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Honda Fit Transmission Questions



  • dgfitdgfit Posts: 8
    I did not notice clunking sounds with my sport AT either for the first few months..but, then wow, did I !
    Seems to be more pronounced when car is old along with break squeak/squeal even with foot very fimrly on brakes....
    no sounds like this im my echo or '03 civic before..I tried a new car @ a dealerhip and it sounds like this also...service comments the same as yours...not car in some ways!!!!!!!!!!!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    in the fits defense though, while it may not be an actual dual clutch auto, the time it takes the engine to process when you want to shift with the paddles is fantastic: my rabbit would make a noticable pause before shifting when i told it to, whereas the fit seems more ager to please and snappy in this regard.
  • Blue 5AT.

    Does anyone else think it would be helpful to have the gear indicator always lit while in "D" mode?

    Coming off a manual transmission, I am thankful that there are paddle shifters to give me control over engine breaking. My only stink is that I don't know what gear I'm in until after I give a paddle a squeeze. Has anyone heard about firmware upgrades that would keep the gear indicator always lit. I know that in 'S' mode I can select clutchless manual, but with only 1800 miles, I haven't explored this option yet.

    The main reason
    One reason for my request stems from a time I was engine breaking down a hill and accidentally put it into 2nd when the car had already put itself into 3rd. Anyone who likes to paddle-shift their Fit knows how different the ratios are between 2nd and 3rd. It is an uncomfortable experience for you and your passengers when you don't expect it.

    Another reason occurs on my daily commute, when climbing a hill with the need to pass, I like to drop it down to 3rd, but if the car is in 4th and the computer allows it, I might find myself in 2nd when I don't want to be. This isn't quite as big a deal, because I should be looking more at my RPMs and what band will give me an adequate amount of horses and torque.

    I guess it's the dreaded 2nd gear that I fear. Putting it into 3rd seems to be the best for passing and engine breaking. Also I'm used to selecting a gear and then giving it gas. Now I just mash down a peddle and hope I give it enough 'gas' so that the logic puts it into the right gear.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    I think the problem is that you're trying to drive an automatic like a manual. If you want to drive the Fit as a manual, then just leave it in the sport mode. But when it's D, then treat it as an automatic, so like any automatic, if you need to pass, then simply press the gas and it will downshift based on how much throttle you give it. I think it would be destracting to see every gear change when the car was in Drive.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    agreed. But even so, when you activate the shift paddles in 'D' it does show you what gear you are in; but having this constantly change with or without the paddles would be useless, since no automatic has ever shown this unless you were in some type of 'sport auto' mode.
  • Well you are right, I am trying to drive an AT like a manual. I've had a stick for the last 20 years of driving. I can understand what you mean by it being distracting to have gear changes come up on the dash. Remember the old "shift now" lamps that would flash on the dash?. I guess I like enginbreaking and getting my RPMs up before giving the car gas.

    The main reason I asked was because of the ratio gap between 2nd and 3rd. I was engine breaking on a hill and stuck it in 2nd. The engine could handle this, but it was unexpected.

    I haven't gotten used to full manual mode. I do like those shift paddles.
  • I can drive both an AT and MT. I bought an AT sport. I feel like it is sluggish after it shift into third. When I press on the gas it revvs and the fuel meter drops. I am only getting 28 mpg. Should I take it to the dealer?
  • I just bought an AT Sport a week ago. While stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the highway, the car seemed to shift a bit rough going from first to second and then back to first. My top speed (~15-20mph) seemed to be at the shift point but it still felt real jerky to me. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm going to mention it to my dealer when I get a chance but just wanted to know if this was common.
  • if you are in 2nd at congested traffic speeds, and just let off the gas, it will jerk a bit, just like a manual transmission. I've found that easing off the accelerator helps elminate that.
  • I plan to buy a 2007 fit, and was told by a salesperson that I could buy after market cruise control for the vehicle. I read one post here and the answer seemed to be sidetracked by the "throttle by wire" discussion.

    Does anyone know the simple answers to these Q's?

    1) Is it possible to install after market cruise control for the Fit base model?

    2) How much will it likely cost?

    3) Any recommended companies I should seek out?

    4) Does the after market cruise void any factory warranty ?

    5) Any downside of buying a 2007 vs. 2008 fit?

    MANY thanks!
  • twa727twa727 Posts: 22
    Our fit has the same exact click you describe. We have 36K on ours, so I don't think its anything to worry about at all.
  • eli8eli8 Posts: 14
    i have a 2007 and every time i drive the car, as i drive forward when the car shifts from 1st to 2nd (automatic)i hear this Horn like sounds like an old horn on a Model T ford or an old jalopy. I kid you does it every time and now if i stop quickly and the car shifts down, it makes the same noise only is increasing. Also did it once downshifting around a corner. :(

    anyone had this problem????
  • clewis3clewis3 Posts: 7
    I am seconding the question by hcfinley on 1/20/08.

    Does anyone know if the Base Fit can have Cruise Control added after purchase? I don't believe that Honda will do it, but am wondering about other options and how good they would be.

    I want to buy the Base Fit because it has slightly higher clearance than the Sport and I drive occasionally on very rough roads. Not a lot, but often enough that I can imagine the lower trim of the Sport being ripped off by some of the bumps and potholes that take you by surprise.

    I suppose the other solution is to have the lower trim removed rather than repaired if it gets damaged.

    Any suggestions about the Cruise Control? And/or any feedback on either model and how they do on rough roads?

  • clewis3clewis3 Posts: 7
    hcfinley, did you ever find out the answer to your after market cruise control questions? I have exactly the same questions. I really prefer the base Fit but must have cruise control.

  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    I have a feeling that, if you can obtain buy the cruise control for Sport as a part, you should be able to retrofit a Base with it. The retrofit would probably require a steering wheel from Sport as well, since that is where the control buttons are located on the Sport. The catch for all these is that this will likely be a DIY project, without a dealership help. I think I've read somewhere in this forum about someone who has done this exact project. Try a search to see whether you can find the thread. Good luck.
  • clewis3clewis3 Posts: 7
    Thanks, jacksan1!
  • Am wondering if it saves me money in the long run by downshifting (3-2-1) with the paddles vs. braking. I wonder if I am hurting my new 2008 Sport with gear interations.
  • pilsnerpilsner Posts: 8
    I have a Fit that I bought new a few months ago; it has about 2500 miles on it. I am noticing an intermittent but increasingly frequent problem that began with about 400 miles on it. Essentially, the stick sometimes wants to pop out of first gear and will then grind and miss when shifting to second gear. It happens maybe one out of 15 to 20 shifts from first to second gears. It is especially noticeable at high rpms -- the stick will pop out of first with a slight touch and will then grind before going into second. I will have to take it back to the dealer no doubt but has anyone else experienced this? And does anyone have any guess about what it is?
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    My 07 Honda Fit Sport 5spd manual shift knob gave in today at 64K miles and it now has a tear on the rubber edges.

    I would like to replace it with the last generation Acura TSX shift knob. Anyone know if the size would be the same?
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