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Scion xB Windshield cracks

justginajustgina Posts: 7
Has anyone had their windshield crack yet? The tiniest pebble hit my windshield just under the windshield wipers and I could literally watch the crack get longer and longer as I was driving the car. I know everyone in Texas drives around with cracked windshields, but I just bought this car and I am so upset.


  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    An unusually high percentage of xB owners experience cracked windshields. Usually a pebble impact is known to be the cause. Sometimes a pebble causes a chip, from which a crack later spreads. Sometimes people report cracks with no apparent cause, but it is likely there was an unnoticed chip to start the crack.

    The xB is probably prone to windshsield damage and cracking partly because of the relatively vertical angle of the glass, and possibly because of a relative weakness of the OEM glass itself, and possibly because of some stressing of the glass by flexing of the boxy body.

    To avoid windshield cracks, it is important to avoid vehicles and roads that can cause rock damage. Stay far away from gravel trucks and equipment haulers where every bump can dislodge more stones. Don't follow anything if there is gravel on the road.

    When replacing the windshield, many people report that Pilkington does not fit well and has wavy places, PPG is OK, while Fuyao is the best with a perfect fit, a better gasket, better optical quality and resists impacts better.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    I had to replace my rear window about 3 months after I got it. A rock hit it from the other side of the highway.
  • miamaxmiamax Posts: 5
    I also have recently noticed a small pit in my windshield that is beginning to grow larger. Can I ask what anyone might have paid to replace or repair their windshield's on the XB?
    much thanks!
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    I have heard costs from the low 200's to the high 300's. In my state windshield replacement is automatically covered by insurance.
    My 1991 Mazda truck has had two windshields replaced due to rock strikes. They were hard hits with cracks radiating from the impact point. The xB evidently can have a tiny pit that later develops a single crack that grows long. And the xB can also have cracks with no apparent cause, which leads to speculation that they are stress cracks caused by the body flexing.
  • Mine cracked the 2nd day! On top of that I wasn't even driving. I was showing my friend the car when the crack started coming from the side, right against the frame and traveled horizontally across the windshield about 2 inches then turned and went straight down about another 8 inches. Looks like there may be an issue with their windshields.
  • I've only had my xB a month and haven't made my first payment. From the complaints I've read, I think there may be a defect in the design. Toyota needs to step up to the plate and tell us what the problem is. Maybe the windshields are just really cheap.
  • When a crack starts spontaneously and spreads as you watch in the driveway, there must be a stress being imposed on the glass by the body. The glass may be thin (cheap), but there also seems to be a design flaw. Perhaps the light, flimsy box flexes and puts too much stress on the large thin piece of glass spanning the front end.
  • I was at work all day, then came out to observe that my 2006 Scion XB had a crack from the top of the glass up by the rear-view mirror, leading down about 10 inches, then turning toward the passenger side. I do not recall any trauma to the glass which may have caused the crack to happen. My Scion is about a month old and has about 2200 miles on it.

    I've called the Scion Customer Experience number to open a ticket with them.
  • Please keep us informed as to what Scion did/said.
  • I've had my xB for 16 days/900 miles and a piece of gravel on the freeway split my windshield. The pit is only 1/32" deep, but the glass instantly had a split about 4" long. I started calling the dealership two hours later and found that the split had grown to about 14" long and stopped right in front of the steering column. The dealer told me to put tape on the window to halt the spread of the crack (it worked). During my call to the dealer, someone in the background said "Cracked windshield? Is it an xB?" I eventually was referred to Scion's customer care line and got a reference number for the call. I'm supposed to get an answer by the end of tomorrow.

    Apparently Scion considers the windshield a non-warranty item. The other non-warranty items are oil filters, brake pads, etc. So am I supposed to replace my windshield every 2 weeks? How is it that my 35 year old Datsun has the original factory glass and has lots of gravel pits on it, yet the xB can't take a single hit? Clearly this is a design flaw. Even my 1983 Celica could take a hit pretty well. Toyota is slipping on this detail. It's time to step up. :(
  • Having been in the car business for over 20 yrs. (yep one of THEM) Manufacturers will often cover stress cracks as long as there is no sign of a rock chip present that could cause the crack.

    As up on Customer Satisfaction as Toyota/scion seems to be, one should just have to PRESS the issue.

    Besides they frequently monitor sights like this to see what people are saying so if they tick you off say so. And of course if they take care of you also say so.

    My .02
  • improvimprov Posts: 5
    I took mine back to Beaman Toyota in Nashville where the regional customer satisfaction guy took a .03 millesecond look at my windshield and concluded that it was a rock chip that caused my windshield crack after 2000 miles. I would suggest that the best way to avoid having a cracked windshield with your Scion XB is to park it in the garage and take another car when you want to go on any trip away from the house. I'm really upset that I will have to pay $300 for another windshield....what then? Will I get another 2000 miles on it before another crack happens? Toyota really needs to step up on this one!
  • I think I have made some progress with Scion. Their customer experience line is (866) 707-2466. It takes a couple minutes to get through the computer system the first time, but once you get a case going and find out who is working your case, you can go directly to their 5 digit extension within 5-10 seconds.

