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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • This is really a shame. Acura is actually giving worse incentives this month! They increased the cashback to $2500 from $1500, but they won't allow us to get their promotional financing. So even though the price looks good, assuming you get your own financing at 6%, over the term of the loan you actually will pay $2000 more over 60 months even with the additional $1000 off this month. Before you could save a ton in interest since you could get the $1500 cashback and 2.9% for 60 months. :mad:
  • baltikbaltik Posts: 5
    I think it's rather insane that people are using financing in this economy, if people don't have sufficient liquid cash to purchase this vehicle, a used forrester will get the family to the snow just as quick. Since job, investment and savings stability are declining, it's irrational to not assume a worst case scenario. And since we are in a 0 interest rate environment it's not like people are going to put the money in a CD and realize a material return. Yes I realize that this is off topic and may come off as condescending but I had to tget it off my chest.
  • You do have some good points... but most people don't have enough liquid assets to safely withdraw about $30-35k for a car and not feel it. Even if you have $100k saved up, that's a third of your savings! I think it would be a risky transaction not to finance it, unless you have a ton of money lying around, which most don't.

    It just sucks these car dealers are playing a game where the upfront price is lower, but they are more than getting their money back through their really crappy finance rates. In this bad economy for most people, they should be offering close to 0% rates with all the other cash incentives possible.

    Now we might be looking at a used BMW since they are offering 0.9% for 60 months AND the first two payments made by BMW (on most '06 CPOs). That's what I did a month ago to get my new 330i, and that's what I'm telling my gf to look at now. The RDX is a great compact SUV, but they aren't really giving us great prices and financing after running the numbers.
  • Baltik makes a necessary point, but unfortunately it is not relevant for all people. In some cases it does make more sense to finance, if you can get .9 or 2.9 financing, and free up your cash for other needs or emergencies. For many, plunking down 30k cash would eliminate all or much of their emergency fund or savings. The argument there of course is if that is the case, then you cannot afford the car.....

    But chewy you need to look in the mirror man. On one hand, you say how 30k is a third of your savings if you have 100k, and make it sound painful. Which it is. Then on the other hand you are crying about the difference between 2.9% and 6% financing, yet you go on to say you just bought a $40k+ bmw 330i, and are also considering either a new RDX or another 330i. You are talking about $80,000+ in new vehicles, yet fussing over $2000 in interest costs. Either you are in way over your head in automobile debt, or you don't know math and money very well, or both. And then you talk about ditching the Acura for a CPO or new BMW? That is an entirely different class / brand / reliability of vehicle.

    In any case to get off your personal discussion, I do agree the Acura scenarios do not make much sense. Nissan and Toyota (and all US auto makers) are massively advertising 0% rates across the board, yet Acura was only going down to 0.9 + 2.9 rates, and even now pulled those. Not sure of the logic there. But you must realize that your local dealer benefits less now, because I don't believe they get much or any of the financing profit. That goes to Acura/American Honda Finance Corp. The dealers only get profit from the sale of the car and its margin. If they get anything from the financing, I doubt it is much.

    I will call my Acura rep this week to confirm the deals on the table. If the stories are true, I will tell him my purchase is on hold. I can drive my old camry until the deals get better. Running out to get a CPO BMW would be flat stupid.
  • The Acura website still shows the financing offers as available...

    0.90% APR for 24-36 months or 2.90% APR for 37-60 months
  • Just went to an Acura dealer outside Chicago yesterday, and I can confirm they are still offering 0.90% APR financing for 24-36 months or 2.90% for 37-60 months on the RDX if you qualify for their top credit category. Apparently this will run at least until 2/2.

    Thanks for the info about the 2010 refresh. Hopefully this may mean there is more room to negotiate selling price, if they think people are going to start holding out for the 2010 model.
  • Will I be able to get a lower out the door price by taking the current financing offers or getting my own financing/paying cash?
  • Just leased 09 rdx w/ tech for 435+tax/month $1000 down 3year 10kmiles/year. Dealer sold the car for $33,211
  • nice post thank you. I am leaning towards leasing myself, and $1000 down and $435/tax a month is far better than purchasing ....
  • you won't find better than 0.9 or 2.9 financing the dealers are offering. And of course paying cash is king, and saves on the interest you pay

    I spoke to my sales guy and he said he does not foresee them doing away with the financing offers for quite awhile, based on how slow sales are, and how low competitor's finance rates are. He also confirmed the cash back is still avail.
  • A dealer told me the Acura factories will be shutting down for a month or two? Anyone else hear that and any idea how it will affect prices?

    I've gotten quotes in the mid $31k range plus TT&L for a 2009 RDX w/ Tech Package.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Most automakers shut down for a period of time for retooling and maintenance. It's nothing unusual. Don't let the dealer use that as a selling point (sense of urgency) to get you to buy an 09 now.
  • Well it wasn't so much a tactic to increase a "sense of urgency", but an explanation as to why this one particular dealer couldn't compete in prices. Said inventories were to thin to take such a loss.

    By the way, I ended up getting an 09 RDX Tech package w/ wheel locks, complementary first service and a free detail for $31,400 plus TT&L in the SF Bay Area. What do you think? Good deal?
  • Very nice posting - I was at dealership in New England, and best I could do for $1,000 down on a RDX with tech for 39 months was $480 +tax. Where did you get that deal ?

    Thanks !
  • Price paid for an RDX Tech in the Northern VA area:

    Price: 31,499
    TTL & Fees: 1475.24
    They paid the remaining 2 payments on my Honda Lease: 637.30

    Total Cost: 32336.94

    My salesperson didn't have the best English skills but he up for it by being very accommodating. He was also able to get us an extra 2 free oil changes. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to purchase an Acura in the Northern VA area.
  • Thanks for the info - so does this mean your purchase price was actually $30,225 (31499-637-637)?

    I have been negotiating for awhile now but the dealer is not will to go below $31,500.
  • I doubt the dealer took the 2 lease payment values (637x2) out of the car price. They can write that off in a number of ways.

    The poster is merely relaying "his" total cost by subtracting the lease wipe-off from his total for the new car.

    31,500 is an amazing price for a 2009 rdx w/tech that retails for 34,000+ and msrps for 37,000+
  • So let me clarify:

    My OTD price was 32974.24 then they wrote me a check for 637.30 for the final two lease payments on my Honda. What's so great about the deal is that I was able to keep the Honda and continue driving it until the lease ends.

    At this point I have 5K miles left on a 45K lease so I'm just driving the Honda until it hits 44999 while the RDX is parked in the garage.

    And one more thing, this the second time I've negotiated a deal over the telephone and internet and I feel this is the best way to go. I just feel more in control of the deal as opposed to negotiating inside of the dealership where I just feel outside of my element.
  • I'm looking at the latest Edmunds pricing of $30,479 for a Base RDX, can anyone tell if this includes $2500 mfg to dealer incentive? Or do i have a chance of the price down to $28k area(I'm all in at that price). I'm North Jersey and willing to travel reasonable distance for a deal.

  • funny because the dealer said the exact same thing to me - "31,500 is an amazing price for a 2009 rdx w/tech that retails for 34,000+ and msrps for 37,000+" .... are you a dealer?

    in any event, I will keep trying to get the price down ...
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