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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jadrie2jadrie2 Posts: 2
    I paid 37,700 OTD for 2014 RDX with Tech pkg. in Atl., GA
  • Thanks but OTD means nothing when we don't know what taxes fees and licensing costs are. 37,700 tells us nothing
  • Jadrie2 - I am looking to buy an RDX FWD with Tech in Atlanta. Do you know your price before tax, tag, title? Which dealership? Thanks.
  • Thank you to everyone on the forum for posting prices. It gave me great leverage when it came to pricing things out at the dealer and making sure my purchase price was fair.

    My OTD was $39300, including a 6% MD tax, $190 title/tags fee, $195 dealer fee, and $100 all weather mats.

    My dealer was Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg, MD, and my sales person was Kenneth Chang.

    Thank you.

    For all those interested, I also purchased a 2013 ILX Tech the same day for an OTD of $29100, with the same tax rate and fees and mat prices above.
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 147
    Have purchased two new vehicles at Rosenthal. With research a good deal is certainly attainable. One observation, for both purchases Rosenthal reduced the agreed upon price to compensate for the dealer documentation charge. Clearly they were not going to let a deal walk for a $195 bogus charge.
  • First of all, I want to thank this forum for giving me confidence to make a deal. Without the info I got from here, i wouldnt even know where to start. I just made the purchase for 2014 AWD RDX with technology package, window tint, all weather floor mat, cargo cover, cargo trey. 6.25% state tax. After all said and done final price is 40k OTD. It may not be the best deal but I am very happy with it.

    On a side note, instead of 1.9% 60 months promotional interest, I was also able to negotiate it down to 1.69%. Not a significant discount but a nice surprise. Best luck to those who are currently looking.
  • Hi,

    Over the Laborday weekend bought an Acura RDX Awd with tech (Kona Coffee) from Pleasanton Acura. The vehicle price was 36,690 and the dealer threw in a few oil changes. Got a costco quote and the dealer matched it. Landed the 0.9% APR for 36 months.

    Good luck to other buyers
  • muljmulj Posts: 2

    Is that price, $36,690 the base price or out the door price? What are the fees you paid ? Thanks!
  • mulj, If cheepa26 was able to buy a 2014 RDX AWD with Tech for $36,690 out the door with destination, fees, taxes (9%-$2700-3000.), etc., I will eat my hat!!! The MSRP with $895. destination is $40,515. To pay $36,690 out the door would mean the purchase price was $33, 600. for a 2014 AWD with Tech. Around seven thousand below sticker for a 2014 RDX. I don't think so!!
  • I previously used this thread to search for a good price. I really couldn't find a solid number for the non-tech RDX with or without AWD. So, I did my own negotiating in the D.C. area.

    I went to 3 places. First place claimed it was impossible to sell below invoice. Hogwash. I left.

    Second place said they don't need to sell it for much less than invoice. Leaving was another easy decision.

    Third place I ended up buying a 14 RDX FWD w/o tech for $31365 including destination ($33325 is invoice, $35.4K MSRP). I financed at 1.9% for 60 months. The price is before tax, tags, and dealer processing fee. Yeah, it's the base model, but I think I squeezed quite a bit out of them.

    Just my opinions (take them or leave them): AWD didn't matter to me, I could have purchased one with AWD and just pay the $1400 difference (but they didn't have the right color) - the $$ spent on the AWD will be recouped with its resale value. The tech isn't worth the price (almost $4K). I had a TL and I actually bought the tech, because IMHO it was worth it on the TL... however, the RDX already comes standard with backup camera, Bluetooth, pushbutton start, good sound system. I just couldn't justify throwing a few grand at a sub-par (it honestly is) navigation system (w/ subscription based features I didn't use in the TL), slightly better sound system, foglamps, etc.
  • DCarea- Would you mind letting me know what dealerships you visited and who ended up getting you that deal? i am getting ready to start shopping around for that same model in DC and the numbers look great.

  • Don't bother with Tischer or Criswell in MD. The dealership I bought from was in Northern Virginia. The thrill is in the hunt and while I'm willing to help you, I'm not going to give the keys to the kingdom. If I personally knew you, this obviously wouldn't be an issue.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    "while I'm willing to help you,"

    ???? It's customary on these forums to provide the dealership name where a good deal was made. It's still up to the other person to make their deal. Just sayin.
  • Take a walk if you're not will to assist others in this forum.
  • Since 2011, I have purchased three Acura vehicles in the DC area. I found Rosenthal, Norris, Pohanka, and Radley offer the best purchase experience. During my purchases those dealers were consistent in offering the lowest prices in the area.

    I purchased from Norris and Rosenthal due to the lower doc fees in Maryland compared to Virginia. However, the doc fees were considered in the price I paid. They were not added after the price was negotiated.

    During each purchase, I contacted Tischer, Criswell, and Chevy Chase Acura. IMHO, none of those dealers seemed to offer a favorable purchase environment.

    For example, Criswell provided a price in response to my email inquiry. That price was considerable higher than price quotes from the four dealers noted above. Of course I advised the sales folks at Criswell of those prices. The Criswell folks never bothered to respond. One reason why I purchased three vehicles elsewhere.
  • dcareadcarea Posts: 3
    edited September 2013
    mlevinedc3, and you are? I posted the price paid and the area. That's a lot more than posting sarcastic responses to others' posts. Stop threadcrapping.

    karhill's experiences are similar to my own. I bought from Radley.
  • The vehicle price was 36690 and the fees were 367 ( License fee) and tax was 3297.69. There were no other fees. The total price was 40354.69.

    Hope this helps.
  • row2row2 Posts: 3
    I am getting this vehicle for 39546 OTD which would include :

    Cost of car 36200
    Tax 2534( NJ)
    Fees 414

    Is this a good deal? Please let me know

    Also for a lease I have the following deal

    Cash 4000
    36 mths 428.65 including taxes(10000 miles)
    residual 23469
    Selling price of car 36200
    MF 0.0017

    Let me know if this is a good deal.

    Am new to this forum , thanks in advance.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 14,154
    Where in Jersey?

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • row2row2 Posts: 3
    Springfield Acura
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