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Mazda CX-7 Check Engine Light



  • That sux. At least I have a dealership near to me that has Saturday hours.

    I think Mazda policy is to give a rental if they keep your car overnight, but maybe you can try to get one since they already had it once for this issue, and it recurred.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Well, don't feel too bad. My CEL came on this last weekend and took it into the shop first thing yesterday morning. Mazda paid for rental car. Got the CX back this afternoon.

    Problem was defective Gas Cap - apparently, according to the service advisor, Mazda has re-designed the gas cap for the CX-7 (looks different than the original I had).

    So, this makes the 2nd CEL I've had (first one was bad purge valve).

    Keep my fingers crossed that I don't have another issue for a while.

  • Well, I can't say I don't miss my baby... :cry: but I'm trying to look at it as if I'm taking of a tour of the entire Mazda line through my loaners... :) The first time, it was an MPV; this time it's a Mazda3. I'm just waiting for the RX-8 loaner, ha ha...
  • Okay - this time, a hose behind where the gas goes in (sorry I don't know the technical name) had come loose. All better now, the CEL is gone. The tech came outside to the car with me and took off the gas cap - he made me re-attach it, twist it so that it clicked "at least 6 times," (his recommendation), and then he made me pull on it to ensure that it was truly in tight. So...let's hope this is it.

    I also had them activate the Auto Lock feature. What the heck, I'm sick of getting out of the car and then having to dig out the key thing to lock the car. Might as well just let it lock itself! :)
  • CEL light on today at 2927 miles.
    Called dealer - same response -
    He said with the car off - take off the gas cap - put it back on
    drive it for 4-5 days - if the CEL is still on call us for appt.
    I wanted to make one then - he said that it wasn't necessary and that this will probably take care of the problem
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Don't be so certain about that. My earlier post reported a defective gas cap. Mazda has come out with a re-designed cap for the CX7. I'd insist on it, if I were you.

  • I hope you have the luxury of having another dealer somewhere around you. For your current shop to "diagnose" a car over the phone is unacceptable, and if it were me, I would start communication with the regional Mazda people. I mean, why would anyone drive their car around for 4-5 days with the CEL on without being 100% SURE what's causing it? Even if it IS the gas cap, that problem isn't going away. The only fix is a modified or new part. I feel your pain... good luck!
  • I was feeling a bit left out....but...
    2,700km in (approx) CEL light is on.

    first thing i did was check gas cap....and voila! it has loosened to the point of almost being able to just pull it out.

    I've tightened (I always give it 8-10 clicks).....

    I'm going to call dealer and ask about reseigned one...but the CEL is still on.

    how long does it stay on after it illuminates?

  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    The CEL stays on until the dealer resets the computer chip. I had the same problem. The original gas cap is defective and Mazda has come out with redesign/replacement. You should be able to get a rental vehicle, as it's most likely your dealer will need to keep the vehicle over night (unless they have the replacement in stock).

  • Made an appt for Thursday morning.

    They sounded like they haven't heard anything about a gascap problem.

    Does anyone have any details, mazda memos or anything on this I can "tweak" their memory on??

  • ridrridr Posts: 6
    After 250 miles my CX-7 showed me the CEL light. It was even on it's first tank, aproaching near empty. So I read the manual and filled it up. Unfortunately no result. Called dealer. He told me that you can drive carefully with a none flashing CEL. They knew about the problems with the valve and/or cap. They actually only performed a software upgrade. It seems to be fixed but it has only been 2 days ago I visited them.
  • My CX7 has been misfiring from day one. Dealer replaced the plugs, but that didn't help. Evidently, it's a problem for quite a few owners. Mazda says they will have a re-program of the computer in a week or two. I like the vehicle, but this really sucks.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    They sounded like they haven't heard anything about a gascap problem.
    Does anyone have any details, mazda memos or anything on this I can "tweak" their memory on??

    If your dealer hasnt sold alot of CX-7 they may not have seen any problems...but there seems to be a problem with some of the gas caps and a new cap is in the works.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    New gas cap is on-hand...mine was replaced with new version a week ago.

  • The CEL went on again yesterday, for the third time in 6.5 weeks. I've got 2750 miles on the car. The first time was a valve, the second time a hose. Now what? I'm losing patience. And trying to make a service appointment has now become extremely difficult; I don't want to take it to the dealer where I bought it, since their service department is closed on Saturdays. I called another dealer and they don't seem too receptive...although they're open on Saturdays, I was told that was really just for oil changes and the like. I explained what happened the first two times, and that seemed to catch the guy's interest...but for some reason, he couldn't talk at the moment, so I'm waiting for his call back. I'm getting very frustrated with the vehicle. It hasn't been the gas cap either time, so I'm sort of now thinking that this is some larger problem. I'm picking up a faint citrus scent. :lemon: :mad:
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Gas Cap? :confuse:
  • For heaven's sake, I should only be so lucky to have it be the gas cap!! The other dealer/service department just called me back. I'm dropping it off this evening and will be given a rental car (no charge). At first the service guy was a bit reluctant...he said if the car's been at another dealer twice for repairs, both of which were emissions issues, then "they are on the right track." I replied that who knows what the problem is this time. I mentioned the faulty gas cap / gas cap replacement - let's HOPE that's what it is this time, since that seems to be a concrete answer. I just want my car to run right.
  • OK - so this time, it WAS the gas cap!! And they replaced it. What's interesting is that when I took it in for service the first two times, to the dealer I purchased from, I made sure to mention the defective gas cap as a potential issue. However, since there were actually other problems (a faulty valve,a leaking hose), perhaps they figured the gas cap wasn't something to consider. But this other place checked that, who knows. I'm relieved that that's all it is, and I can't wait to get my car back. Enough is enough!

    PS- I was given a loaner, a new Jeep Liberty. Interesting little vehicle, so different from anything else I've ever driven. But I'll be happy to return it!
  • went to my dealer this morning - they said the code came back as gas cap - "if it happens us and we'll order you a new gas cap" !!!!

  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    This makes the 5th or 6th occurrence of the gas cap as a major cause of the CEL.

    Moderator: is there any chance you can alert Edmunds to initiate a study and perhaps write an online article to alert potential consumers of this problem?

    Better yet, have Edmunds advise Mazda that they should issue a voluntary recall before the federal government gets interested?

    Regards, Vince.
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