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Honda CR-V Winter Driving



  • Go with the All Wheel Drive (AWD) model if you're in an area that gets snow.

    FWD with traction control will only get you so far.
    I have driven both FWD and AWD and the AWD is much better in the snow. :)
  • I live north of Boston, Ma and have 1998 Olds Intrigue with FWD and traction control. Never had an issue getting stuck on ice or snow. I leave the traction control on all the time.

    Considering a 2007 Honda CRV or Rav4 and not sure if I should go with the AWD or FWD with traction control. The AWD has a little extra weight and slightly lower gas mileage. I don't do off roading.

    Anyone have any input to help me with my decision.

  • We have a Odyssey with traction control. I just got my CRV EX-L AWD yesterday and we are having real foul winter weather in the upper mid-west and I was amazed how much more stable the AWD. I strongly recommend you doing a test drive on a snowy day to see the advantage of AWD. I had a breeze driving through snow today.
  • Snow?? No problem, Yes they are good with stock tire which is BF Goodrich (Maryland area).
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