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Honda Fit Exterior & Bodywork Questions



  • autoeditorgalautoeditorgal Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    Hey guys: I bought a 2009 Honda Fit last summer and just had the same thing happen. It happened yesterday, a matter of fact. And dealers who are telling you it is not covered under warranty are incorrect. Stress fractures are in fact covered and the dealer's service department gets paid by the manufacturer to fix warranty stuff, so the dealer should be willing to fix it. The only catch is ... it has to be a stress fracture and not damage caused by a rock or something hitting the windshield. Be ready for them to take pictures to file w/the claim. I'm pretty sure mine is a stress fracture so I'll be taking it to the dealer soon. But I have a buddy over at Honda corporate who confirmed that stress fractures are covered. ;-) Hope this helps. Best of luck!
  • tim157tim157 Posts: 2
    I too have just experienced a windshield crack on my 2009 Fit. I drove the car to work & everything was fine. When I came out & started to drive away I noticed an 8 inch crack starting from the lower edge of the windshield center coming up & curling 90 degrees. There was no impact mark on the glass & being april the temps. weren't extreme. After seeing the forums I know I'm not the only one who has had this problem with what has otherwise been a very enjoyable car.
  • I posted a bit ago regarding the crackS in my windshield. I went to my dealer armed with this forum and ready to fight--GUNS blazing! The service manager simply took one look at the windshield, told me that it did look suspicious, sent windshield pictures to Honda, and they are now replacing my windshield at no change. No problem! So, I simply smiled sweetly and thanked them. Best of luck to you all! :)
  • tim157tim157 Posts: 2
    I took my fit to the dealer yesterday they looked at the windshield & found a very tiny piece of glass missing at a spot in the crack that is behind the wiper. It is so small that you have a hard time feeling it. Of course they immediately told me that it is a stone impact. I mentioned this forum & they said there are no known problems with the fit windshields, although they did acknowledge that the element has a problem with them. I decided to stop by a glass shop on my way home & had the manager there look at it. He said there was no doubt in his mind that it is a stress fracture & the missing piece of glass is from the broken sections rubbing together. I will be going back to the dealer on Thur. for other work & will go into battle again to get them to replace the glass.
  • bglissmanbglissman Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    Today my 2007 Honda Fit was sitting in the driveway and the next time I went outside the whole back window was shattered. All still in one piece but shattered. Could not see any spot where anything hit it. Around the top edges on both sides of the window were pieces missing. I live in a small town, driveway is far enough away from the street that nothing from the street would have it. I seen everyone on here having problems with the front windshield, anyone have a problem with the back windshield.
  • soozndsooznd Posts: 4
    I have yet to take possession of my 2010 Fit--still waiting for delivery. Concerned about the crack that happened after someone had their Fit for only 12 hours.
    I am in Colorado & cracked windshields are so common here on all cars from rocks, dryness, sudden temp changes, heat, etc. I bought an extended protection plan that covers replacing my windshield--since every other car I have owned has gotten cracks in the windshield. They also had a Rocky Mountain Protection plan that supposedly treats the windshield --told me if it cracks it will be replaced. Anyone else's dealer have something similar?
  • toebitustoebitus Posts: 5
    yeah,look at post #2.and some possible helpful December of 2008 our fit was rear ended( it was stopped) by a highlander pushed in to a accord. it had 9000.00 in damage done to it. the body shop could not get a gap back right( behind right rear door).they had to weld in a new quarter panel.i told them about the rear window and they decided the car was welded together improperly.also the airbags never went off. whatever it`s worth go back to #2 and start reading.the car gets 40 plus miles to the gallon on a trip to Ohio from Atlanta this year yeah ours is a 2007 also
  • tychau305tychau305 Posts: 1
    Hello guys, this is my first post and I'm so glad to find this forum. I own a 2 month old 2009 Fit, and the rear window was cracked 2 days ago. We don't know what causes it because the car was sitting in the driveway for the whole day, and it was a long driveway that can fit 3 cars back to back, and the Fit was park closet to the house, so passing by debris can't really reach the car. We took the car to the dealer, and low and behold, they told us somebody cracked it, and the warranty won't cover it, even the extended warranty that we purchased. Now about the crack, I really don't know how, but in about 12 hours, from morning to afternoon, whatever cracked it causes both sides of the rear windows to crack so bad that there are two ridges on both sides of the window, and the only side that are still attach to the car is the top part underneath the brake light. The service manager at the dealer insisted that something cracked it because he found a contact point, about half an inch. It was so small that we didn't even see it on the first day, and we didn't even know if that's true or not. We don't even know if that is actually the contact point or if it was caused by us driving the car to the dealership. At the end, they declined to cover for the damage, and quoted us over $800 to get it replaced. It got this expensive because there are no aftermarket replacement, only OEM products. So for you guys out there, what can and should I do? I ">desperately need some help. I took some pictures, but I don't know how to post them up here.
  • 1bubba1bubba Posts: 1
    I came out from lunch today and found a 10" hook shaped crack in the bottom center my windscreen too, nothing has hit it and the temperature was pretty mild - 60 to 70 degrees. My car is 16 months old and is in coastal Southern California so no big swings in temperature here either.

