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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • h22a4h22a4 Posts: 4
    i love it. excellent car fun to drive. make sure you got the AWD SH. i got the tech package for 35400$ plus tax and dmv fee.
  • panbgpanbg Posts: 1
    I got $33,300 drive out.
  • acehawkacehawk Posts: 20
    Looking for a RDX SH-AWD non-tech...what are you guys paying these day?
  • This forum helped me research a RDX purchase for my wife, so figured jot down my buying experience.

    After 2 weeks of soliciting bids from local dealerships & fairly intense bargaining, I got a new 2010 RDX SH-AWD (non-tech) for $33,500. This price includes a "protection pack", comprised of rubber floormats, mud flaps, and rear cargo tray. All local dealers seem to put some sort of package like this on the car and overcharge for it; anywhere from $400-600. I declined & refused to pay anything for it, and they finally gave up on it.

    I'm in Kirkland, WA. I negotiated rock bottom price for a week with 3 local dealers over email/phone, then at last moment threw in my wife's 13 year old POS as a trade-in, which they gave me $900, which was reasonable. Ended up having a horrible experience at Bellevue Acura, due to a very lazy/unprofessional salesjerk. So I walked out, drove 25mi out of my way to Seattle Acura, where I got very professional/efficient service and got it $1000 cheaper.

    They charged me $256 doc & $150 license fees, and local tax is 9.8%.

    $36,200 out the door, including 900 trade-in, fees, and tax.

    Acura has .09% 36mo financing till July, which is basically a free loan. I doubt 2011 models will be drastically different than 2010's, and with cheap financing, now is a good time to get a good price.

    By the way, Costco price would have been about $1000 more than I paid, so I definitely recommend taking your time to shop around & negotiate hard.

    Hope it helps, good luck.

  • z5470z5470 Posts: 19
    edited June 2010
    Here is my deal? Any good?
    35330 msrp
    selling the car for 33247 + dealer handling or 369 and lease aca. fee
    2K down total due at signing which includes first payment
    36 mos 12 k 56% resid 411 + tax
    36 mos 10k 57% resid 401 + tax

    money factor .00096

    Good Deal? what is the dealer handling fee? can they get rid of that?
  • CPO 2007 high mileage, added an $800 documentary fee and wouldn't negotiate. I walked. They haven't come back to me with a negotiation. I'm more likely to buy a lower mileage car and spend more $$ so long as I feel dealer is being decent.

    Was I right?
  • omni1234omni1234 Posts: 1
    I just bought an RDX FWD with Tech for $32,200 before TTL. I thought it was a worth while upgrade to the non-tech which was priced at $29,500, so I pulled the trigger. This was at Norm Reeves Acura in Mission Viejo CA and I believe the salesman was Dwayne. If you want to check out the price, make sure you ask them for the internet/fleet price, not the overpriced ticket. Overall, the price was $900 below invoice, so I figured I got a good deal.

    BTW, the color was Grigio/Black.

    I tried bargaining for free all weather mats but the best they did was sell it at their cost, which was still overpriced - $150.

    I believe if dealer is selling at internet prices, there is VERY LITTLE room to negotiate.
  • Got Base for 30463, plus tax and DMV period, internet price. Great Car I think for the price.
  • rajnyrajny Posts: 2
    Do u remember the other charges u need to pay like doc fee, title fees besides the sales tax?

    Also could u share the dealer's name where u bought from?

  • duncan01duncan01 Posts: 2
    Looking to purchase the RDX in the Northern Virginia area. Has anyone purchased one and if so, what price did you pay. I have gotten quotes for about $35,000+.
  • wethertonwetherton Posts: 6
    Just paid 34K for awd no tech for lease. But, traded in 08 tsx that was 20K over in miles and still had to pay last payment, total due was a little over 3K at end of lease. That being said, I am happy with payment at $495, nothing down just $50 regis fee at time of pickup. The car is fantastic.
  • nemo10nemo10 Posts: 4
    I got an offer at $33000+tax+title etc. Is this a good price? I see that this price is much lower than what I saw in the forum. Did the dealers just get some incentives?
  • elli1elli1 Posts: 1
    just found one for $32,647
  • nemo10nemo10 Posts: 4
    Before tax or after tax?
  • brentwood5brentwood5 Posts: 14
    nemo10, is this $33K offer in California? That is a great price for a 2010 RDX with SH-AWD + TECH PKG. Aprox. $2,790 below invoice. Please provide more info. I'm in the market for a FWD w/ TECH and have been offered invoice ($33,956). With your offer I can save $1K and have AWD. Thanks...
  • rwarriorrwarrior Posts: 1
    Bought a non CPO RDX with 30000 mi at a local Los Angeles Subaru dealership for 23350 OTD. Vehicle is in good condition. I'm a happy camper. Now I'm debating whether to purchase an extended warranty from Acura. Thanks to Edmunds for helping me with my research. For those that are looking for used RDX, my advice is to take a look at the Edmund's TMV to see how much of a discount dealers are actually advertising.
  • nirvnirv Posts: 6
    This forum has been extremely useful in researching the of RDX. I live in the Bay area and I am planning to buy a RDX FWD W/Tech package ...need the navigathion. Has any one bought this combo recently? Can you please share your price paid (without tax and registration)..?
  • gobigogobigo Posts: 1
    I bot that combo from Niello Acura in Sacto in Nov. 09. paid $200 over invoice. but got them to throw in the protech package (basically, mud flaps, wheel locks and cargo tray), so it was pretty much a wash. they are probably cheaper now, but overall the experience was tolerable. getting an out the door quote took a few hours. you know got get "manager" approval, etc. anyway, we like the car, but the ride is stiff, so spend some time driving to make sure it isn't too stiff. only problems to date are the tire pressure system freaks out every 3,000 miles or so. it loses signal, but turning the car off then back on seems to correct it. also passenger seat rattles when no one is in it. also the cargo cover rattles against the tailgate.
  • aqanaqan Posts: 5
    edited July 2010
    AWD + Tech = 35,800. Is that a good price? I got this from, from what I hear that would be the best price without hagelling.. thoughts?
    This is in CT
  • roncoronco Posts: 6
    I have a 2008 RDX Tech with 35000 miles on lease that I'm getting ready to trade in. I know that I should actually have some trade value. I'm in the DC area and am interested in what I might realistically get for it and where I might get the best value for it. I have received a range of generic prices subject to inspection, but would rather not go through the hassle of having it priced any more than necessary.
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