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Volvo S40 Audio/Entertainment Systems



  • My radio just won't play and when I try a CD it reads pause. All were working fine in the morning, when I went out later, nothing! Has anyone else experienced this problem or know what it might be?
  • davidp158davidp158 Posts: 16
    I have the premium stereo system in my S40. With that system, when you turn down the volume to "zero" (off) while the CD player is playing, it pauses the CD. When you turn the volume back up, the CD resumes playing. You may not be haring the radio because the system is probably in CD mode. Try turning the volume knob up a bit and see if that does anything. I hope this helps.
  • gjestelagjestela Posts: 1
    The exact same thing happened to my 2005 s40 stereo this morning. The volume controls are "disabled" - both the one on the console and the ones on the wheel. I read a post on another forum that the system might be stucked in mute, but how do I get it back to normal?
  • Hoping you could tell me what happened in your case. I just had the same thing happen to my 2005 S40 T5 AWD, but my warranty is over since I have 57,000. I am hoping that it was a quick fix...not a full replacement of the cd player
  • So did you ever get it fixed. Or find out what the problem was. I have the same prob. The disc unreadable crap.
  • Mine was fixed by replacement in 2006 - the new unit has worked flawlessly - must have been new model bugs still being worked out.
  • rmuralirmurali Posts: 10
    Are there any issues with using iphone / ipod interface in s40 or other Volvo models?
  • snowy01snowy01 Posts: 1
    hi all i need help as ive just got a volo s40 on a P reg and all the intruments are not working the guy i got it from had the stereo change for a after market one and now unthing on the dashboard is working and it not a fuse as ive check all them. i pulled the stereo out and their are 3 red wire not connecting to anything and one brown aswell. anyone got any ideas?
  • cyberellacyberella Posts: 4
    So my car manual says my single disc CD player will play MP3s as long as they are not copy protected. I have made MP3 CDs for my previous Ford pickup trucks that worked just fine, even with folders separating the music. I tried them in the Volvo and the discs are unreadable.

    I have some copied *.CDA songs which the car likes just fine so apparently the player prefers Sony computer CDs over anything esle. I read somewhere in this site that the thickness of the CDs play a part.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Please let me know!

  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    I know my '07 T5 plays wma/mp3 discs CD-R's just fine. I usually just make the disc w/o folders, but have a couple that have 2 or 3 levels of folders that work too. I made the discs in Windows Media Player as well as Nero.

    Verbatim CD-R media, if that matters.

  • cyberellacyberella Posts: 4
    Thank you very much. I have that brand discs 2 feet from me right now and both of those programmes. I used Windows Media Player on a Vista laptop for MP3s that was 'unreadable'. But I have an older version on an XP machine. Sounds goofy that if one doesn't work the other might but that's computers for ya. Also, I will try Nero.

    Thanks for raising my hopes!
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Might also try burning at a slower speed (default is max of your burner). My discs were made on an XP laptop. If you have a DVD player at home, you might want to try the mp3 disc there too, many of them are able to play these as well. You can use it as another confirmation that the disc is not a coaster.

    I also found that CD text works when you make a regular audio (non-mp3/wma) CD in Nero. (I still need a few of those for DW's van.) The track name shows up on the S40's display, just like when you play an mp3/wma disc.

  • cyberellacyberella Posts: 4
    Okay, I tried all that. Nothin'. 'Disc Unreadable'. My CD burner runs at 48x speed.. my CDs say 52x. They work everywhere else. I guess this means a call to Volvo.

    I'm computer savvy, but apparently not Volvo savvy.
  • cyberellacyberella Posts: 4
    I just tried a disc burned at 24x. Still unreadable. I am now officially confused and wishing I had my old F150 back.

    What speed should I try? 8x?

    I know it will play copied CDs but I'm wondering if the manuals are stock and the player the car has is damaged. The other weird thing is that it doesn't update the FM song titles... at all.. If I unselect the text option, then the info in the big letters on top are current.

    I prefer CD over FM any given day... provided I can make them work. =)
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Sure, it is possible there is an issue with the CD player. Make sure you are closing the session on the disc as well in your burning software.

    Not all FM stations do song titles. At least in my area.

    My T5 also has the Sirius option, which I listen to 95% of the time.

  • i'm getting a 2010 T5 Rdesgn S40 next month with premium sound.
    wonder if its improved in the past few years. also, historical brake issues with S40, i know- i had two in the last decade. any better on yours or later years?
  • I had some problems with CD-Rs and did some experimenting. I use an older version of Nero to burn my CDs and found that plain Sony 80 min CD-Rs seem to work best. Also, don't over burn them. Keeping the songs under 70 minutes and using plain Sony discs has worked ever time in my 2006 S40 player. I found that using any kind of Lightscribe disc seems to always give intermittent disc errors. Not sure why.
  • Hitting eject causes the player to try to eject and fail. Had to push CD in with another CD several times to get it out. Next time, that didn't work and had to use needle nose players (ouch!) to pull CD out.
    Acting as if something isn't aligned.

    Car is 2007 S40. Is it worth getting repaired? Something I could easily fix myself? Or getting a new audio system? If the latter, are there decent 3rd party systems that won't break the bank?

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