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Honda Fit Exterior & Bodywork Questions



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    A quick check of the owner's manual will confirm whether it's for the towing hook. I've seen this kind of thing before on other cars, so that's what it reminded me of. Especially if there's only one of them on the bumper.
  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110
    I did a quick check of the owner's manual first, and I couldn't find it. That's why I came here to the forum to ask Fit owners. I think you're right though. And yes, there is only the one on the bumper.
  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110
    I found a photo of a tow hook online - it's definitely it - I couldn't Google it because I didn't know what it was, but now that I do it's not hard to find:

  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    I have an 08 fit sport that has 2 broken fog light lenses.the light still work but you can imagine what it looks like.
    honda wants in excess of $200.00 per unit to replace them....they are one piece intergrated with the body.
    anyone have the same dilema or figure out a better way to fix it ?
  • quasaarquasaar Posts: 1
    Another similar case. Drove from Illinois to Wisconsin on the highway to a state park. Parked the car and went for a hike. Returned to the car to find crescent shaped crack at the bottom of the front windshield on the passenger side. Was really frustrated of course, especially since I am pretty sure nothing hit the windshield while driving or while it was parked. Inspected the windshield and saw a small chip in the crack. Assumed something hit it though I heard nothing while in transit.

    Before going to the dealer, I checked online for similar complaints and found all of your similar complaints. I hoped that Honda might acknowledge a faulty windshield but unfortunately the dealer pointed immediately to the chip and from that point forward said it was an outside cause and not faulty engineering. But then they started talking about hot days and air conditioning and how that could a small fracture to grow. They suggested that is why it seemed like it magically appeared while I was away from the car. The dealer recommended an auto glass place for replacement.

    The auto glass place said they rarely see Hondas with this problem and that helped ease my thoughts of this happening to me on a regular basis. But then the rep randomly said that the Fit does have a "funky" window. I hope the Fit's modern design did not compromise its normal function. Be it random rocks or unacknowledged faulty engineering, either way I have no way of preventing this from happening again. I mean I was driving on a normal highway and road's not like i was driving though the Grand Canyon.

    I'm planning to contact Honda corporate if only to put my complaint on the books for what seems to be a frequent occurrence. Besides that I can only hope it does not happen ever again.
  • rkunzerkunze Posts: 2
    salut!, je suis en train de décider si acheter un honda fit sport ou lx 2007, mais je veux savoir s'il y a quelqu'un qui peux me confirmer quelque chose que j'ai écouté par rapport à que l'honda fit sport a des problèmes pour être conduit à cause de son robe sport trop prés du sol quand il y a de la neige.

    même je ne suis pas certain, mais est ce que me semble-t-il ou ce vrai que le gap entre la roue et la carrosserie d'arrière dans la version 2007 est plus petite que dans la version 2009? si ce le cas est-ce que quelqu'un peut me recommander si cela cause de problèmes pour la neige?

    dernièrement, quel version d'honda fit amène la possibilité de lever-baisser le siège du conducteur? (ma femme mesure 1,55 mt et on a peur qu'elle ne puisse pas s'accomoder)

    merci à tous!

  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994

    Welcome to the Edmunds forums. I gather you are in Canada. I am not very fluent in French, but I will try to answer your questions. I hope you will forgive any misunderstandings that may arise from this attempt.

    I do think you might find that the front spoiler is too low for very deep snow. I do not know if ground clearance is a problem, or clearance between the wheel and the body, but if I drove frequently in deep snow (more than 10 cm), I would choose a different vehicle.

    I am not sure about height adjustment on the driver's seat--it is not present on U.S. models, but I do know it is offered in some other markets.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Bienvenu! Je comprends que vous êtes au Canada. Je ne suis pas très couramment en français, mais je vais essayer de répondre à vos questions. J'espère que vous pardonne tout malentendu qui pourrait résulter de cette tentative.

    Je crois que vous trouverez peut-être que le spoiler avant est bien trop faible pour la neige profonde. Je ne sais pas si l'espace entre la carrosserie et de la route est un problème, ou du jeu entre la roue et la carroserie, mais si je suis souvent dans la neige profonde (plus de 10 cm), je voudrais choisir un autre véhicule.

    Je ne suis pas sûr de réglage de la hauteur sur le siège du conducteur - il n'est pas présent sur les modèles américains, mais je sais qu'il est offert dans certains autres marchés.

    J'espère que cela est utile. [Merci a "Google" pour le translation idiomatique.]
  • anahita61anahita61 Posts: 110
    I live in an apartment complex and already had the tow hook receptacle cover stolen, which the dealer replaced for me for free (nice!), and today I noticed the front lower light was stolen, the whole cover removed and the cable cut!

