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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tructruc Posts: 4
    edited July 2012
    it was vandergriff acura in arlington. i also tried goodson acura, but they never came back with a quote. it took them about a week to agree to the deal. they were trying to get me to go 38620. i offered 38200. they let me walk out the door. a few days later, i got an email for 38500. i told them i would split the difference and he called me an hour later and asked me when was i going to pick it up. i got the white diamond awd with tech package.
  • geosynchgeosynch Posts: 1
    saz_1, congrats on a great deal. I'm in NoVA and looking to pick up an RDX AWD/tech from Radley this weekend. Your price was fantastic, I'd like to see if I can get them to make me the same offer. Any chance you can provide any details such as the salesperson that you worked with? What other dealer's quotes did you use to work them down?
  • tclstcls Posts: 8
    Two San Diego area dealers quoted $33,440 or so for a baseline 2013 RDX (no packages) over the phone/Internet, which is about $350 over invoice. I got it at that price (plus tax and fees) mid July.
  • eli2tyreeeli2tyree Posts: 6
    Great deal. Did the $33400 include destination? What was your out the door price?
  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    It in actually in MA because I currently live here and am moving to CT so will have to pay that tax. It was Acura Walpole.
  • It would be helpful if the price is "Out of the door" or "+TTL"... it a big different between the two deals!
  • ron233ron233 Posts: 1
    I got a quote for RDX FWD with tech package for 37415 (MSRP 38020+895 = 38915) and after taxes in NC OTD price came to 39100. He is giving All season protection package I ( weather mats + wheel locks + splash guards ) and cargo tray with this price. Is this a good deal??
  • tclstcls Posts: 8
    You much know that the invoice before destination is $35,670 for FWD+Tech Package. ( I paid $400 above invoice+destination for the FWD w/o Tech but with cargo tray. So whether it's high depends on how much the protection package is worth. But my gut feeling is that the price quoted to you is not the best you can get.
  • What is the hang up with destination? At least it's a consistent charge that makes sense (getting the vehicle from the factory to the dealership). I don't see why everyone seems to think it's BS. The documentation fees, on the other hand, seem to vary from location to location and are much more open for interpretation in my opinion. In addition, destination has a tangible benefit; I don't want to have to go to the factory to pick up my car.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,898
    You're 100% correct. People that don't know any better think destination is some kind of extra negotiable charge and it isn't. It's part of the invoice price. Some people think..."hey, I live down the street from the factory, why should I have to pay the same as someone 2000 miles from the factory?' The only reason the dest. chg. is broken out on the invoice is for advertising purposes, so they can advertise a lower price and then say "plus destination". Try to negotiate the "destination charge" off your next refrigerator and see how well that works. It's part of the invoice price and it is not negotiable.

    Ok, you may get some hot shot that says, "bull...., I negotiated the destination off the price". Well, what they really did was they got the dealer to lower their sales price by about the amount of the destination charge. Dealer doesn't care what you call a discount, they just care about the bottome line price. Same way with doc fees. Some states regulate the fees as to how much they can charge and then say if they do charge a doc fee, they have to charge the same to everybody or leave themselves open to discrimination risk. So they all charge and when some "expert negotiator" says they will not pay that exhorbitant doc fee the dealer just says ok and lowers the sale price of the vehicle by that amount and joe blow negotiator thinks they really showed that dealer what for. ;)

    Bottome line ---quit worrying about what it's called and just negotiate to your price, it doesn't matter how the dealer breaks it down on the paperwork.
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,969
    Conversely, you negotiate what seems like a good price on the car, and when they start adding it up, there is an additional fee of $795 for destination.... What?

    "Oh, everyone has to pay for destination... why would we include that in the negotiated price?"

    So... it goes both ways.. :)

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,898
    It's clearly stated on the window sticker so that would be odd that the customer wouldn't realize it's part of the overall price. Not that I doubt that it has happened but it has never happended to me and I've bought a lot of cars over the years. If I had spent a lot of time negotiating and then they tried to drop that on me.....I would walk, period! Then I know I'm dealing with a real shyster outfit.

    I've lived in states where the doc fees are reasonable(as reasonable as it can be I guess) of $150 or less. In Illinois I think it may be something like $151.50. In those states that the dealers want to charge $300, $400 and even $500 I guess you just have to be real diligent and ask up front before you even start negotiating. Nothing wrong with "hey, before we start, what's your doc fee and do you include the dest chg in the negotiation?"
  • Guys, Help me locate best dealer and price to buy Acura RDX 2013 in Washington state, esp in and around Seattle. I got offer for $ 39,300, But that is bit expensive as I feel.

  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 147
    Destination, freight, is part of the MSRP of the vehicle. Savy buyers should consider the freight part of the negotiated price rather than a fee.

    Documentation fees, on the other hand, are not a cost to a dealer, not part of the price of the car, and most certainly not a fee. Dealers attaching the word fee is clearly designed to enforce the belief, to many buyers, the "fee" is a required part of the deal. In fact, the documentation fee is nothing more than profit for the dealer.

    One thing to recognize is the dealer most likely must segregate the fee in the deal. Dealers selectively charging the fee to only some customers will likely run afoul of discrimination laws. However that does not mean a buyer has to pay the fee. A smart buyer will negotiate a price, say $20,000. The dealer would likely try to add the fee, say $300, and make the price $20,300, A savy buyer would say no way and demand the deal be stated as $19,700 + $300 = $20,000.

    It astounds me how many people posting on Edmunds seem to have accepted this dealer scam!
  • pzzcatpzzcat Posts: 20
    i was quoted at $38,760 for AWD+Tech Package NYC MSRP $40,315 ....ANY ADVICE
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 130
    edited August 2012
    -2K MSRP is the target
  • pzzcatpzzcat Posts: 20
    got it,THANK YOU
  • pzzcatpzzcat Posts: 20
    i was quoted at NYC $38,760 and NJ (22 MI from my home )$37860 for AWD+Tech Package MSRP $40,315 ....ANY ADVICE
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 13,602
    buy in Jersey?

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • pzzcatpzzcat Posts: 20
    edited August 2012
    dont know, do you think good price (save $900)
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