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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    Thanks dep, the major pricing sites are saying that the 09 rdx base should cost 30.5k. Talked to a dealer and said I wanted it for less than 30 and he emailed me $29565 .Will be looking end of next month. 28k plus tax & license will be my goal. May offer a bit lower and see what happens. Any thoughts?
  • At what price would you buy a 2009 tech instead of waiting it out for a 2010 tech?

    Right now they are at 33700 for a new 09 tech.

    That isn't bad, but I don't think it is great.

    If I could get them to $32000 on their car do you think that would be WAY BETTER than I could get a 2010 for?

    Would you do it or wait, or even try to get them into the $31000 area. Remember I want a TECH model!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    You should be able to buy an 09 rdx tech for $32800.
  • But the question is WOULD YOU buy it for $32800 right now with the news of the 2010s arriving in Mid/Late July?

    Wouldn't I be able to get a NEW TECH 2010 for around $33-33500k new?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    If the difference is only 1500-2000 for the 2010, I would not buy the 09. Easy answer. Can you get a firm quote on an 2010? If there are only a few being built the dealers may hold the line on discounts. Who knows -- once there in we will all know. The 09 is a decent buy for 31k paying much more is hard to justify. Also depends if you are going to keep it for 6-7 years or more. Than a few grand is more tempting because at that point the residual value will depend on condition and miles -- not the year. Check prices on used 08's and see if that clears anything up.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,194
    The best internet price so far is $29500 and 2.9-3.9% financing. No hassle - no run around-no extras, just tax/license. First service included , nice place. Is there another $500-$1000 there in the deal? Not getting a sense there is here or anywhere.
  • I would say no chance of that small of a difference. I think the pricing you're tossing around is invoice less an Acura incentive. I highly doubt there will be an Acura incentive for 2010's for a while. I'm thinking more like a $4K to $5K difference.

    Seems hard to judge if the 2010's will be worth it until we really know what the improvements are...
  • Ok.....NEW 09 Tech for 32500 plus Tax, title, fees.

    Is this good enough of a deal to take it over waiting for the 2010?

    This is WITH the $2500 incentive and WITH 3.9% financing for 60 months!
    (neither of which will be avalible when the 2010's come out).

    I've also heard that the Navigation will NOT be the Hard Drive version in the 2010 RDX base or tech.

    DEAL...or NO DEAL.....

    (and why)
  • tommy_gunntommy_gunn Posts: 38
    first off the all caps is for loud people, we get your points

    second, I would take the deal, that is a solid price. Maybe a few hundreds bucks lower is possible, but worth the hassle? Your call and time.

    a. they are not making many of the 09's anymore, Acura has slowed production to snails pace. snooze you lose on what is left probably
    b. the early intel published on the '10 is not earth shattering, and personally, I hate the new big silver/chrome grill thing they are putting on all the cars. The '10 will have it, the '09 does not.

    I am going to try and snare an 09 before the '10 is released, and before they dry up
  • ebcarbuyerebcarbuyer Posts: 17
    You can do better. I'd aim for the low $31k range. I put a deal together for $31.4k plus TTL, including the first service and detail job.
  • outbackg1outbackg1 Posts: 4
    Wanted to ask you guys for your expert opinions.
    A local dealer has a new left over 2008 Base RDX and they are offering $28319 + Taxes and Tags. I know that you can get a 2009 Base RDX for like $1000 more, but wanted to know how much more can I get them to come down on the price.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  • depdep Posts: 79
    I don't think you can get them down that much more but for $1000 DON'T buy the 08. It is already 3 years old; MY08, MY09, MY10.

    Buy the 09 or wait for the 10 and get the 09 for rock bottom.
  • outbackg1outbackg1 Posts: 4
    Thanks dep,
    That was my sign, I'll hold out and wait as you suggested.
  • Here were my reasons for not waiting for the 2010.

    The 09's have a $2500 cash incentive for us to bargin with.

    The 09's have 3.9% for 60months avalible.

    The 09's will NOT have that beak on the front end....granted in the pictures the 2010 front end doesn't look bad, but looking at the TSX, TL and RL beak I am not sure if we are going to like all of that plastic out front.

    Right now we have heard USB and Auto Headlights as the main interior upgrades, and the new front and rear end update which to me doesn't warrant paying $4000+ EXTRA for the 2010 over a 2009.

    I think you should get a 09 for as low as you can get them....somewhere in the 32000-33000 ballpark for a new 09 tech sold me and should sell you too!
  • outbackg1outbackg1 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the response,
    Actually the salesperson told me that the 08's have a $3500 incentive and also qualifies for the 3.9% for 60 months.
    I am assuming that the 08s and 09s are basically the same car since I was hoping that they would really discount their last remaining 08.
    As you guys mentioned, I'll wait for the 2010s and get a better deal on the 09s, and if the 08 still there, hopefully the depreciation will be reflected in their offering price.
  • I would never buy an 08 with only 3500 incentive. Depreciation alone makes an 08 worth $3000 less than an 09 right from the start. And in turn the 08 would be worth nearly $5000-6000 less than a 2010! At least the $2500 on the 09 counteracts the depreciation cost for it. On the 08...Just isn't worth it.

    The 09's are flying out the door here in Cleveland and if I waited any longer there wouldn't have been any left (at least in the color) i wanted

    You might want to go see how good you can do on an 09 now...if you don't like their terms just try again in a week or so and see if they come down after you walk away.

    If they won't give you what you want then just wait for the 2010's and see what you can do then.
  • Got mine without haggling for 31.9 + $100 processing fee. I'm sure I could bargain another 300 bucks off, but I feel uncomfortable with negotiating. It was very easy for me and didn't have to haggle at all.
  • nakitdnanakitdna Posts: 5
    hi firebird, which dealer was this? tnx.
  • With Acura stopping production of all models almost 4 months ago, the concept of getting models at prices from 2 months back or longer is not going to work. And the cost change for new MY units, less any incentives that are in place now, make now the best time to buy. :surprise:
  • mikey_czomikey_czo Posts: 2
    I was blown away to find that the dealer would not budge a penny on it!! This is a perfect car for my wife much better than the 05--06 mdx i was looking at. its like the guys didnt want to sell it to me?? Which is crazy because every other dealer was begging me to buy(gma, nissan, vw, audi)
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