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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • funken_afunken_a Posts: 5
    Here's what they are throwing at me

    All of the Lynnwood RDX's have a protection package installed. Wheel Locks, Door edge film...

    I was only able to beat them back to $39,800

    The salesman at Bellevue said his invoice price was $38,100.00, and he could not and would not be able to get me that price. I'm guessing I could of negotiated $ $38,800

    Seattle was similar. Upper $38's low $39's

    Sales tax + doc and fees runs 11% out here. Frustrating, I so dislike
    talking with car salesman
  • Maybe try the coscto auto program and see what price you get.
  • I i woud think the arrival of the 2014 MDX would drop the price of the remaining 2013 MDX models. But I am thinking this has little effect on the RDX.

    Anyone wanna guess when the 2014 RDX will be out? Also do you think this will help lower the price point of the the 2013 RDX?
  • funken_afunken_a Posts: 5
    I can't even find a leak of info on the 2014 RDX, as I was hoping it would have even better MPG.

    But the RDX is a HOT Seller and getting the deals is obviously getting harder.

    SO in my opinion I don't see the announcement of the 2014 having any real effect until the 2014 is actually showing up in dealers lots
  • funken_afunken_a Posts: 5
    edited March 2013
    I am finding the Costco program to be a joke. You have to travel to the dealer to see the price.

    one dealer brought out a laminated spread sheet and pointed to his Costco price which was $39, 500. How do I know that really is the Costco price.... They are supposed to show an official Costco document, but if that document is in the hands of the dealers 1st then they have the upper hand, and manipulation is still a possibility.

    I am pretty sure I can get the price lower then that, but not much lower. The biggest problem is the 10% on top to cover the taxes and the fees and documents. WA Sales tax is high 9.5% - 9,8%, but we have no state income tax so you can't complain
  • karndkarnd Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    I think you are right, destination might have not been included in that price $32.7k

    Bought RDX AWD Base last month in NJ for $33500 incl destination with wheel lock,spash guard + fogs ( $450) + $399 dealer/doc ( no trade in )
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    Of course Karn remember one thing dealers make money mainly on Doc fees and destination fees and of course the car sale but not a whole lot in most cases..
  • I have got costco pricing from other cars i am looking at via email but not the rdx. I found that it was pretty close to invoice or below and a pretty good pricing.

    I can totally see dealer try to steer you away from the costco price if its really good and not wanting to give out the price.

    I think if you go through the costco website costco does some follow up so if you wanted to you could go back to costco and give them what the dealer gave you and probably have them check to see the dealer is BS on the costco price.

    I am still working on my costco pricing.
  • Not sure if this is the real costco price but this is what they told and showed me $35140. I got better pricing without costco for 34600 with an OTD of $3700. (tax here is about 5%. plus this dealer has 250 doc fee. and some DMV fees)

    I also got costco pricing on a fully loaded Mazda CX 9 which was really good actually below invoice. OTD would be $35,500.

    Personally like the RDX but my wife likes the CX9 more than the rdx mainly because it has power liftgate and more space. the only reason we ended looking at the RDX was we intially went in to see the MDX but it was over our price point.

    Its my wife choice so based on the above price she gonna pick the CX9 more care more features and less money.

    Does not seem like the deal with Acura here will go much lower. I ask edfor a 36000 OTD and they said they could not do it.

    I am not in a rush i was kinda hoping the price of the RDX would drop with a future release of the 2014 model or maybe if the 2014 non tech would add power lift i could get my wife to like the car more.

    Any feed back welcome.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 189
    Dealers do not make money on the destination fee. That is part of the MSRP price and is charged by the manufacturer to cover the actual cost of shipping the vehicle to the dealer. Of course any dealer attempting to charge a secondary destination fee is one I would avoid as such a practice is likely indicative of a less than ethical sales philosophy. If a dealer is pulling such a stunt I would wonder what else they are up too.

    Documentation fees are essentially part of the selling price which includes dealer profit. Such fees certainly do not cover any dealer cost nor are they mandatory in any way. Buyers should consider such fees a component of the selling price of the vehicle. That fee certainly increases a dealer's profit.

    Dealers discovered the documentation fee gambit many years ago to deceive unsuspecting buyers into thinking they actually pay less for the vehicle. Just goes to show how dealers really view their customers.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    2014s will probably not come out until September timeframe. So any markdowns so to speak on the 2013 models won't happen until probably August. Then again, if the RDX stays hot and the 2014 doesn't have many improvements, the release of the 2014 won't affect pricing on the 2013 all that much. Usually not too much changes the second year of a model at Honda/Acura and the third year is when they do some upgrades and major changes. It basically depends a lot on how much inventory they have as to whether dealers "deal" or not.
  • The price of 2013 RDX and a CPO 2011 MDX is pretty much same. What would make a better buying sense?
  • rdxer1rdxer1 Posts: 5
    Hello all,

    I am still price comparing but looking to pull the trigger on a lease early next week. Wanted to see if these number sound decent based on the specs:

    2013 rdx awd tech, roof rack w crossbars, runnng boards, body side molding, all weather and trunk mat, wheel locks. 36 month, 12k per year

    2000 down, 584 a month is with a very reputable nj dealer . Thank you
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    Too much money rdxer1 for a lease. You should lease that car for 349.00 a month.For 584.00 a month and 2k down might as well buy
  • rdxer1rdxer1 Posts: 5
    Tell me where i can get that deal...i was quoted 635 by one dealer and the best quote was another guy at 584...granted i dont car shop every day but how much lower will adealer go from here..most dealerships are quoting well north of 600
  • ksrd13ksrd13 Posts: 2
    I am in Maryland and just leased a non tech RDX For $508 - 15k mi per year.
    Negotiated the price to 33,200 and dealer made the first Monty's pmnt of $508. I did not pay out of pocket for anything, added to the negotiated price. Money factor is vey low so it made sense
  • rdxer1rdxer1 Posts: 5
    Ok but did you see all of add ons and including tech? If you added the 2k down it would be about 640 a month all in..but i think we are not comparing apples to strongly considering the nontech and just mounting an ipad mini for nav
  • 4mercoachrick4mercoachrick Posts: 133
    edited March 2013
    Three fifty for a $40K vehicle? Where do I sign? I'd love to pay 'only' 12-14 grand to drive a $40K vehicle for three years!

    Acura's no/no deal on the FWD Tech is $500/mo for 36. Add 40/mo for AWD, figure accessories and extra mileage and his/her deal is only off by the down payment, IMO.(Also depends on how sales tax was figured in)

    (S)he should offer the monthly pmt but with nothing down...they'll counter with $1000 down and (s)he'll have to decide.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    Yeah, on a lease in Illinois you pay sales tax on the total of the sales price of the vehicle(not total of lease payments) up front(or prorated into the monthly payment). That is a lot of money and why many don't lease here unless you can claim as a business expense.
  • ksrd13ksrd13 Posts: 2
    Residual value on a non tech was higher which us better for a lease, plus 3k is away too much to pay for nav! Otherwise except for the power tailgating is the only difference
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