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Honda Fit Engine Questions



  • I recently test drove a 2008 Honda fit sport with 86,000 miles on it that I'm seriously considering buying. But I noticed with the air conditioner on(it was a hot day) that the car was idling rough. It was a slight jolt, almost felt like a transmission issue. I'm wondering if that's a common problem, stemming from it being a small engine or if it actually is a problem that could become bigger down the road. Any help?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    edited June 2013
    Lots of information on fitfreak. The VTEC engine requires valve clearance adjustments. Some owners get away with going 100,000 miles before requiring the valves to be serviced; some require it earlier. My Honda dealer wanted $450 to do the valve clearance adjustment. My mechanic wants $100 less than that. Another item that can cause rough idle aside from the spark plugs is the coil packs that plug into the spark plugs. These coil packs reportedly area a weak spot on the Fit. I believe they cost about $40 for each coil; there are four on a four cylinder engine. My Fit is nearing 100,000 miles and it has never had the valves adjusted. They don't appear to be too loud yet, nor am I getting any indication of rough idle. My guess is that it is one of the two, with the valve clearances being the likely culprit given that many on fitfreak report changing out their coil packs first, but with no fix for their rough idle. After they do the valve adjustment however, the idle is as smooth as butter. Honda Fits are pretty solid cars, so check the fluid in the transmission (the stick is very hard to reach down next to the coolant overflow jug) to see if there is any red color remaining. The fluid needs to be changed no later than 100,000 miles, so if there is some red and the fluid does not smell unusually acrid or burnt, I'd be willing to bet that it is not a transmission issue you are feeling. If you are buying from a dealer, negotiate a great price and then at the last minute, tell them you are concerned about the idle and want the coil packs changed out and the valves properly adjusted before you sign the deal. You'll blow their mind when they see how knowledgeable you are on the car you are buying.
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