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Scion xB Windshield cracks



  • Not that anyone should have to, but there is a product called diamond or crystal fusion that comes with a warranty (up to 5yrs I think, replacement and labor included) that increases the strength of the glass significantly. Additional nice side effects are glare reduction and for the first few weeks a slick glass effect that wicks away water. Depending on where you are it costs a couple to a few hundred dollars and yes I realize it should not be needed but it is there and is offered by some dealerships. As a personal testimony a large chunk of ice flew off the top of an 18wheeler, like in slow motion I saw it flip and rotate several times while airborne. I was on I95 with no chance to brake or change lanes without possibly causing an accident and braced for what was surely going to be my windshield getting cracked at best or run through at worst or so I thought. @ impact I was white knuckled and saw/heard the impact. Nothing. No chip, no crack. Just ice pebbles all over my windshield. I'm sure it doesn't stop everything and perhaps even if not on it would have done no different. No way to tell. But after that my belief is it was worth every penny.
  • I've had my windshield replaced so many times using aftermarket glass and it still gets the "crack". It's not the glass, it's the way the braces were made that hold the glass in place. There is too much tension being put on the sides and center of the window because the brackets were made incorrectly. I have an in with some glass guys. They told me all about the problems with the Xb. Hell, I keep them in business, after all!
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    well if 212 people on here are having the same problem, and about 1 out of 10 take the time to complain, and another 50% of Scion XB buyers aren't even aware of this forum or what potentially lies ahead, I'd say they have a structural/safety issue that needs to be dealt with. time to man up, they got our money, we deserve to drive a car without being in fear of a pebble! I heard every single claim you make is entered into a database, whether small or large, and alot of your premiums (from claims) are based on these figures, whether the windshield cost you out of pocket or will down the road. I really like the car, but I dont like me or my ins paying for the consequences of their inferior design flaw. Where is a fearless attorney with integrity not getting his bread buttered by Big Money? I want him!
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    hondadave where can you find a good strut bar and get it installed? lady owner
    here, thanks! also I noticed on the NHTSA site no mention of the windshield complaints! got a few little chips, debating as to fix them...
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,423
    Can't go wrong with the factory one. Don't get a cheap one on Ebay.
  • The only one(1) piece strut bar that I know of is made by Toyota Racing Developement - TRD. It can be purchased a Toyota Dealers. They can also install it.
    Thanks, David
  • So I bought a used 2004 Scion xB. When I bought it, the guy who sold it to me said that he had gotten the windshield replaced and he thought that they didn't seal it well so it might leak once the rain sets in (it was summer). Sure enough, it leaked with no visible cracks. I just got the windshield replaced (after paying someone to attempt to reseal the one that came on it when I bought it) and it's leaking more than ever, this time from more locations (top right hand side). When they put in the new glass they said they didn't see any problems that would've caused a leak. Needless to say, it's not under warranty from Toyota and I am worried it's a big issue. Can anyone tell me what a fix is for this? I've seen some discussion about the frame of the vehicle putting pressure on the glass-- is it pushing the glass up and causing gaps? I live in Portland, Oregon, if anyone has tips on where to take it. The dealer wouldn't touch it.
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    In the Jan/Feb '09 AAA mag it says "if you get your windshield replaced make sure the tehnicians use the correct primer and adhesive and handle the windshield with gloves. Oils on the fingers can adversely affect the mastics used to mount the windshield to the car body, which can result in water or air leaks and compromised crash safety." It also recommends letting the car sit for a day after the installation (I did that myself at the dealer, insisting they keep it inside overnight). Water leaks=mold...BIG problem! I would contact Scion and insist they get involved. my prayers are with you!
  • halo34halo34 Posts: 2
    Just keep on them. It took the company 3 times to get mine right. It's a PITA but it's better than having a bad window.
  • gidgettgidgett Posts: 1
    I would like to get more information about the lawyer you suggest to speak with. I am seriously considering pursuing this issue. Thank you for your time.
  • Working for several years at an automobile insurance company, I learned one thing. Insurance companies are cheap. Well, o.k, I learned two things, windshields don’t have to be replaced, they can be repaired. The reason I learned these things is because, when a customer would call in a claim to our company of a cracked windshield that they wanted replaced, the cheap insurance company would refer them to a company that repaired windshields at a fraction of the price, therefore saving the insurance company a lot of money and saving the customer a bit of time.
  • I have never had a problem with my insurance co. They've been very cool about my glass. Never paid out of pocket either. I totally get the fix it before it gets worse deal. Makes sense! It's cheaper and that's what you should do. I don't know if I'd call them cheap. They're thrifty. Hey, the less they pay, the less I pay.
  • I have GEICO. I've been with them for, damn, 18 years. I love them. I pay nothing for glass coverage. Hell, I pay nothing for insurance. Guess a good record and 18 years with one company makes your rates lower.
  • I have a 2005 Scion xB that after 70k miles, has developed a crack. However, its not the spontaneous crack people here are claiming. It happened in the parking lot at the Target I was working at. I heard a customer yelling at the service desk, a few minutes later, heard a burn out in the employees parking area. I went about the rest of my day until lunch when I went out to my car and there was a crack starting from below my wipers halfway up. The parking lot was very pebbly and I did see two pebbles in the wiper area, so I'm pretty sure it was a pebble, I even found the point of impact, a small chip, at the bottom of the crack.