    The person handling my case was very good on the phone. She seemed sympathetic and agreed that 16 days is a pretty short time to get such a dramatic crack, so I think I have a shot at getting somewhere with Scion. I took a variety of photos today and e-mailed the best ones to her. She is referring the case to a 'specialist' and is sending this person my pictures. I am supposed to get a response in two business days, which would be Friday afternoon or Monday morning, I guess. I will post again when I have more to tell...

    In the mean time, the tape is halting the crack's progress. I am using crystal clear packing tape, since the crack is right in my field of vision. I wasted several inches of it to get a piece with no dust or lint on it, then stuck one end of it on the windshield in a small spot and used a credit card to squeegee it down. I carefully lifted the ends to avoid leaving fingerprints and trimmed with a pair of good scissors and squeegeed the ends down. 15-20 lbs of pressure seemed to be enough; I didn't want to make the crack worse by pushing any harder. Incidentally, it is illegal to drive a car with a cracked windshield in California, but fix-it tickets are only $10 when cleared and the cops here usually have more important things worry about.
  • i can't believe i waited so long to tune back in to the forum.

    my windshield cracked, with no one in the car, and NO CHIP. it had less than 2000 miles when it happened. it came from the passenger side at the seal about half way up the window, and travelled in toward the driver's side horizontally then took a turn 90 degrees upward and then 90 degrees toward the diver's side again.

    I IMMEDIATELY CALLED THE DEALER and asked if anyone else had this same issue. mind you i bought the car from kerry scion in florence, ky. they claim the car sells itself and they can't keep them in stock- no one seemed to have reported a similar incident. THE SERVICE TECH LAUGHED AT ME OVER THE PHONE!

    they told me it was from a chip, over the telephone. he didn't even see it and was sure it was road rash. well of course there was no chip. i took a ballpoint pen like he told me and followed the crack and no chip!

    now here are some other possibilities: i had driven off the pavement onto a grass parking lot(at less than 5 mph i'm sure). perhaps it tweaked the frame a little. perhaps the frame is too forgiving for twisting torque movement? and then about 2 weeks later, i had parked the car most of the way under a carport, where the front 2/3 was shaded as the sun rose that morning but the back 1/3 had sun shining on it. maybe the temperature difference did something funky? which i doubt because i had the front windows down a couple of inches each. :confuse:

    you bet i'll be giving my dealer a run for the money, with all the other testimony to back up my claim!
  • Laughed at you? Ouch! Sounds like you need to call the Scion customer experience number and get a case going.
  • lalo4lalo4 Posts: 1
    My Scion is a '04. I recently acquired a crack from some sort road debris and I contacted Scion. They said that this is a known problem that will be remedied in the '08 redesign. Great for new Scion owners but what about the safety issue with the '04-'07 models?
    I was told that they have a Goodwill Assist program to help with windshield replacement and that I would receive a call in one business day about my claim. No one calles and they still haven't .
    So ... I made a complaint on the NHTSA website, Govenor's office of consumer affairs and Clark Howard. I am hoping that maybe this will get us some saaistance.
    I love my xB . I just think that we all bought these in good faith. They should do something to help us. This is a safety hazard and costly.
  • improvimprov Posts: 5
    Hey, please let us know what happens with this....maybe we could get enough people on board to get a recall on this.
  • In November 2005 a crack appeared in the lower half of the driver's side glass. Within a day or so the crack lengthened from a few inches to 2/3 across the middle of the glass.
    There are no evident hits anywhere near the crack.
    A tiny stone hit the glass about a week after we bought the car and another after the crack in question.
    I asked at the service center and they said it was from a stone without even looking at it.
    I believe it is a stress crack owing to the size and angle of the glass from wind pressure.
    They deny this and I think they are full of crap.

  • guestguest Posts: 774
    Just an update to let you all know how it turned out with Scion.
    Well, for starters, they are now saying that it is a design "characteristic" that makes the car suseptible to cracks and that the redesign has nothing to do with this problem.
    So... They are not wiling to do anything for us. I have taken it to the next level. I am now knocking on Toyota Usa's door. We shall see what happens.
  • My 3 month old XB developed a crack overnight. I took it to the dealer yesterday and asked for the manager. He took out what must have been a 10x magnafying glass as though he were about to cut a diamond and after a couple of seconds said "yep" there's the chip" I cannot believe all of us are developing microscopic chips strategically placed along the rubber of the windshield. I do believe the windshields are flawed, but if I'm going to have to suffer a crack like that and pay $250 to replace it, at least let me have the satisfaction of hearing a rock hit the window or seeing the damned chip that caused it without using a microscope!! Anyway they refused to repair it under warranty. They claimed they never heard of any problems with the XB windshields. That's when I pulled out my folder full of internet claims of others with the same problem. Then he told me to come back in 2 weeks and leave my car all day so the factory rep could look at it. I then called the customer service line and opened a claim, they are supposed to call me today. I'm thinking what's the point, I may as well go ahead and replace it. So much for the gas savings I thought I could get when I bought this car. Can you believe I went from a BMW X5 to a SCION XB just to be treated like this? Unreal! :mad: Please keep us informed of your progress.
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