had to really work totake it apart and turn it around. Make sure the pieces are correct. You will not be able to put it on if it's incorrect.
    Sorry no pics but it's my wife's and I wanted my car back and she her's so no fooling around taking pics. Any questions let me know.
  • Does anyone have the correct Part # for the Front drivers side window regulator. I got a Part # for one from here but sent me a rear Pass. side regulator So i guess the part # that was listed here was wrong thanks for any help
  • tal35tal35 Posts: 3
    What are the part number for the 2 clips on the driver side front? Also the passenger side front.
  • mel42mel42 Posts: 1
    I had a friend replace the window guides on my 2004 Rendevouz, after he installed them the window would come up, yhe problem now is that the vehicle won't even start, it will not turn at all and nothing else is working to include a new satelite radio that I had just purchased and had install by Car toys.
    Any advice will be geatly appreciated, I checked all the fuses and they seem to be fine. Please advise. I hate to go to the dealer because they will charge an arm and a leg and besides I cannot even get the car started not even when I put as jumper to it.
  • I have read through this discussion and I am having an issue that hasn't been window is stuck up thank god...and wont go down...but the motor is running when I press the that the clips or more than likely the regulator?? :sick:
  • aikideshiaikideshi Posts: 1
    Hey Mel, same thing happened to me when I replaced our little clips. worked like a champ through mounting/testing, then put the door back in place and...whammy. Dead electrical system. Did you ever get an answer on this?
  • flyingcolflyingcol Posts: 1
    Thanks all you guys and gals, I read with interest and bought the 2 parts from dealer ( $100 approx )( incl the dreaded tax! )

    Only needed the back one it went on like a dream, then I broke the front one, it became more nightmare than dream. If I was an orangutan with 4 foot arms and a babies fingers it would be easy. but I found it was easier if I undid reguator and moved it to the rear, it gave more room to fit the clip on the small wire piece and then swivel the whole thing back to clip on the arm before replacing.

    Next problem I have no roof rack just the gutters, can I fit any old bars and towers if so wherefrom or do I have to pay the price of GM and help out their bankruptcy! ;)
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    You have aftermarket options for roof racks - Yakima, Thule, Barrecrafters and Malone are rack companies that I can think of off-hand. Not all of them may make clips to fit your Rondy.

    GM may be cheaper than some of these brands though. :cry:

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  • I need help before I smash this bleeping thing!
    Drivers side window will not come back up, and now I'm starting to have trouble with the window on the same side extended cab - but @ least I got it back up.
    This morning I was trying to remove the drivers door inner panel, took out the two bottom 6 mm bolts, & then removed the two 8 mm door handle bolts. Started to remove in panel but stopped because it seemed like I was going to break some thing. Is there more to it to remove this panel?
    I just wanna look inside & see if I can find the trouble.
    Please does any one have any advice other than burn the truck? lol
    Thankx people...
  • jwolzjwolz Posts: 1
    Okay...I've scanned through the 94 previous messages in this forum about Rendezvous power windows and, based on what several of you have said, this is something that can be repaired by the owner (me) and I can probably avoid the dealiership. A lot of the discussion in the previous messages related to "clips" and I'm hoping that replacement of broken clips will resolve my problem. But before I go to the trouble of taking the door apart, let me just describe what the window does and doesn't do. First off, it does not go up and down when I push the button (duh). It will, however, slide up and down if I put the window between my palms and push it up and down. Also, the window will slide up and down "crooked" (that is, not evenly). Is this consident with broken clips? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.
  • sciguy85sciguy85 Posts: 45
    Yes, It sounds like it. I did take the door panel off to check myself to be sure. I did purchase the clips from the recommended place (I'm not sure but I think it was in Florida). One of the clips I thought at first was wrong but it was put together backwards (good old GM) and I was able to fix it and it worked great for less than $150 for both windows. Took me about 2 1/2 hours to do both but I am a slow and analyzing type person. Take your time, take pictures before you take it apart and as you do it just in case. Good luck.
  • :shades: I just wanted to thank you!! I just replaced the clips on the drivers side saving myself 300 dollars. After reading your post and everyone elses I got the courage to try it. I am also a female and found once I knew what I was doing it was fairly easy... Now to tackle the wheel bearing.. ok maybe not. Little scary :-) :shades:
  • You will be fine with the wheel bearing, if you take your time and lay all the parts down as you remove them. Biggest pain is the center nut that holds the axle on, it takes some leverage to get get it off. Plus the three bolts that hold it on from behind sometimes do get a little frozen ( I had to use a propane tourch to heat knuckle and then backed the bolts out)