    My windshield has held up quite well and it did indeed take a rock to crack it. I'm not saying the random crack situation doesn't exist, but I doubt all xB's are affected. Its an otherwise great car, and I hope the people who do have a defective xB windshield get the right compensation, however I think this is just a few bad batches of windshields, and not the design of the car itself, causing the spontaneous crack. My xB doesn't have the strut brace, and is driven quite a bit, and it wouldn't need a new windshield if it wasn't hit.

    I do think the probability of a rock hitting the windshield is higher than normal simply due to the relative size of the windshield and its steep angle, as well as the aerodynamics of the xB. It basically suffers the same problem a compact pick-up truck had.

    In retrospect, My 87 Ram 50 blew its motor at 115k, my 92 Dynasty needed a new transmission at about 70k( granted, I replaced the tranny and had little trouble since, and the car still ran great when I sold it), so 76k miles on my xB and all I need is a windshield sure beats my previous vehicles.
  • I've had my scion 2 weeks today. A rock hit and it cracked. It's not covered under a warranty and I have a deductible on my insurance so I have to replace it out of pocket. After reading about everyones policies covering the windshield I think I'm gonna switch companies.
  • I've had my scion since 2005. I have not regretted a single day I owned that car and it's been through high and low with me. Everything from floods in Texas to blizzards in Colorado,quite a few cross country trips and some extremely tight parking spaces,not to mention my maniacal driving at 110 mph (not kidding, lol) :blush: Not even going to mention all the food my toddler habitually spills on the back seat!

    I have 3 cracks in my windshield and am replacing it out of pocket. Two of the cracks are to due to rocks hitting it at high speeds and the 3rd one,the most severe, appeared out of nowhere a few days ago and is spreading slowly. I did not bother to get that one sealed since it's the 3rd crack and it's large and conspicuous,so the estetics suffer. On the overall quality, my windshield is covered in tiny nicks,but only 2 became cracks in 5 years. The windshield is 200 bucks, not all to bad once every 5 years. :P love my car!
  • The problem isn't the windshield. It's the strut bars that hold it in place. They were made incorrectly and put pressure on the glass causing the cracks. I've had my windshield replaced 9 times now and if it was the actual glass, wouldn't the first replacement have fixed the problem? I'm glad to hear that you have yet to deal with the problem. Hopefully you will never have to. I love my xB and don't want to replace it. It's an awesome car except for that one pesky problem with the engineering of the strut bars. Trust me, my boyfriend is an expert in this area. He and his brother are both engineers and have proof that this is the issue. Even Toyota agrees but won't call it a recall for fear that they will have to shell out billions to fix it and end up dealing with numerous lawsuits. You know, the usual corporate crap. Good luck, hope your glass holds out!
  • Hi Dave,
    I know this is an old post, but thanks for the info! I have an '08 Scion that is on the 2nd windshield and I have had 1 ding repaired, I have 2 large cracks presently and another ding from yesterday. I am reluctant to replace the windshield until I can solve the problem of why this keeps happening, but it's getting harder to see out! I would like to try the strut bar and I am sure my brother-in-law can fashion one out of steel for me. I am wondering if you would be able to draw a simple sketch and either post it or email ( it to me? I would be so grateful! I LOVE my Scion, but am distressed over this issue. :cry:
    Thanks Again,
  • Hello Sarah,
    I don't have a method of posting. I going to take several pictures and send them
    to you.
    I don't have an Engineering Degree, just 60 years of observation. Our xB is
    almost 4 years old and still on it's original windshield. I never get cocky about
    a fix to a problem so many people have. But the strut bar is a good start.
    I will send pictures tonight.
  • My windshield is spidered in cracks. The first two hits were bounced off the back of a dirty flatbed pulled by a gravel truck. I tried to catch up, to get a plate number, but he left the freeway. Those verticaled down to join one another when I got caught in a severe hailstorm a few months later. Then on the interstate again, rocks bouncing off a dirty flatbed, two hit me and my windshield received a half moon crack two inches across. A couple months ago, as I was driving, I heard small creaks, and the passenger side half moon was cracking a bit at a time, over to join the vertical cracks on the driver side.

    I have liability insurance only, and have already replaced the windshield once. I'm getting quotes of $600 to replace it and I am saving my money for it. However, I know it will just get cracked again, so am holding off as long as I can.

    My Scion now has over 150,000 miles on it. I have loved this car. It still gets like 31 mpg. It is dinged up. Scratched up. A piece of the front grill popped off. Right now, something is wrong with the electric windows. I start the car, the driver's side window rolls down. And sometimes I can't get the drivers side window up or down and have to do ritualistic movement of the passenger side window up and down and then maybe the drivers side window will start working. I have used it for my volunteer work, which is hauling cats, by the score, feral and owned, to be fixed. About a thousand per year. Had 23 cats in the back in traps once. I fold down the back seats, have a piece of plywood cut to fit the back then, for hauling. I sleep back there too, a lot, when way out somewhere, catching cats to be fixed. Because I'm 5'8" tall, I sleep diagonal across the back section, with the board across the folded down rear seat. It's the only decent car I've ever owned, that I don't have to fix along the road everywhere. I would never complain about this car because I love it and it has allowed me to do something with my life---getting thousands of cats fixed. Some shops, including a Schwab near where I live, have made terrible fun of my car and of me, because I transport cats to be fixed, but they were mean jerks and now I get tires from a wrecking yard.

    I told my Scion, because it's the first year out Scion xb, "one day, they'll be pulling cars like this out of junkyards to restore." I'd like to pimp it out, repaint it, all that, but that's not an option for me. I love my Scion xb very very much. It's seen better days, however.
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