    What is the name of that light? Is it a fog light?

    Any ideas how much to replace the light and the cover and get it hooked back up with new cable?

    And... is anyone else having their car used for parts harvesting? This seriously sucks. :mad:
  • I noticed a small chip in my windshield the other day, but don't recall any rocks hitting it, etc. Yesterday morning, I walked out to the car and discovered a giant (approximately 12-13 inches long) crack extending from the edge near lower passenger corner diagonally upwards. I saw some earlier posts about windshield cracks - has anyone had any luck getting Honda to take care of this? Or is it all being attributed to driver error, rather than a design issue?
  • I also notice a long line, that is on the upper right hand corner on the passenger side. When I drove it back to school, I didn't hear any rocks or other objects hitting the windshield. The weird thing is that it is inside the car and not outside. I read everybody's comment and it is definitely not a coincidence. I haven't talk to the Honda dealer yet. I don't know what I should say to them, since it seems like everybody's insurance doesn't cover replacement or repairs. Who am I suppose to talk to exactly?? and how much would it cost to repair it? or do I have to replace it??
  • Just for the record, a crack appeared within two weeks after my husband got his new '09 FIT. I could not see any ding, but I doubt that we will get warranty replacement for it. Plus, it's been four months by now. We haven't done anything about it yet.
  • I, too, got a large crack in the windshield. I have an '09 Fit. I went through a car wash yesterday and heard a loud bang and as I drove out of the car wash I saw a crack that's about 10 " long stemming from the bottom of the windshield. I know a drastic change in temperatures can cause a crack IF there's already a defect or chip. But it wasn't a severely cold day (maybe 18 degrees F. (and believe me, in Minnesota, that's nearly balmy)) and I know there was no previous chip or crack there. I immediately thought it must be a defect in the windshield so I got on google and found this forum. I'm seeing the dealer tomorrow. Hopefully, Honda will address this. By the way, I've been going through car washes in Minnesota for 40 years and have never had a windshield crack in one.
  • atl9atl9 Posts: 2
    We purchased a 2010 Fit in January. Yesterday I noticed a fracture about 12 inches long that started on the edge of the driver side moving to the center of the windshield. I have a call in to my dealer to see what their response will be. There is no way these windshields should be developing stress fractures or anything more than a star when dinged by a foreign object.
  • I have had my Fit for only a few months and have experienced the same problem with the windshield. I really hope Honda takes care of it. Frustrated as can be.
  • atl9atl9 Posts: 2
    Our dealer said it's not covered under warranty and there is no Honda recall so it's our problem. It's not too expensive to replace but I worry about future cracks and having to replace it multiple times. I've seen prices ranging from $280 to $500 to replace. Does anyone know if there is a quality difference in these replacement windshields?
  • I am so happy to discover that others are having the same problem I am. (although I do feel badly for you). Two weeks ago, I discovered a crack in my windshield (ALREADY "longer than a dollar bill") that emanated from the bottom seam of the glass, it got longer and made a crescent shape. Just two days ago, I noticed another crack--in the exact same shape--that originated from the top of the windshield/seam area. Both are in the middle of the windshield. Neither exhibit a nick, etc.

    I contacted my dealer. They said to submit it to insurance. After reading your posts, I think I may contact Honda corporate ...and maybe the media.
  • We just picked our Fit up last night and drove it home, then to the grocery store, then back. The next morning, my girlfriend drove it to work and while I was talking to her via cell phone (and the dealer-installed bluetooth handsfree - nice!), she yelled and said her windshield just cracked. She said it must have been a rock but she couldn't tell where it would have come from. The crack is right in front of her, from near the wiper blades then it goes up and curves over -- sounding quite a bit like the descriptions here. It was a chilly morning (around 40F) in Nebraska, and the heater was on.

    I have spoken with Honda USA and they know of no issues, and a Google search for windshield pricing led me to this thread. We have photos taken just after it happened, and later as the crack has been growing. I wonder if Crystal Fusion would prevent this? (I have it on my Prius and will get it on this car after the windshield is replaced.)

    If it's a defect, I hope Honda will replace it -- the car isn't even 12 hours old for us yet!

    Just wanted to chime in. I'll post pics of the crack for reference later.
  • tomansttomanst Posts: 2
    Ours cracked today. Car is 9 months old. No rock hit at all. Stress crack in front of steering wheel on the bottom part of the windshield....Can anyone say recall?
  • toebitustoebitus Posts: 5
    the windshield is very thin (OE) and breaks very easily.sorry to say
  • tomansttomanst Posts: 2
    Talked to Honda Canada and of course they have not heard of these windshield cracks before......Never going to buy a Honda again.....Hope the aftermarket windshields are better
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