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Lexus GS 350



  • ara3ara3 Posts: 10
    2008 GS 350 awd with factory installed Sirius satellite radio. It, too, would drop out, sometimes just sitting at a traffic light. Satellite service was so horrible (disappointing) that the dealer eventually removed the entire system and refunded my money. Nice of them, but I really wanted the system. I was told that the XM system was much better. Guess not. Meanwhile, I now have an HID headlight that goes off at will and with no warning light. The "fix" is to turn off the lights and turn back on. Meanwhile, the auto switch on start-up sometimes defers to manual and turns off the air conditioner compressor. So, no AC until you push the auto switch twice. Lexus response: normal. Absolutely insulting and insane. Shame because it's such a nice car. They don't want to admit fault. I just ask them to "fix it", but they don't know what to do!
  • ara3ara3 Posts: 10
    Got a 2008 GS 350 awd that on start-up, sometimes the auto light on the fresh air/recirculate switch goes off so that it's in manual mode. It also turns off the air conditioner compressor. So on a hot day, if this happens, you need to push the auto switch twice to get it back in the auto mode and turn the compressor back on. Without doing this, the car stays hot. Dealer has seen this happen, it's been video taped by me, but the famous Lexus customer service folks in California and their cracker jack technicians have no idea of how to fix it. The latest from Lexus now is that it's a "normal function". So, with it being "normal" there is nothing left to do. They have suggested I go to arbitration. I suggested changing things to see if any change/replacement would resolve this. Not happening. Customer service in Calif. apologizes in an endless loop. Sad. Dealer is awesome and their hands now are tied. It's some sense of false pride that keeps them from being better. Anyone else have this non-problem?
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21
    I bought my GS460 in March as well. I managed to get a brand new 2008 GS460 with Mark Levinson (sticker just under 60k) for $43500.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Wow what an awsome deal. Congrats on your new ride. Any details of your buying experience and where did you buy it from?
  • I recently purchased a 2007 GS 350 AWD with about 25k miles. I love the car so far. have noticed a steady tap or click at idle, listening in on the engine, it seems to be coming from the upper part of the passengers side towards the firewall. I'm going in for a few factor-recalls (brake caliper and fuel line) soon, not sure if I should be concerned about this tap noise though? Any help is appreciated.

    When driving over bumps, I noticed a noise from the dashboard, almost sounds like something needs to be secured/scewed in better, not sure any one else has this too and if there is some thing that is recommened.

    Also, not sure if anyone knows if an AUX port is easy installed for IPOD hook-up rather than the FM receiver/tape deck IPOD usage too. thank you.
  • I just replaced the Dunlop run flats on my 2007 GS 350, after 44,800 miles. The ride was okay up until about 15K, when the road noise became a bother. I decided to replace them with Michelin Pilots, and the ride is now softer and quieter. The wear pattern on the run flats was strange. The tread was still good, however the steel belts started to poke through on the inside edge of each tire.I do not think I will buy them again.
  • I have owned two cars with run flat tires. Both developed embarrassing noise at about 12k mi and in neither instance did the tires give me good feedback from the road surface. I will not buy another vehicle so equipped until I become convinced that a future generation of this 'technology' is far better than what is presently offered.
  • We dealer replaced the run flats on my 2007 GS350, 2 months after we purchased the car. We complained about the car pulling to either side of the road when we hit the crown or ruts in the road. Not enough tire to cushion the road The Michelins totally changed the ride for the better.
  • Has anyone else had problems with squealing brakes? My brakes on my GS350 squeal at low speed and usually after the car has been sitting for awhile. The service tech says they can't find anything wrong. It'a a bit nerve wreaking to hear the squeal. It goes away but comes back after car sits.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Tell your service tech perform TSB L-SB-0040-09
    It applies to 07/08GS350.
    They give you two front rotors & new pads.
    That would fix squealing noise in cold weather & excessive brake dust.

    Mine was fixed 6 months ago. No more squealing noise & dust. One trade off though.
    The brakes do not feel strong as before. Or it's just me, a little soft on the brake
  • Thanks chucko3. I'm scheduling an appointment now and hope this fix the problem becuase it's embarrassing pulling up to a stop and everyones looks because they can hear you coming before they see you.
  • I have read every post on Edmunds and all TSB's...But my big question??? I am looking at buying a NEW 09/10 have the brake issue and windshield issue been solved at the point of manufacturing, or can I expect to deal with this just like the 07, and 08 owners. Thanks for your help
  • I have an 08 and I don't know if the brake issue has been solved or not. It is a very aggressive designed brake pad that really grabs. The side effect is heavy brake dust and eventually the squeal. I was told by one of the more technically saavy people at the dealer that I need to be more aggressive in braking to keep them from glazing over which leads to the squeal. I eventually opted to have them replaced via the technical service bulletin mentioned above. The brakes now are not as responsive but the dust is less and after a few weeks of driving I adapted to them. The braking is still excellent.

    So if the design has not changed on the 09's or 10's it is simply a matter of having the pads replaced, nothing that drags out once you make the decision.

    I have never experienced the windshield noise problem. Otherwise, it is a great car that I enjoy driving every day. The AWD is great in the snow.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Do you still have the run flat tires on your GS AWD?
    My 07GS AWD still has the original RFT with over 38K miles on them. Tread depth is about
    5/32 left.
    The car had trouble stopping on wet snow (4 inch or more) a couple times.
  • I had trouble with the run flat tires from the day I drove the car off the lot. The car would pull to one side or the other with any inperfection in the road. The dealer replaced them with Michelin tires and the car handles beautifully in any weather condition or road surface.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    My 07GS350AWD does not pull on one side.
    The RFT tires are not that noisy as people said. I like them.
  • I suppose that whether or not run flat tires are noisy depends upon one's perspective. I have had two cars with them and by the time the cars had 10000 miles on the clock, they were embarrassingly noisy to me. The first time I thought it was a fluke but two out of two convinced me that the noise is reason enough for me to not buy cars so equipped. They also do not provide acceptable (to me) communication from road surfaces.
  • I have had to take my 2008 gs 350AWD to the dealer twice for the same problem. In addition to the brakes, when the car was cold, it felt like there was a release lag in the brakes. Similar to the transmission slipping when you let off the brakes and then feeling the tranny kick in. When I took my car to the dealer they did a complete replacement of my brakes including the calipers. This fixed the squeak, however no the lag issue. Now my tranny seems to downshift harder and I still have the lag issue. Does anyone else have this issue? I had a 2006 GS 300 and never had any problems, but I am a little frustrated now that I think the brake issue on the 08 GS 350 might have caused other problems. The car is great, but I do not think all issues are taken care of at this point. Any response is appreciated.
  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    hi; are these replacements covered by warranty or recall? or do dealers have a special?

  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    You can ask for a good will.
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