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Honda Fit Lighting and Electrical Questions



  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    You don't actually need to have the blue light can go right ahead and drive. However, it is definitely a good idea to keep the rpms low and avoid lots of harsh driving when the engine is cold...true of any car.
  • cdnfitcdnfit Posts: 7
    Because of the forum comments about the headlights, before delivery I had the dealer adjust the headlights 2 notches above the specified setting.

    I can see quite well at night with low beam, the signs are illuminated, and no oncoming vehicle has complained about the lights being too high.

    I have tried the Silverstars (North American Sylvania model) on a previous vehicle and my particlular ones burned out extremely quickly and I didn't notice much difference in visibility. I was tempted to return them to the store because they burned out so quickly - but I didn't think the store would have too much sympathy with me.


    In conclusion, just have the dealer adjust the lights to specs and if that doesn't work then go a couple notches higher.
  • pdjacobpdjacob Posts: 7
    Regarding headlamps on lowbeam, thanks for the suggestions. I was stunned the first time I drove at night and on hilly terrain. I couldn't believe I had not seen this issue in the forums I read before purchasing the vehicle. But now that I'm looking for the issue, I see it in the forums. I just left a message with my dealer requesting they adjust the lamps. It IS dangerous, and I don't understand Honda's reasoning behind the extremely limited range of light on low beam. Any clues? Other than that issue, I am loving my one-week-old Fit.
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    Some were complaining that you can't see far engouh ahead, or that the signs on the sign of the road are hard to read. There are washers with teeth adjacent with the blbs that you can rotate to change the angle of the light. There was a link to a diagram earlier. The passenger-side washer you can see in plain site. The driver side one is access through a hole in the black plastic, then through another hole. Also, IIRC, turn them counter clockwise to raise them. I of the sets of instructions had it backwards. Park 100 ft from a dark wall when you adjust so you can see the changes.
  • I think it all depends on whether you're standing behind the headlight, or in front of the headlight, whether or not you would call it "clockwise", or "counter-clockwise."

    Here's a diagram, that may help:

    Some have suggested that you mark your phillips-head screwdriver, and count the number of times you rotate the screwdriver. That didn't work for me, because the screwdriver would slip sometimes, and I wouldn't get a proper count. It was also hard to keep track of the screwdriver mark, while trying to keep an eye on how far up the headlight beam was working its way up my brick wall.

    I found it easiest to place a mark on the edge of the "gear", and then keep track of the number of times it spun around instead. I was running about 12 wrist twists of the screwdriver, to make one full rotation of the "gear."
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    that diagram makes it seem like there are two adjusters of each side. Is that right? One for hi and lo beams? Also, that diagram is misleading because you go at the washer from the side, not straight down through a hole. Right? I'll have to double check later today.
  • I think the original diagram came from a non-US/Canada car, so it's probably different from ours. If you go back and take a look now, I've just replaced the diagram with an actual picture of my car, with a screwdriver sticking out of the "gear", for clarity.

    The label that you see, showing "Up (left arrow)" and "Down (right arrow)" refers to the direction that you should see the gear teeth moving, as viewed from the top of the gear. So, for the headlights to move "Up", the gear moves left.

    On the driver's side, you have to rotate the screwdriver, so that you get the same effect (gear rotating to the left, as viewed from the top, to raise the headlights):

    This is what lurks beneath the plastic shield on the driver's side. It really makes it a pain in the butt to see what's going on, underneath it. You can also see where I marked the gear, and added the left/up, right/down sticker:

    I hope I haven't confused anyone, more than they may already be! :surprise: :blush:
  • The Fit manual says that when the maintenance minder comes on (signalling time for an oil change, for instance) that "This indicator goes off when your dealer resets it after completing the required maintenance service."

    Does that mean ONLY the dealer can reset it?

    Does that mean if I change my own oil or have a non-dealer mechanic change it that the indicator will remain on?

    Or is there some way for a non-dealer to reset the indicator?

