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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,645
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  • Is your $28K OTD jw766?
  • jw766jw766 Posts: 6
    It was OTD in that it included the DOC fee that was "required" by the dealership. Tax and tags was paid at a later date. That what you mean?
  • Oh so Tax and tags were paid at a later date, i refered to OTD being "all in" MSRP and TTL. Thanks for your answer by the way
  • I am planning to buy an 09 RDX and has been in contact with some of the dealers. I just want to share this bad experience that I had with an Acura Salesman from Riverside California. He gave me a call inviting me to come and visit their dealership when i have the time, i told him that i pretty much have the weekend to do the car shopping, that is the reason why i try to solicit the best price offer from diff. dealerships through email, who ever provides the lowest, I will schedule an appointment with them and closeout the deal. So I gave him my current best offer, and he said that he can beat that or at least equal that. I asked him to email me his offer if he can beat it over mail, then ill schedule an appointment with him. He said he can assure me over the phone that he can beat it, I said i need it in an email for reference, he was very persistent and he always mentioned that he can beat that price if the other dealership offered it. He was too persistent that he was even raising his voice. I calmly said, i do prefer it in writing, and he sort of yelled back that "you want it in writing maybe because the best price offer you mentioned was not true". I finally said, (again calmly) if that is what you believe, then i guess you can just let me go to the other dealership. Then he finally said with a frustrated voice, THANK YOU... YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY! (sarcastic tone)

    Clearly this is not the way to win business, how hard is it for you to provide the number that you always say you can beat. Of course I will not give you the sell if you can only equal the price of another dealer. I would like to award it to the first one who offered the price cause they give their best to work with me, give me a price that works with me, and get a win win situation. I would do it even if it means that i need to drive an extra 50 miles to go to that dealership.

    For others who are planning to buy an RDX here in SoCAl - beware, if the salesman from Riverside reads this, i hope you realize that you need to improve and learn to work with your customers, and peacefully agree to disagree if both of you cant meet.
  • I have several internet quotes.. the best is 32,262.00 w/o destination fees and taxes.. It that a good price? What is doc fee?

    We are aiming for 30,000 or less.. you think we can get it?
  • mi_rdxmi_rdx Posts: 3
    I am looking for an RDX and got a quote yesterday from a dealer on an 09 w/tech pkg for $34.5K. i started neg from 31k & stopped at 32k. i came to know of this forum today & read the threads & saw that some ppl got it for 31-32k in june & july 09. none of the dealers have 09'sand wanted to know if 32k a good price now??
  • almost 35k for a 2009 model? that is nuts. I was getting quoted 31.5k for that vehicle in june and july, and that was prior to the 2010 model releasing. that car is now a year old, so factor in depreciation and new model year, i wouldn't pay over 31k for that, and i would try for 30k if you could. if you have cash offer 30k cash on the spot, if they say no, walk away and tell them you are going to another dealer that also has a 2009 tech on the lot. first dealer to match the pricing you want will have a sale on the spot.

    no way i would pay that much for a 2009!
  • mi_rdxmi_rdx Posts: 3
    Is 32,262 for the base model or the one with tech pkg??
  • Its is the SH-AWD without Tech.. i actually got a better offer the other day.. invoice price!
  • My local Acura dealer in Albuquerque has an 09 RDX w/Tech Pckg still on the lot. MSRP is a little over $38k and from what I can tell the invoice is around $35k. What is a fair price for this vehicle, factoring in depreciation?
  • mi_rdxmi_rdx Posts: 3
    what price did you get it finally for?
  • Is this for a base model? For 2010 models I think the best price you can get it is at 32K plus. If you want less than 30K, then consider buying a 2009 and you better hurry as there are not much left. I just bought 1 a couple of days ago, i got it at $29,800, OTD was $33,400 (I live in SoCal where tax is almost 10%).

    Gudluck, I hope you get one, they are really fun to have.
  • Hello!
    Shopping for 07-09 RDx w or w/o Tech pckge....haven't decided. There is an 09 RDX base (AWD) at my local Acura dealership, w/9500 miles (was part of their service fleet), they're asking $30,998. Anyone think I can get this for 29,500?? Looks like wholesale price is a little over 27K, and we'd be paying cash. Also looking at an 07 RDX w/tech, and DVD rear system, which I haven't found in ANY other RDX, 25K miles, asking $27995.
    Thanks for the input!
  • Does the $30,998 price includes Taxes, Destination and title? I got mine brand new 09 Base for 29,700 that is before TTL.
  • jeofztheman-- no, the $30,998 is their advertised internet "sticker" price...that's good news that your got yours for $29,700, brand new. says that the 09RDXs have around $7G depreciation after the first year, so I would think that they would accept our offer of $29K..hmm..wondering now if I should start even a little lower. We'd be OK up to 29,500.
  • jayctjayct Posts: 16
    Never believe the price the dealer asks for. They are just trying to get as much out of you as they can. Check out what the prices are going for here on and I will bet you will find it for less. As noted new cars are going for less than that price. Do not be afraid to play hardball with the dealer. They want YOUR money and you are the one in control, not them. Jay
  • if it were me, since its pre-owned, ill start at 25K - all in (w/ TTL) :), Good Luck
  • geohovgeohov Posts: 23
    Bought my 2010 AWD with Tech RDX today! I drove it first at the dealer and then left because the salesman had another customer and didn't notice me leave. He called me at work and and asked if I liked the car. I said it was very nice. I told him there was a dealer on the south side of Chicago selling it for $35,550, could he match that price (doesn't hurt to ask). He said hold on he would check the price. Came back in a minute and said that is their cost on the vehicle. I said yea and where does that leave us? Can we make $500 on the car? I said I'll give you $36,000 and tax. He thought about it for 30 seconds and said, OK! I went back the next day and bought one coming off the truck, Pearl White and Taupe, for $36,000 and about $200 license, doc, and 7% tax OTD! I couldn't believe it. Love my new RDX!
  • ahhh..I'm such a pansy when it comes to this--I'm one bad mammajamma in my own mind, but then, when I get to the dealer, I get all nice and smiley, and my hubby says I talk too much. Does it make a difference that it came from their service fleet, and wasn't "truly" pre-owned?? Edmunds is saying TMV on this car is over 34Gs for a CPO!!! What???? I don't know...called a good friend of mine who has access to Manheim pricing, and he said this is bringing about 27,500 at auction. So I guess we'll start there....aargh. I hate negotiating :confuse: ....
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