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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Don't forget, it's not just the end of the month; but the end of the quarter for most dealers...time to MAKE THOSE NUMBERS!!! ;)

    I'd be all over the best no/no lease I could find right now...fall in love with the vehicle and buy it in three years.
  • "I agree that they leave things off in the hope that people will upgrade to the tech"
    That's the whole idea behind various trim levels. Volvo will build a vehicle for you exactly as you wish if you want to pick it up in Europe. I think Lexus and Acura(among others) are smart to have package(s) deals for combos of options. One buyer wants fogs no matter what; another, like me, couldn't care less about them. Same for 19" wheels that some think should be standard or even HID w/LED tail lights that some think are de rigeuer. Others feel that way about roof rails...can't please everybody for $30K. Build a bundle, discount it a bit, put it on the marketing.(Flexibility to change the recipe in subsequent years...something may come along to replace in-dash Nav, for example).

    BTW, the difference in the driving experience between the RDX and any Subaru, for me, puts them in different segments. I understand the appeal of the OB, but it ain't no RDX on the road.
  • This looks like a good price...can i get the dealer name please? Thanks
  • How much is this worth? I notice that some RDX have it and other do not. Dealer says it adds 400 to the overall cost of a base RDX.

    For base AWD RDX (no body side molding) i am at $34,600 plus tax and doc OTD would be $36,800.

    My wife still favors the Mazda mainly cause she likes the power hatch and because the price we got was below invoice. By my calc the price i am at with the RDX is 4.4% above invoice.

    What is worse is the color that she likes seems to be the on base RDX which has the molding which will add to the price. Is this something they could easily through in at No Charge?

    The wife still favors the Mazda ( I don't) mainly cause she likes the power hatch and because the price we got was below invoice.

    Wife says she would go for the rdx only if she can get the color she wants and that it would cost less or equal to the deal of the mazda which has a OTD just below $36,000. Or if we can get it with the power hatch (basically tech pack out of our bduget).

    My wife favors the Mazda mainly cause she likes the power hatch and because the price we got was below invoice. Also because of rear AC vents and bigger car.
  • alvaresalvares Posts: 75
    What color she wants on the rdx. I know no rear vents is something that worries me on this car. They most likely leave it at invoice for you...
  • I work for an Acura dealer in Cary, NC. The 2014's are being built in April. Delivery in May. No word on any changes. They tell us when they tell the public.
  • Side molding is a $250 option...Is the dealer charging $150 to install? Yikes.
  • funken_afunken_a Posts: 5
    Tell your wife that the Acura RDX is final manufactured in USA< and has 65% of its parts made in the USA. She is supporting American Jobs

    Mazda's are mostly foriegn with little USA parts or manufacturing

    If it wasn't for this FACT I wouldn't even be considering the RDX.

    If we want the country to get better we have to support Jobs for our brothers and sisters
  • krish123krish123 Posts: 4
    Purchased new acura rdx awd with tech package $39000 which includes tilte and taxes. my state tax is 6%
  • bliss5bliss5 Posts: 3
    That's a great deal. Are you from Michigan? It which dealer did you buy from? Does your price include destination charges?
  • krish123krish123 Posts: 4
    The price is OTD price which includes all tags and tiltle destination fees and documentation fees no i am not from michigan
  • Posting an OTD price is really a waste of everyone's time.


    What was the MSRP?
    What did you pay for the vehicle?
    What 'fees' did the dealer pop you for?

    Exclude the taxes, title, and reg which varies with each state.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    And include the dealer name and city as well. If you are truly trying to help others why make them ask????
  • Thanks for sharing this john. I doubt this will happen but i kinda want to wait for the 2014 in hopes of getting power liftgate and rear AC added to the base RDX and also better pricing on the 2013. Would like to hear your opinion of this?

    I maybe be able to hold off my wife who likes a CX9 as the color combo she wants for the CX9 out right now and the dealer is waiting on a new ship so if the 2014 RDX are just 2 months away that could be good news for me if the above happens.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    Just heard from an Acura dealer at another site that the 2014s are scheduled for production the first week of April for May delivery at about the same time as the new MDX hits the street. NO changes noted except one color change. Keep in mind that this is coming from an Acura dealer employee so it doesn't necessarily mean it's gospel but it seems to jive with other stuff we've heard lately.
  • I'd kinda hate to see you get a vehicle that's a foot and a half longer, over 500 pounds heavier and sticks you with a third row you may not need just to get the color combo your wife likes. :(
  • 3 things the wife likes about the CX9 vs. RDX.. The price, The Power hatch, The rear AC and better color options both interior & Exterior.

    The Power hatch seems to be most important missing feature on the base RDX but does not make sense for to dish out 4k just for that plus it would be out of our price range.
  • krish123krish123 Posts: 4
    edited March 2013
    What was the MSRP? 40315
    What did you pay for the vehicle? 36300
    What 'fees' did the dealer pop you for? 200 processing
    Bethesda MD acura Showroom
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    Thanks. Was there a trade involved or something? That price is way, way below dealer invoice. On a hot selling vehicle it's just strange to see that kind of discount. It's easily $1000 lower than any other price I've seen for an AWD Tech.
  • krish123krish123 Posts: 4
    No Trading involved really its very good price more than $1000 lower
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