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Ford Explorer AWD 4WD Questions



  • my boyfriend has a 96 explorer and the lights keep flashing and the 4wd isn't working, he knows its a electrical problem but how do we fix it from there?
  • Not sure about this particular set up for 4WD, but these systems used to always require you to back up a few yards to disengage the 4WD system. I have an Isuzu Trooper with 4WD. It also stated you only had to disengage the system and no back up required. As that vehicle has gotten older and more miles (96 with 95,000 miles), I have notice the 4WD doesn't seem to want to disengage as quickly when moving forward. If I stop, put it back into 2WD, then back up a few yards the system will disengage right away. Although this sounds silly, all 4WD systems used to require a back up to disengage. Hope this helps your SportTrac.

    Bel Air Car Guy
  • i have a 2002 sport trac 4x4 when i turn the switch to 4 hi or 4 low i get nothing at all no light or anything all the fuses are good that are of any concern to the 4x4 system the switch ohms out corectly but it appears i have no power at the switch . does the control module feed power to the swich? can anyone help me out here? these parts are to expensive for doing process of elimination. thanks if you want to e mail me its thanx again.
  • I was having problems with my 2002 ford explorer. It would engage and not engage in 4x4 high at inappropriate times. Sometimes it would get tought to steer into a corner turn and at other times it would feel as if I hit something when going into reverse. The 4x4 light would blink intermittently. After reading this forum I decided to take a chance, purchased a 4x4 control module, followed the excellent instructions provided and I got an instantaneous resolution to the problem. The part cost about $180 from tasca ford online parts. The same dealership was going to charge me $360 for the same part if I walked into their parts department and requested the part on site. Thanks to all who provided their input.
  • I am also have a problem with my 4x4 light flashing on my 2002 ford explorer 4.0 v-6 automatic and sometimes while driving down the road it feels like the 4x4 high is trying to kick on and it does this at all speeds on dry pavement....I am getting very frustrated. I tested the actuator by turning on the key an putting in neutral to hear the actuator..i can here it engaging. Any ideas what it might be??
  • My Ford Explorer tries to engage into 4x4 while driving down the road at all speeds. We had the actuator checked and it is working. Sometimes it does it sometimes it doesnt. When driving it acts up and the 4x4 light flashes also. The transmission itself was serviced and fluids and filter changed, This truck only has 124,000 miles on it. It is something up front, you can hear it when it acts up. Its like a shutter type feeling also feels like tranny is slipping but it isnt. Any ideas on what this could be...I dont want to take it to Ford because I know that they will guess and charge me too much money. Any inut would be greatly appreciated, Thank you
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    I had a problem like that with my 99 Explorer..found that my front tires were out of balance the vibration which was very mild caused the 4 wheel drive to engage at any speed..hope this helps..
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    I had a problem like that with my 99 Explorer..found that my front tires were out of balance the vibration which was very mild caused the 4 wheel drive to engage at any speed..hope this may want to check the wheel bearing hubs driver side goes up around 100.000 miles they can be noisey....
  • Thank you...would the wheel hub cause it to want to try engaging into 4x4?? We just bought the truck last week and it has 2 matching tires on back but 2 different tread designs up front...all the same size though, the 235/70/16's all the way around. So you think its the tires or could still be the wheel hub. Now we do have a noise on the driver side, sounds like a rotor rubbing, would that be a wheel hub?? or jsut the tires you think?? I am willing to try anything before taking it to a dealer because i have been reading horror stories on here all you so much!!
  • ok i just bought brand new tires all the way around and mytruck still making noice up front. You turn it to the left and it makes a rubbing type noice ( wawawawa) you go straight or to the right it doesnt make the noice...any ideas??
  • fillr68fillr68 Posts: 22
    yes......wheel bearings hubs make a nasty grinding rubbing noise..and the driver side goes bad first..I changed both of mine and the truck drives great..and they are fairly easy to replace..
  • Thank you, We are ordering the wheel hub for the drivers side. We still have our 4x4 unplugged so that wont keep engaging. We live here in Florida so we dont use it anyway. The tires sure did make a difference in the ride and took care of some of the problem. So we have our fingers crossed that the wheel hub makes the difference and fixes the problem. I will keep you all posted. Thank you again for the suggestions, ;)