    I would be very, very annoyed if I HAD to go to a Honda dealer to turn the indicator off
  • It should allow you to do it yourself. I haven't tried, but I am wondering if you just hold the button down (like resetting the trip odometer) when the oil change section is showing.
  • On our 2001/2002 Civics, you would begin with your car shut off. Press and hold the select/reset button in the instrument panel, then turn the ignition switch ON (but don't start it!). Keep holding down the button, until it beeps, and the message goes away (about 10 seconds).

    The Fit reset may work in the same way - may not.
  • If I'm not mistaken the owners manual tells you how to reset your maintenance minder for those who do there own maintenance. Look it up.
  • "Look it up." Me-ow! :(

    Well... Here's the procedure, from the 2007 Honda Fit owner's manual (which I did not have with me, at the time of my earlier post):

    If maintenance service is done by someone other than your dealer, reset the maintenance minder as follows:
    Turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position.
    Press the Select/Reset knob repeatedly until the engine oil life is displayed.
    Press the Select/Reset knob for about 10 seconds. The engine oil life and the maintenance item code(s) will blink.
    Press the Select/Reset knob for another 5 seconds. The maintenance item code(s) will disappear, and the engine oil life will reset to ‘‘100.’’
  • Thank you.

    My mistake was that I took the manual's directive on oil changes to have the dealer reset the Maintenance Minder as meaning that dealers need to reset it. So I didn't look how to do it myself in the manual until after I posted.
  • rsharprsharp Posts: 103
    I finally drove my week old Fit at night on a dark two lane road...YIKES! I thought maybe people were over-reacting to the headlight settings. But after a few miles I switched to the brights because I couldn't see a darn thing. Not only is this annoying but I feel it is downright dangerous. It was amazing how bad the visibility was. I called the dealer immediately and I am making them adjust the lights. Beware all Fit buyers, have the body shop adjust your lights before you ever leave the lot.

    Other than that issue the Fit has been everything I expected it to be.
  • fit_nessfit_ness Posts: 58
    Please report this on your owner's survey. This is a safety issue. I almost hit a bicyclist after taking it back to the dealer and being told the headlights were adjusted properly. They did not even make signs or any reflectors reflect. After that scare, I took matters into my own hands and raised them myself. All is well.
  • dgfitdgfit Posts: 8
    I was able to raise the headlight levels easily and quickly thanks to some of the photos and advice on the fit forums.....but another question....when you see the headlights 'on' a considerable amount if the focused central beam seems to be shining not out directly in front of the car but is aimed at the outer edge of the forward reflector light [yellow]! In fact, you can see some of the light being reflected back...which means this is wasted in addition to being responsible, possibly, for some inadvertant windshield glare. I could find no adjustment whel or gear as is clearly evident for the up/down adjustments. Any advice, besides 'take it to the dealer' which will probably be answered by 'that is the way it is supposed to be'? Is this a problem? I think it is but looking for other answers......BTW, 40 mpg plus in numerous hiway trips even from the 1st and w/o 'idle learn' which I did anyays after 9 K miles or so....usual 35-36 psi [max COLD limit is 51 psi in the 15" tires] 65-70 mph [even better 2500 rpm or just a notch below that in ANY conditions to cruise at], limit AC, etc. Thanks in advance!
    Don G
    Atlanta GA
  • The Fuel Cap warning indicator came on with my Fit one time. I believe tightening the cap too quickly caused it. The light did go off in a few days, after I tightened it slowly. :)
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Driving with the blue light on is just fine. It's really there just to let you know that if you try to turn on the heater, you're not going to get any hot air blowing from the vents...duh. But you don't have to just sit there in idle until the blue light goes off. The actual engine components will heat up a lot faster than the engine coolant, so you can just drive normally as soon as you start the car...but don't expect any heat right away.
  • Do it yourself is great except that I can't figure out how to get at the bulbs to replace them.
    Tried removing the two obvious 10mm bolts figuring that the headlamp assembly would lift or hinge out but no go. What is the replacement trick?
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