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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thanks.... i guess. the other patrons in the dealership were laughing as well. it was quite embarrassing.
  • I just picked up a base RDX in the NY area for the following lease deal:

    36 mos
    0 Down
    Drive off of first payment and DMV
    15K miles per year
    Tax in payment
    477 per month

    The lease was calculated on invoice plus about 200 dollars.
    I hope that is helpful.
    Car did great in this am snow storm.
  • The Acura dealership in my area (Western WA) quoted $32k for a 07 pre-owned RDX with 14k miles, no extras. I'm passing.

    Now I'm considering the MDX.
  • buzzhdbuzzhd Posts: 39
    which dealer did you go to?

    Any idea how much will be the insurance premium? I guess we have to buy full coverage, right. thanks.
  • $31,495 base model before tax and fees but including destination. Turns out it included mudflaps,wheel locks, and cargo tray.
  • I got mine from Acura of Wantagh (on Long Island). I didn't check on insurance premium. You will need some type of minimum coverage per the lease agreement. To me it was never any different than the type of coverage I would get whether I was leasing or buying. If you go there, ask for Tim. He was very straight forward with no "games". He gave me that price with very little negotiating and I picked up the car with no "surprises". Just tell him that you want to the standard Acura lease deal and you want it calculated on a car at invoice plus about 200 dollars. Good luck.
  • Just wanted to share.. I bought my RDX for (Invoice -150) + TTLDD from Lexus of Naperville. I was getting better quotes from Woodfield Acura, Ed Napleton etc ranging upto (Invoice - 350/400), but ended up buying from local dealer. They also put in mud-guards and $50 rewards card for servicing, but I would have preferred lesser car price.
  • I'm new here and just purchased my RDX over the weekend. I got an 07 with Technology for $26988 and it is Acura certified. Traded an 04 Jeep Wrangler so I am thrilled with all the bells and whistles. So far I just love it.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    Not sure if you are serious or not, but if that had actually happened I would expect you to have the common sense to immediately get the owner/manager out there to explain the treatment you got.

    The offer you indicated is about -300 from invoice. With dealer holdback the dealer would still be technically be making a profit but not much of one.

    RDX is still a slow seller in most markets and apparently invoice deals or invoice +2% shouldn't be too difficult to get.

    At the end of the day it's not always about getting the best deal but what your time/effort is worth. I will gladly pay a few hundred more for a vehicle at a dealership that treats me right and that I will get good service from after the sale, but hey, that's me.
  • Assuming this is true, I'd be curious to know which dealerships these are. There are only a handful in the Houston area.
  • on the phone for you guys... :P

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • He is definitely serious! A similar thing happened to me, when I offered 500 under invoice. They said they could do it, but they would have to kill my dog. I love the dog a lot, so, we went to the next dealer and paid a little over invoice, but not much.
  • ajv3ajv3 Posts: 5
    When you said Lexus of Naperville did you mean Continental Acura of Naperville?
  • You are right..I meant Continental Acura of Naperville. ...seems I cant edit my earlier post
  • vudvud Posts: 2
    Lucanaut - these stories are definitiely true, I think I went to the same dealership. I offered more than 1,000 under invoice (I didn't know what the invoice price was at the time). He demanded my first born child or 10 lashings. We haggled for a while and he agreed to let me keep my first born son, but he would take my second child whether or not it was a boy or girl. Car buying is tough these days, you really need to bargain with them.
  • Wow, that is crazy! I bet it was the same salesman that I had though. He drives a hard bargain, but, if you let him slap you and your wife around, sacrifice your dog, child, etc, you can cut a REALLY good deal there.
  • Just to be clear, the salesman did not slap my wife around; he only slapped me. He lifted the back of my wife's chair, dumping her to the ground.

    I contacted Acura headquarters about the incident and they encouraged me to return to the dealership and speak to the General Manager. I am going there this Saturday and I will let you all know how I make out. I may yet buy the RDX, but I hope I don't get beaten up in the process. My cousin Ralph and his friend Anthony (aka "Fat Tony") will be accompanying me in case they try anything funny this time.
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 123
    Now that's it's March 1, what are the best deals that can be had on an RDX relative to invoice? At, just over, or below? By how much? How aggressive are the dealers dealing?

    I'm in Arizona, and looking at an RDX AWD with Technology.
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 123
    I have one offer via a-mail for a 2008 RDX AWD w/Technology for $34,729, including destination, which is $300 over invoice. This dealer also has a $388 doc fee, and an accessory package added for $1,069 that includes Body Side Molding, All Season Floor Mats, Door Edge Guards, Window Tint, and Wheel Locks. I will offer $200 like I usually do for the accessory package to cover the tint cost; otherwise, that's all markup to me.

    Back to $300 over that good these days on an RDX?

    Does anybody know what the holdback is on these vehicles?

    Thanks again!
  • Looking for assistance with fixing scratches to the plastic bumper. It seems that drivers either don't know how to park their cars or like to kiss my rear end. How can you not see a gray SUV in front of you? Does Acura make any special paint or coating to repair the scratches? That's what I get for buying a new car...... :(
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