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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cargal7cargal7 Posts: 2
    Have a quote of 32,963 OTD price on an 2008 Acura RDX w/ Tech package. Good deal or not?
  • depdep Posts: 79
    No way for us to tell you. You have to break it down into each element of the deal.
  • cargal7cargal7 Posts: 2
    Quoted as: 2008 Acura RDX w/ Tech pkg - price $31,050,
    $760 destination charge
    $170 dealer fee
    $933 tax
    $40 tags
    $10 title fee
    OTD price $32,963.
  • depdep Posts: 79
    If the RDX is new (not a DEMO, loaner, test drive mule, etc) then it is a very good deal!

    If you have a trade then you would need to determine if they are giving you a good price on that or not.
  • free888free888 Posts: 16
    2008 Acura RDX Base (New)

    $27655 Price (includes cargo tray, wheel locks, and mud flaps)
    $760 Destination
    $1708 Tax
    $180 Title, Tags & Docs

    $30300 OTD

    How'd I do?
  • could have done better. way better.
  • depdep Posts: 79
    The base RDX is 31,265 less $2500 incentive = $28,765

    You paid $28,330 + TTL which is a great deal assuming it is a new RDX (not a demo, loaner, etc) and assuming you got a good price on your trade, if any.

    Did you take the .9%?
  • free888free888 Posts: 16
    It was brand new (less than 10 miles on it, still had the bags on the seats, etc.). No trade in, eligible for the .9%, took the 3.9% for 60 months.
  • depdep Posts: 79
    Yep, that is a great deal on a great car! It is not often that an Acura sells for ~3k under invoice. And, this is even early in the model cycle.

  • i'm looking to get into New 08 RDX Base this weekend,

    If anyone received a good deal lately please let post your finding

    I'm in North Jersey

  • depdep Posts: 79
    RE Base 08 RDX

    In the Chicago area anyway there are a TON of base 08s left on lots but no TECHs. If you find that dealers have good stock of base 08s in your area I would press for:

    Less Holdback (3% of MSRP)
    Less $2500 manf. to dealer cash

    For the base 08 RDX:

    31,265 Invoice including dest.
    -$995 dealer holdback
    -$2500 cash back
    =$27,770 + tax, title, license

    If it were me I would allow the dealer $500 of the hold back and thus be willing to pay $28,270.
  • does that still qualify for 36m @ .9% or 60m @ 2.9%?

  • Just bought 2008 RDX Tech Package with 30 miles on the odometer in the Chicago area.

    Price including destination: $30,300

    Not sure how they came to this number but it was over $4,100 less than invoice. I understand that there's $2,500 dealer cash. If we factor in 3% dealer holdback off MSRP, it's another $1,100 or so. This adds up to $3,600. There must be another dealer incentive to account for the extra $500.

    Yes, we had a trade-in but it was within $100 of Edmunds estimate of trade-in value. The dealer gave us $600 over what Carmax had appraised the vehicle at.
  • Forgot one thing . . .

    This deal also qualified for the 0.9% financing for either 24 months or 36 months. So it's $2,500 dealer cash AND 0.9% financing for those of you who are interested.

    All in all, I think it was a really good deal.
  • Alex,

    In case you're still looking for one . . . we called all the Acura dealers in Chicagoland yesterday (8/18) and this was their inventory for Tech packages (non-demos):

    Palatine: 1
    Libertyville: 1
    Westmont: 3
    Naperville: 2
  • I called 2 closest dealers and both had ZERO stock on 08 Base
    there's another dealer next to my work, i'll see if i can get that magic 28.2k with destination

    Denville, NJ: "hasn't seen them in months"
  • depdep Posts: 79
    That is funny. Libertyville claimed to have 'a few' when I was looking 2 weeks ago but when I pressed them for colors and prices they said they were all sold out but to come in for a great deal on an 09. Sounds like they are playing bait and switch.

    They did have one 08 TECH used /w 6k that they would have sold me for 1k more than I paid for a new 08 TECH! Ha!!
  • depdep Posts: 79
    If stock in nearly gone I would expect to pay Invoice. Still a great deal as you get $2500 off that + .9% for 3 years.
  • We actually scouted the lots out on Saturday after closing to look at colors and selection. We didn't see any 08 Tech Packages at all at Libertyville or Highland Park. I did see a "new" white 2007 Tech Package at Libertyville though - maybe that's the one they are referring to. Of course, we forgot to bring the binoculars to check out the stickers of the RDXes in the showroom :-)

    As of Monday morning: Palatine had 1 red one left, Westmont had 3 silvers, Naperville claims to have 2 silvers.
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 296
    What do you think is the reason for such deep discounts on an Acura?
    I was very surprised when I was looking up the RDX on Edmunds - first time I see a TMV well below the invoice. And that was before the incentives.
    Is it the gas mileage? The premium fuel? Or just the stars aligned properly? We are buying a new car in the next month or so, and the RDX just went way up on the list. Of course, with our luck, by that time the '08s and/or the incentives are going to be all gone :cry:
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