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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can I ask what dealer? Here in texas, the best offer I could get was 35,450. I'd fly there and drive back for that price.
  • I managed to get an offer of $35,200 plus ttl for a 2012 w tech, including splash guards installed. Seeing as I started off giving the local dealership an offer of $36,500 last Thursday(which they refused), I am happy with it.

    For other peeps in Texas, the Dallas area dealers seem more responsive to deal than Austin, or San Antonio dealers.
  • Please let us know if that's FWD or AWD, it really does matter. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • Sorry, this was fwd. It also includes destination So the msrp is $36,880 + accessories

  • Also just for interest sake, I was offered a 2011 fwd w/tech for $33,698(including destination) without even negotiating(that was one dealerships first internet price offer).
    A local salesman offered $36,000 for the same vehicle(2011 fwd w/tech), as his best possible price.

    Emailing 5 dealerships around the state saved me a bundle, so don't be afraid to.
  • Purchased 2011 AWD RDX (silver/black/15miles) last Friday (9/23/2011). 30,600 + destination + TTL.
  • No options? Tech? what was the MSRP?
  • No Tech.

    If u r asking for MSRP, it is 34,500 or something. Look up on that will tell u.
  • Is that new? Where at? That's a great price.
  • You got a better deal than me.

    Purchased 2011 AWD RDX (silver/black/200miles) in Sep 3rd. $33200 OTD
  • Hey there,

    Just wondering which dealer u got that deal from? I'm ready to buy and would be happy with that price. By the way, how much is destination for the car, i think i heard $875?

  • hll7575hll7575 Posts: 13
    Not sure if you have decided to buy, but my gut feeling is that the 08 Acura RDX is just fine. It might be many just came out of the lease program. Back then, RDX might be a "poor men's" luxury small SUV. Now, it could be mroe compeitions, and also the down economy, that either some people cannot afford the "luxury" anymore, or simply wanted something different, say a MB GLK, BMW X3, or Volvo XC60, etc.
  • edin06edin06 Posts: 5
    I just purchased 2011 FWD in Oct, $31500 in WhiteBear Lake MN, the internet saleman name Mark very nice and easy to work with. I would recommend all friends come to this dealer if they want to buy car in the future.
    Another dealer in MN name Buerkle Acura is suck, new car internet manager and new car department saleman are mean and suck too.
  • I have a quote for a new Acura RDX 2012 SH AWD with tech package for 34k. Is this a good price?
  • easyrdxeasyrdx Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    Hey edin06,

    Does your price $31500 is OTD price? if it is, that is a very good deal!
    I bought my RDX in John Eagle Acura, Houston, TX. The salesman was really bad, he didn't know anything about his car, I have to answer every question that I asked to him.
  • edin06edin06 Posts: 5
    The 2011 FWD $31,500 before tax and Licence. :shades:
  • edin06edin06 Posts: 5
    2012 SH AWD with Tech $34K is very good deal but you can ask your saleman off 33,500 or through some thing in your car like roofrack, all season floor mat... :)
  • harismharism Posts: 1
    Hi Mike, can you tell me the dealership name/city details where you got 34k? Thanks
  • newrdxnewrdx Posts: 1
    Hi Micheal,

    Can you share some information about dealer and city.
  • Is there a shortage of these cars, does anyone know? It seems there are not that many on dealers lots. We just bought a 2010 with Tech PKG at with 10K on it for 29K including tax, title, & fees. I'm looking for a Red one, but have found very few for sale. We have one local dealer who has a brand new 2010 AWD with Tech PKG, in black. NOT a color we wanted, but they were wiling to take $33K for it including tax, title, & fees. Anyone know if more of these cars are on the way??
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