    When I first saw the crack I thought I was SOL, but having found this site and how many others have had similar issues I don't feel quite so hopeless. Is there a tally on how many folks have reported this issue so far? For those of you who have been successful getting Honda to fix it, do you have any hints or contacts that you could share?
  • htignerhtigner Posts: 2
    We had our '10 Fit for 9 days when the windshield cracked. Searched and found this thread. On the plus side we took it to the dealer and after sending pictures to Honda we got a call Friday saying they would replace it.

    Like so many stories here, the crack just appeared. Lower passenger side, crescent shape with the crack running off to the center of the windshield. No known rock hits, temp out side was cold but well above freezing. We collected the car with 170 miles on it and it was at 459 when we noticed the crack, so while I can say we never had a rock hit it, I have no idea about the trip from where they drove it from before we picked it up or if that had anything with their decision to replace it.

    Very happy they are replacing it especially when during the inspection when the service guy at the dealer was taking pictures he was pretty sure we were going to just be stuck with our own repair bill.
  • Owned '07 Fit for almost 3 years to date, 25K mi., always garaged. Driving down 101 through Santa Rosa-Petaluma. Heard a crack. Pretty scary. Didn't notice where it came from until I got home to San Fran. There's a hooked crack coming down the windshield from the center of the roofline. Larger than a dollar bill (that's how AAA insurance references the size of the crack.) It's a pretty clean break, no obvious hit from rock, pebble, etc. I have a $100 deductible to replace it. I do have a couple of teeny pebble cracks on other parts of the windshield. I realized how thin the glass is on the FIT from those little pebble cracks. The paint job on the FIT is pretty thin too. Scrapes off pretty easily. I've owned a Datsun 210, Toyota Tercel, just so you know I've owned other low end cars. No glass or paint problems with those cars. Still love my FIT, but scary to think the glass might crack on me.
  • htigner, did the dealer try to refuse your window claim originally? How was Honda involved?

    Our new Fit got a crack the very first morning it was driven to work after taking it home from the dealer the night before. The dealer says it was a rock, and they used a pin to run down the crack to find a speck or something. It just seems rocks love Honda Fit windows, I guess. And now we are on our second tire problem in less than 3000 miles (from a blowout, can happen to anyone I expect, to a "bubble" in the tire wall which seems to be a fairly common issue with these tires).
  • htignerhtigner Posts: 2

    No they didn't try to refuse the claim, the service manager just seemed to me pretty convinced that Honda wouldn't take care of it. He took pics and said he had to send them to Honda and about a week later we got the call that they would replace it.

    Worth letting the dealer examine, take pics and hope I guess. We called the day we discovered the crack and had it in to them the that evening..
  • thurst1963thurst1963 Posts: 42
    I have 2008 Blue Sport Fit 27000 miles.I have never seen so many paint chips in my life.The front hood has between 500 & 1000 chips already.(unbelievable) The and the primer is chipped all the way to the metal on half of them.I see in the past they had some problems with the blue paint true or not.Has anyone else had chipping like this go on?????
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    On my orange '09 Fit Sport, a large slice of paint (5 inches long and about an inch and a half wide) peeled off when I rested a box on the back bumper for a few seconds while loading. Also, the dash appears to be suffering from heat warp.

    Count me among those unimpressed by the quality of the Fit.
  • besb3besb3 Posts: 1
    I have had my New 2010 Honda Fit 3 Days Now. Yesterday a Car threw a Rock which was no bigger than a tiny pebble and even though it didn't have much impact when it hit the Windshield - sure enough it Cracked. The fit must have a Very Thin Windshield. I sure hope the replacement windshield is thicker than the Original.
  • i stupidly backed out my garage and the long rope that I used to pull down my garage door got caught onto the car and when I notced it it was too late. The rope got too tight on the rear windshield and it poped like someone threw a big rock at my windshield. I called my local Honda and they stated that they could send out someone and yes its out of my pocket. my point to them is yes it was my fault, but the windshield busted out way to easy. So now I am stuck and they Honda does not want to admit that the Honda Fit 2010 windshields are not as strong as they want to claim.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Rear windshields from any manufacturer are not designed for that directional stress. Man up and call the insurance company--it's an accident, not a warranty issue.
  • hell yeah, I woman-up (ed) and fixed it out of pocket with out insurance :)
  • jcbohjcboh Posts: 2
    I had my car for about 2 weeks when the front windshield cracked. I had never had a windshield crack on a car before.

    I called Honda and was told they never heard of it. I went to the dealer and the service manager said a rock hit it and I just had bad luck. I had printed out the examples in this forum as well as other examples on the web and he said call the Honda 800 number.

    I called Honda back and this time I talked to someone who opened a case for me since my car only has ~800 miles on it. His manager called me a day later and took down the details. He said he had never heard of the Fit having these issues, only the 2007-ish Element. I told him to come to this forum and read all the examples of this happening (thank you forum). He said they would look into it. About 5 days later, the service manager at the dealer called me and said that they were told to replace my windshield for free.
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