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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    I know of a local person in my area who sold his honda pilot 2009 for 18,000 to carmax and the dealer where he was going to trade it in to get the new 2013 rdx was offering 15,000 to him a 3,000 difference, but yes everywhere is not the same.
  • pcain01pcain01 Posts: 2
    Just picked up 2013 RDX AWD w/Tech with 90 miles for $36,500 with locks all weather mats and roof rack in northern NJ
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    That's a great deal. In fact, that is the best deal I've seen on a new RDX. Congrats.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 98
    I did not buy a RDX. I recently got a 2013 MDX. For me, at this time, the MDX represented a better choice.

    Purchasing a vehicle at its inception is usually not a cost effective move. As shown on this forum, at this time, dealers do not seem to be discounting the RDX much. In fact, my local dealer told me they sell for basically MSRP with only minor reductions.

    With the 2014 MDX close, the discount for the 2013 MDX was about $7,000. Since I lease, the MDX makes more sense at this time as its monthly lease payment is no more than the payment for a similarly equipped RDX.
  • patm70patm70 Posts: 20
    "As shown on this forum, at this time, dealers do not seem to be discounting the RDX much. In fact, my local dealer told me they sell for basically MSRP with only minor reductions. "

    As to your statement above re a 2013 RDX selling for basically MSRP. Your dealer lied to you (surprise!). If you will check the many posts in this forum, many purchasers of the 2013 RDX purchased their vehicle for $2000. and more below MSRP. Some buyers reported buying their vehicles for less than $500. or more below invoice.
    As to your lease deal on an MDX, it is hard to compare with a selling price in which you own the car. Good luck with your MDX. Acura rules!
  • sstallsstall Posts: 7
    Lowest price for new (not used) 2013 RDX FWD with Tech is around $36700. That is the Edmunds TMV price for this area. I don't know if that includes the loyalty cash back. Do you know? How much less should a used vehicle be?
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    edited March 2013
    sstall buy a new one better 2013 RDX FWD Tech sells for as low as 35,000 I bought mines for 35,196 in Rickcase acura. Listen in Church Falls Virginia there is an acura dealer there that will sell you an acura rdx 2013 tech for a little over 35,000 and it's less than 3 hours from you. You're from NC correct? You can have the car delivered to your door for under 300.00 dls. They were going to ship me one from Virginia to Florida for 500.00. But eventually got same price in a dealer near me called Rickcase Acura. Maybe they are more expensive now but i doubt it. Go to the sales internet manager not a sales person...
  • siva77siva77 Posts: 3
    2013 RDX FWD ,

    I got it on road(Incldiong Tax,Doc,etc) 35,800$.But other dealer gave me 35,500$ and took.
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    siva do you mean you bought it used? Is it the rdx tech or non tech. What color you got the car?
  • Sounds like a few here got good pricing using he costco program.

    I like the RDX and i tried to sign up for the coscto program. The local dealer told me that the FDX was not included in the Costco program due to its popularity and short supply and said they could not do it.

    they had over 20 RDX on the inventory so i doubt its in short supply. Any experience this? I like the car but this was a big let down. They wanted me to come down and talk price.

    There is only one dealer here in hawaii so i can't check with another dealer. Kinda of a bummer. We also looking as a few other non Acura SUV and will be looking at their costco pricing this week.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    Call Costco and complain. See if a dealer can withhold one particlular model from the Costco program or would that violate their agreement with Costco??
  • soz10soz10 Posts: 1
    Do not overlook the current RDX $750 lease cashback incentive. It is new and easy to miss.
  • Or maybe get the Costco quotes on a couple of competitors like the Outback and give them the 'I don't WANT to shop elsewhere; but I CAN'T overlook this price" ;) . Let'm know you're serious about buying.
  • The color is red, but the color doesn't matter

    Beautiful color: but would fit in better at my alma mater of SOUTH Carolina ;)
  • cev13cev13 Posts: 2
    I'm an Acura newbie and plan to trade in my 02 Santa Fe. I am being quoted an out the door total price of $38,374, not including my trade-in. This includes tax, registration, all-weather mats, fog lights, remote starter and cargo net. Is this good, bad, could be better? I'm in no rush to buy and I'm in Pittsburgh, PA. Any advice is appreciated for this first time car buyer. Thanks!!
  • You would need to back out the taxes and registration for those not living in your order for others to know what the actual selling price is.
  • lego34lego34 Posts: 5
    I get the beige int and forge silver We love this kind of color, it turn a light blue depending on the light. I bought it rosental acura MD good experience
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    OTD means out-the-door. There is no OTD plus $3000 down. He said he negotiated the car for OTD, which logically means total sum $32,402 and of which they put a $3000 down (that he forgot to mention) to seal the deal and walk out the door.

    Great going Kohinoor!
  • Anyone here use the costco program. If so how did they go about giving your the pricing and if so what did you pay?
  • cev13cev13 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply and I look forward to your response/feedback!

    Retail Price: $36,615
    Dealer Price I Am Being Given: $34,813
    Fees: $236.55
    Floor Mats, Remote Starter, Cargo Net & Fog Lights: $817.04
    7% Tax
    TOTAL: $38,374.69

    No trade
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