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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

    Have driven our RDX 1437 miles. Gas mileage on last 1000 miles about 12 MPG.

    Don't think we need to wait six months to know that there is something wrong.

    Father-in-law is a mechanic, says high weight is causing the fuel-burn. Very expensive on gas.

    Good car otherwise, but very poor gas mileage, guzzles premium gas, weird for a Honda/Acura.
  • Our gas mileage after the first 200 miles was 18.4 MPG. That was about 100 miles of highway driving and 100 miles in town. Hopefully it will only get better as the engine "breaks in".

    Sorry to hear about the experience that some have had with low mileage.
  • Well, okay. Go to the dealer and tell him your car has a "high weight" problem, and that you want it fixed. Be sure to keep us all posted on what happens...
  • ccacpccacp Posts: 117
    Hello Everyone, to my surprise the Acura Canada window sticker for the RDX has an EPA rating of 23/30 mpg. There is no way that I think this car will attain those numbers ! How could they even venture to post those numbers when Acura USA has 19/24 on their window stickers !

    On top of that, one of the cars that was on display outside was UNLOCKED ! Dealerships in Quebec, Canada are closed on Saturday and Sunday and thus the lot was unsupervised ! I could clearly see the package to activate the Navi !
    I opened the door, locked the door through the central mechanism and left still surprised at these 2 findings !

    What do you think about the MPG difference with Canadian Cars !
  • Are you sure it is MPG and not KPG?
  • The Canadian Acura website lists fuel consumption specifications in liters per 100 kilometers, like Europe does. And the numbers they post are equivalent to 19/25 mpg. So I have no idea what you are looking at.
  • ccacpccacp Posts: 117
    I was looking at the window sticker on an actual RDX in a Canadian lot. There was the numbers in litres per 100 km and then the miles per gallon equivalent. I wonder why there is such a huge discrepancy between the US numbers and the Canadian numbers.
  • Well, if the l/100km numbers on the sticker are not 12.5 and 9.3, maybe it's a misprint. If the l/100 km numbers ARE 12.5 and 9.3, then someone somewhere at Acura of Canada is not very good at math converting to imperial units. Sad, but not necessarily a conspiracy.
  • Contacted a salesperson at our local Acura Dealer is Las Vegas regarding the gas mileage for the RDX. Was told that the figures were very disappointing. Sales person would not give me a figure, just kept saying it was below expectations. Decided I will wait to purchase until this mileage problem is resolved.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I would be surprised if a salesperson said anything along those lines.
  • US Gallon = 3.78 liters; Imperial Gallon = 4.54 liters.... Units are important!
  • The gas mileage on this car is horrific. The EPA is 19/23 but thus far we have had no tank higher than 13 MPG and our average is 12.8 MPG. I took the car to the dealer and they said that "the gas mileage on the RDX isn't great".

    - a consumer rating elsewhere on the site, 09/04/06
  • Is anyone getting decent gas mileage with the new RDX ????
  • We are getting the stated mileage of 19 MPG in the city. To get 12 MPG, one would only be driving ~200 miles on a tank. We are getting 200 miles on a half tank.
  • My wife and I checked out the RDX yesterday and I thought it was a good package - nice interior and had a little more pep than I expected. I know there is no definition these days of an "SUV", but we thought it was much more of a car than an SUV. Closer to a hatchback. I guess SUV is a marketing ploy, not as many potential buyers would gravitate to a hatchback in the U.S. although they dominate the market in Europe. Regardless, it was a nice car although the styling wasn't for my wife.
  • saagisaagi Posts: 3
    Hi all, I'm planning to buy RDX in kansas city area. Dealer has given me MSRP quote. Any success stories with good pricing in Kansas city area. Alson any luck with MPG. I'm hearing all sad stories on mpg. Thanks in advance.
  • reb5reb5 Posts: 2
    I too am planning on an RDX in Pennsylvania if anyone is getting any deals out there please share.. MSRP was quoted to me also. Thought about leasing but $ 5,000.00 down at signing is crazy!!! Anyone getting any type of deal please post.
  • reb5reb5 Posts: 2
    Anyone getting any type of deal out there for the RDX please post. Im in PA and they are quoting MSRP.

  • I am going to be moving the Southern California. i know there are tens of acura dealerships in that area and competition should be a lot. Any idea what prices look like in that area? Also, i was just wondering, is the distination charge taxable? I know it is not going to be much but I hate to be cheated by the dealerships.
  • Destination is usually taxable, i.e. part of the selling price of the car. It's not fun paying taxes, but since the dealer gets none of it, they're not cheating you, at least on that front.
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