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Mazda CX-7 AC problems



  • I purchased a 2011 CX-7 Grand Touring AWD and the first thing I was advised to do by my mechanic was use synthetic motor oil. At this time I only have 500 miles, but the CX-7 runs very nicely, quiet and no problems.

    Should you not get the results you expect from Mazda there is the lemon law and a class action law suit. I am learning that if you do not stand up for your rights no one else will.

    Post your problem on every site you can thing of and that way get the satisfaction of knowing Mazda is getting the notice they deserve.
  • juan1117juan1117 Posts: 1
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    what did mazda say?? i have the same problem? on a 2010 with only 11k miles
    the noise at start up
  • I own a mazda cx-7 2009. At 42000 the air conditoning compressor went bad. I called and took car to dealer and had a similiar situation. It cost $1,100. this wasnt covered under warranty as the car had 6000 mile beyond the 36000 maximum allowed. Total EXTORTION. If the compressor is going bad after 2 years there is obviously something very wrong with the quality of it.

    Customer service checked the vin number on my vehicle and stated that it did not have a service bulletin on it. However, other same car different year do. I find it all very odd. Again there ought to be a consumer protection law.
    Apparently, they are taking advantage knowing that if you own the car live in florida or in any other warm city you have no choice but to repair but to pay to repair a defection a/c part. Totally rediculous.
    Overall, very unsatisfied with the experience of this car. During the first months of purchase the enterior quickly began deteriorating, one front head light went bad, had to replace battery and very expensive on gas. Looking forward to getting rid of it.
    The price may be lower than other SUV's such as murano and lexus, highlanders, but at the end you end up paying more and getting less. The quality is not there and either is the service.
  • stevie1026stevie1026 Posts: 1
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    I have a 2008 CX-7 and I never got such a letter. If one of you guys could scan and email it to me, that would be great, because I've got the AC compressor problem, too, at 47,000 miles, which seems about right. The problem is that I may have a very hard time getting reimbursed. I would like all the information I can get before I go to Mazda with this. Perhaps I can convince them to help me if I can prove that I should have gotten the letter, but that they never sent it before I took the car out of the country.

    I'm a Foreign Service Officer at the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. I keep you safe by keeping the cartels and terrorist OUT of the US. The government sent me and my CX-7 (bought in Pennsylvania) here in November of last year. While driving through the country on a Sunday evening with my daughter about 50 miles north of the city, the unit seized, the belt incinerated itself, etc. We were stuck, and you don't want to be stuck in rural Colombia at night, especially if you are a gringo with diplomatic plates. We got a tow (complete luck) back to Bogota for Col$300,000 (about $165 - not bad for 50 miles on a Sunday). It was fun sitting up in the car on top of the tow truck, and probably very illegal in the US. Problem #1 is that the car is not warrantied out of the US and Canada. I ordered the compressor from Mazda USA through the APO, but the repairs still cost the equivalent of US$1,200 because the miscellaneous parts cost a bundle here. perhaps I can convince them to pay me for the parts, at the US price. I'll mail them to them.

    Problem #2 is that the car doesn't run as well as it did before. The thing is a pig until the turbo kicks in at about 2800 rpm. It has no power. In addition, at low rpm's, I lose the power brakes. I did not have that problem until immediately after the AC seizure. Anybody have any idea how it could be related? Suggestions appreciated, because I am dealing with Mazda Colombia in Spanish - not my native language. In addition, these dudes don't have the same cars here. Their CX-7's don't have all our US emissions controls, etc. They may not have the sophistication that our US Mazda people have (or think they have). By the way, Bogota is at 8,500 feet above sea level. Temperatures are usually between 55-70 degrees. I drove up a mountain pass today to 11,000 feet and the temperature gauge went very hot for the first time ever. What's going on here?
  • I'm willing to do this but your email address is listed as "private"!
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  • I had the same exact issue with my 08 Mazda CX-7, car started smoking, popped the hood and noticed that the ac compressor was stuck, continued driving and the belt burned up! I have a warranty that covers powertrain only but will definitely call Mazda tomorrow and ask about the recall - do I have to have the letter? If not can somebody please, please email it to me? I bought the car because I just had a baby and thought it would be safe for us but it actually left us stranded on a lonely highway at dusk, we had to wait 1 hour for a was horrible to say the least.
  • I am having the same problem with my AC Compressor and do not recall having received a recall letter. Would it be possible for you to e mail a copy of the one sent to you?
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    The guys that want a copy of the letter have either to change their email setting as stated by steve (host) OR, as stevie1026 did, put it in the body of the reply. He will receive his today but the rest need to realize I can't email you if you don't give me the address!
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    OK, just sent it - let me know if it doesn't arrive.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
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    This isn't working - all people are doing is posting contact info in the forum, which is spidered by Google and Bing and the rest of the search engine. That means that every one of y'all is going to wind up on spam lists.

    Plus it's against our forum rules, so we're going to clean out posts with email addresses in them.

    You could just change your email to public in your profile.

    Even better, take a picture of the letter, block out any identifying information, and park it on a photo hosting site like and simply link to it. Then people will be able to find it in two years without having to try to track you down.

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  • Can you send me a copy of the letter as well regarding the AC issues? We are having a bear of a time with this.

  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    I would be happy to do this but your email address is set to "private" so I have no place to send it. In the future, anyone who wants a copy of this letter MUST have a visible email address in your user profile. I don't have time to keep asking, so I'll just ignore the request in the future if your address is not visible the FIRST time I check!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Can't you just park this stuff on Flickr or Photobucket and link to it? People are going to be asking about it for years to come.

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  • Please shoot me a copy of this. 2007 A/C smoked out last week at 48K.
  • I found the letter! PM me and I'll email a copy. Tom
  • The AC compressor is not a recall, the warranty on the part was extended to 60,000 miles - if your AC compressor breaks after that, you're responsible for the cost of the new compressor. I bought my Mazda at 60,000 miles and the AC compressor went out at 68,000 miles, I got sooooo lucky because my Mazda dealer replaced the part and only charged me $100!!! I love Mazda!!!
  • Can I please get a copy of the recall letter for the 2007 - 2008 CX7 AC problems? We have a 2008 that we purchased in Sept 2010, it has less then 36,000 miles on it (still under warranty) and it has started Smoking. We do not know if it is an extended idle problem because my hubby let it idle while he was doing some pdr on it, and so oil might have got in the turbo or if it is an AC problem like others have had when theirs started smoking. I have this account linked through my profile on facebook, it could send it there or use the email provided in facebook, I would really appreciate it.
  • aerasaeras Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my AC Compressor and do not recall having received a recall letter. Would it be possible for you to e mail a copy of the one sent to you?
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    I don't mind individually sending copies of the letter, though I expect that, if you qualified under the program, you would have received the letter. Since I'm not going to post it to one of the "sharing" sites, you must realize that it's impossible for me to email you when your address is not available!
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