  • Ok any other ideas????? we have replaced all 4 tired with brand new ones, today we jsut replaced the drivers side hub and still no change at all....any other guesses?? I am starting to get irritated and im going to sell it if we cant figure it out....this is nuts. The ford dealer dont know whats wrong with it...the truck has been in for a complete trans service including fluid and filter change...everything looked great with the burnt fluid or metal shavings in it...he said its one of the best condition trannis he has seen. So what the heck else could it be...we have the shift motor on the back of the transfer case unplugged so that the 4x4 cant keep trying to engage....took it for a ride after changing the drivers side hub and still makes a rubbing type noise when turned to the left....still have a shutter up front when driving down the road but not all the time.....please help me!!!!! :cry:
  • there is a Brown Wire Mod this will bypass the automatic 4wheel drive.. you will still have the 4wheel but you will have to turn it on yourself.. you will have low and high I could not find the link to that thread I will give you a link to the forum look up Brown Wire is very detailed to show you how it is done ..I feel it is worth it to do this..
    it is a very good may have to pay a small fee to join I have been there for a longtime... Brooklyn Bay is a user name you can look him up on that forum he is better at this.......hope this helps.....
  • Ok, Well before we did the tires and the wheel hub, we unplugged that brown wire mod. So we drove it like that for a while and didnt have the problem of it trying to engage. When we put it in 4x4 manually it would make a bunch of noises and you couldnt drive it in 4x4 high. So we left it in 2 wheel until we bought the new set of tires and then we were still having issues of it grabbing an makin noise up front in 2w we changed out the front drivers wheel hub bearing which when we got the old one off it didnt turn freely like it obviously that is what we were felt like it was grabbing up after we put the new hub in last night...i decided to plug back in the brown wire mod and try the 4x4 out....I was shocked and amazed I was able to put it into 4H and drive it definatly the tires or the new wheel hub or both that fixed the 4x4 trying to engage itself...I have drove it 200 miles since last night with it plugged back in and the new wheel hub and tires and no issues...the only problem now is it still feels like the front end is binding up when picking up speed but is fine once you are to your speed you want. So I am thinking if the drivers side hub was that bad then most likely the passenger side is too...So this next weekend I will change out the other side....seeing how I bought the last one at our parts store. They gotta order another one. So I think I am on the right track...I am able to drive with that mod plugged back in finally and it seems to be fine so far ( knock on wood ) I can drive in 4x4H if i want to..other than the slight binding up up front...Thank you so much for your help. I will keep you posted!! ;)
  • 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6 V8>>>4x4 won't engage...dash light blinks 4x4auto and 4x4 high simultaneously ramdomly. No 4x4 in any mode when buttons are pushed. The front wheel bearing hubs have been making noise and I am having them both replaced tomorrow (could this be related to the 4wd problem?). The 4wd worked fine up til 3 mths ago when I had brake pads and rotors replaced on the front. A couple of weeks later, I noticed that the 4wd lights would blink ramdomly while driving. In the snow the other day, the front wheels would not engage in any mode attempted.
    Thanks in advance for all replies,
  • Just bought 2004 explorer and am having the 4x4 flashing issue but cant seem to locate module under dash, does anyone know where it is?
  • yes wheel bearing hubs will cause that problem. We just replaced ours and the problem is solved. Also make sure your tires are all the same and all the tread, tread depth and brand of tire. That will cause problems too. We bought a brand new set of tires for it and did the hubs and its all fixed...hope this helps
  • it is behind the glove box. you have to open the glove box and take it off and its up under there.
  • plm454plm454 Posts: 2
    edited February 2010
    Well, hubs are replaced, tires are relatively new (6 mths and not a daily driver), tire pressure checked and problem still persists. Looked at the fuses to 4x4 module under hood and under driver's side panel, all OK, still replaced them.
    So, next to try will be probably the module behind the glovebox and then if needed the 4x4 shift motor on the transfer case.
    FWIW, when I press any of the buttons, there is NO clicking sound coming from the module as far as I can tell.

    Info on my module:
    Motorola model 2mU152NC04
    Date code: 02119
    Serial 4X4Cm
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