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Ford Explorer AWD 4WD Questions

gi_joeygi_joey Posts: 2
I have a 1999 explorer with the 4.0 sohc. The truck has 128,000 miles on it. I has been okay to me so far, wait there was those two times I have had to replace the transmision. I may be just a bit rough on her at times but she's, all n all has been good to me. :sick: Her new thing is she won't go in to 4wd at all and she flashes her 4WD Hi/Lo lights at me 6 times every two min. I think she is telling me she is sick. I don't trust dealers, because at about 60,000 miles they told me she would not make it back to my house (9 miles away) with the front diff the way it is. She still has not had a problem yet with it. I love her so i want to get her feeling better but I have no clue where to start. Please make her better doctors! Thanks for your time.


  • expo1expo1 Posts: 5
    what did you do to fix
  • expo1expo1 Posts: 5
    hello, i have a 1998 explorer with 134k when driving both the 4x4 high and 4x4 low lights flash 6 times every couple of minutes. It has auto locking hubs, and when making left or right turns it clunks like it's in 4x4. any ideas? Thank you
  • I found out that the plug to the transfer case was loose. I found that because i went threw a small creek and the felt the 4wd kick in. so i put it on the lift and found a plug half on. I pulled it and cleaned it, then put it back on. Then i reset the computer. its been about 4 months and still have not had it happen again. I might have just got lucky but i knew something was weird when i got it wet and it worked. I hope this helps somebody. the main thing is to check all the plugs cause the trucks are getting older.. :)
  • My 4WD switch does nothing when I turn it to 4H or 4L. Also, when I start the car I dont get momentary illumination of the 4H or 4L lights. Fuses are all good. Any suggestions?? Maybe a switch or relay??
  • tmac4tmac4 Posts: 1
    I can't get my explorer in to 4 wheel drive? When I turn the switch, nothing happens, the 4X4 light won't even come on?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Need a little more data, like mileage on truck and previous performance, how often you use the 4WD, etc. However, it sounds as if your shift motor has failed, that's the most common reason for this malfunction. It's about a $500 repair to have it done. The part is around $300. It could be electrical, like a fuse, but that's quite rare. If your explorer has over 75,000 miles, I'm betting the shift motor is your culprit.
  • Expo1, did you ever get this one solved? I have a similar problem. '98 Explorer with 101K miles. The 4WD High and Low indicator lights blink 5-6 times a minute.
  • expo1expo1 Posts: 5
    no, i found that this only happens when its cold outside around 45 and below. read that the code for lights flashing 6 times to check 1) clutch & front sensor connectors. 2) clutch coil. 3) internal circuitry sensor have discontinvity. hope this helps, let me know.
  • My 4x4 switch will not light up or engage to 4x4. Does anyone know what the problem is...Thank you
  • news1news1 Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a 2002 ford explorer and i had problem with my battery that went dead few months ago.After changing the battery, my 4x4 light never comes on again; I checked my fuses,everything is allright; Can I get any help for this situation if someone can.
    Thank you.
  • I have a 2002 xlt 4x4 and had the intermittant flashing light issue. Took it to a trusted mechanic and he diagnosed a 4x4 control module. Said could have been actuator motor which would have been more expensive. Charged me $360.00 p&l. I also had a dealer check and they said the same thing, although they would have charged me $480.00. Got it done just in time for the snow in Chicago.
  • redline6redline6 Posts: 2
    inappoprite abs activation at 20mph-0
  • I sure could use some help...I have a 95 explorer with an apparent early model of Control Trac. The problem with this system is that my options are, "2High, Auto, and 4Low", 4High is not an option. I drive in the sand a lot, and having the car decide when it wants to select 4 high just isnt working for me, I need to be able to select 4High and count on it locking in for me. Does anyone know how to modify the system to allow full time 4High in this thing? Thanks!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    There is no way. Sorry... :cry:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    Do you have the same problem when you air down the tires?

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  • jmdolan2jmdolan2 Posts: 1
    I have same problem with my exporer - anyone have solution?My 4WD switch does nothing when I turn it to 4H or 4L. Also, when I start the car I dont get momentary illumination of the 4H or 4L lights. Fuses are all good. Any suggestions?? Maybe a switch or relay??
  • jko29jko29 Posts: 1

    I had the exact same thing happen. Battery died, got it jumped then 4x4 lights started the blinking every 5-10 min and it wont engage 4 wheel drive.

    Did you ever get an answer? I am still having the problem.
  • gnrosefangnrosefan Posts: 2
    I have a 1998 ford explorer 4.0 4wheel high/low blinking and universal/cvjoint (not sure which) is banging and told that my 2 front hubs are engaged and need to be disengaged i was wondering if there is a way to manualy disengage them with out pulling them out of the car even if it means i only have 2 wheel drive. I apprecaite your time and opinions thanks
  • jsimsjsims Posts: 3
    I have the same problem! Have you been able to find out what the problem is?

    Jonah Sims

    please send me an email if you have an answer
  • sounds like a bad axle, look under your truck and see if one of your front axles is loose. if their good then i suggest you take your truck to any shop with diagnostic scanner and they will tell you whats wrong with it.
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