    Just did the A/C condenser this past weekend, not too bad, but there were some pain bolts and nuts, plus you do need someone to help you move the engine forward after you are done to attach the engine mounts, and it essentially requires you removing just about everything to get the condenser out. But in the end, I estimate that total parts cost me about $225-$250. Plus I changed my oil, replaced the oil filter, and replaced all the old coolant in radiatior. Really ned to change plugs and wires. Anyone know how to replace the plugs in the back (the ones against the firewall)????
  • Hey everyone! I am going through your posts and I am encouraged that my husband and I who are not mechanics, can figure this out. I found a website that had pictures from a man who got all of his information from here! For anyone who would like to see. My question is...I just emailed the people because they have the clip I want. However he emailed me back and said I would need two clips for one window...a front and a rear. Is this correct? It is our front passenger window that is broken. And the reason I wanted pics, is because our clip broke off and was laying in the bottom of the door when we opened it so we have no idea what it had looked like before!!! :confuse: The regulator...I don't know what that is. Is it the motor that propells the window? Does everything have to come off (as in regulator, speakers etc) to replace or just the panel so the barrel on the wire thing we clip to is exposed? Any info is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Thanks :)
  • how do I remove the door int. panel, pass side front. Window was frozen up and we kept hiting the pwr button until it broke, stupid hahn. Now the motor runs up and down but the glass is not connected. Can you explain how to remove cover, is there any special tools I need such as to pop clips, and do you have any idea what happend, what broke. Thanks, robertbob1
  • The below is copied from a previous post (#36) on the subject.

    This will be easier with a pop clip tool.
    Then a lot a patience to remove the electrical connectors.
    Then a blade to slice through the adhesive holding the plastic sheeting behind the door panel.
    Then your standard ratchet and wrenches.

    The clips are plastic; so they age and evetually fail...

    Give yourself at least three hours daylight (and warmth) to get this done.

    Buick Rendezvous (and maybe Pontiac Aztek) Window Regulator Clip Replacement $40 total!!!
    After having our driver window stop working 4 months after buying our Rendezvous and the dealer wanting $275 for the whole motor/regulator/clip assembly I decided to look around for a replacement. led me to 3 different salvage yards, all telling me the same thing as the dealer, the clips cannot be purchased separately but they would be glad to sell me the whole setup for $100.
    I said ok 3 times....
    The first salvage yard called me after i placed the order and said they had broke the clips removing it from the door.
    The second salvage yard could not find the door....ya, it disappeared! the whole door!
    The third was going to be the charm, after a week I called them and they said they had broke the clips also.
    I was content with the door panel off and my 1x4 with a notch holding the window up....but the boss said she didnt want to drive a ghetto vehicle.
    Then 3 weeks ago the passenger door clips broke! Talk about a total POS design flaw.
    So internet searching led me to the Buick forums where I found the part numbers for the clips.
    I ended up spending $80.45 for 4 clips, (2 for each door), shipped to my house
    Since my clips were broke in about 12 pieces I had no idea how to replace them....but about an hour later both side were done.
    Here are some pictures to help the next person with this project (and probably me again before its paid off)
    Part numbers and references at bottom of page

    Here is the passenger side regulator removed from the door....I think about 5 10mm bolts held it on.

    Here is the small "barrel" that snaps into the clip and moves it up and down the window.

    The clip slides on the track first

    Then slide the clip over the regulator and lock it in place (you can kind of notice the slot for the barrel)

    Once the clip is locked on, line up the barrel and push it in with a screwdriver

    The barrel is locked in place

    Driver side ready
    So your ready to try it yourself? I would say most people with a little brain can do this with no problem.
    The clips can be found at
    The left part number is #15286776 and the right is #15286777
    Thanks to the guys (and gals) at
  • Yes, you need two clips. There is a forward and an aft clip (or left & right depending on how you are facing the door). Look at post #101and #36 of this thread for more info...
  • Thanks for the help with my 04 rondevous window. No I dont have the part #s and Im assuming no point in disasembling until have parts. If you could provide #s that would be great. I heard the dealer does not sell just clips but they are ava, is this true and do you no where and cost. The glass was stuck up and we forced it down by pressing the button until it broke lose. The motor is still running up and down do you think I just need clips? Thanks again for all your help, robertbob1
  • Check out the link / info at post # 36.

    The clips can be found at

    The left part number is #15286776 and the right is #15286777.

    These are basically forward and aft part numbers. Order them both. Then, when you get yours disasembled you can see which part number will fit where on the assembly. But yes, wait until you have them...

    I'm no auto mechanic by any stretch, and this was not that hard - kinda monkey see monkey do in matching piece to piece... Just remember to practice your patience ;) ;)
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