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Mazda CX-7 AC problems



  • I have a Mazda CX-7 2007 with 46,000 miles. After my ac went out, making loud noises and smoking, I went online and read all the problem everyone is having. I was about to explode when I finished. I went to my local Mazda dealership the next day, armed with all the printouts of complaints and darred them to not fix it at Mazda's costs. They were very nice and said they would contact Mazda for me and let me know. Within several hours they called and said the ac/compressor had locked up and that Mazda would be taking care of it. Still had to check the engine but so far so good. I was actually shocked that they didnt make me attempt to sue them first. I think I definately lucked up. But I also told them to keep the PS that I didnt want it back and drove off with a new car (as a loaner). Maybe they just want to sell me the new car, definately not a Mazda!!!!
  • 52K and just had the compressor sieze up again, Im going to send another complaint to NHTSA. Thats 2 compressors and one belt tensioner in the last 6 months, what a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'll be the first to tell you that you should've bought one anyhow, because this problem has been fixed, back in 2008. So 2007/partial 2008 models are effected by this problem. Of course you could've noticed this but you didn't.
  • So you feel even though sales people and Mazda dealerships were aware of this problem, it was ok for them to continue to sell such a dangerous vehicle? As for knowing about the problem, I am probably much older than you and not a frequent internet user. I found out about this forum after my AC locked up and was looking for answers.
  • ...because this problem has been fixed back in 2008... by cx7lover

    Would you please provide the details? I'd like to know how this problem was fixed?
  • Some how I was added to this thread thru e-mail. Please keep me out of this feud. Per the dealer , the AC compressor that was replaced in my CX-7 was an updated version , so the problem hopefully will not occur again.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,012
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  • The compressor was updated with a new design thus fixing the problem.
  • This is a VERY big concern for me. I just took my 2007 CX-7 to the dealership today to have the A/C compressor replaced. My car is, of course, just out of warrantee at 39,300K. Mazda did agree to split the cost of the repair with me (I'm paying the labor). I've called multiple times today to express this concern and to question why this issue has not been addressed since it would appear that multiple consumers are or have experienced the same problem. I got a standard, straight out the book, response--Nothing remotely helpful or to put me at ease.

    I've only had my car for one year. The list of problems goes as follows...Low tire pressure light continuously on, Complete computer system replacement (left me on the side of the road with about 15K on it), check engine light continuously on, A/C compressor frozen.

    I'm so disappointed in the reliability of this car. I LOVE the look, the handling, the interior features, and the way it rides, but all of these things get cancelled out by the frequent trips to the dealership.

    Prior to the CX-7 I had a Mazda 3 (2004) which I adored! I put 133K on that little car and now I'm thinking I should have just kept it!!! It never had any problems.

    My only consulation in this matter is that I bought the car used with 6400 miles on it. Thank GOD I didn't pay the full sticker price or I'd be absolutely livid. Right now I'm only immensely frustrated because it's Christmas time, I'm unemployed, and the darn thing needs new tires ASAP (another $700 I'll be putting into it).

    I mean geesh, I thought I was upgrading by switching to the CX-7. Shows you what I know!
  • I had to go back and forth with Mazda corporate and they paid for the labor. I was also assured that a new updated compressor was used to replace the defective one. I had to replace my tires early. The dealer admitted they did not have good luck with the stock tires which were originally put on the car. I am currently trying to get the dealer to cover the car for 100,000 miles due to my car breaking down and the coolant reservoir exploding. We'll see what happens. good luck.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..coolant reservoir exploding.."


    If that happened to me I would be asking for a replacment engine. Only two reasons I can think of for a coolant reservoir to explode.

    A.) Coolant boiling, STEAM, engine seriously OVER-HEATING.
    B.) Leaking head gasket, pressure of combustion entering the coolant system.

    There is a third, but...

    Rare systems have the pressure cap on the coolant reservoir, in that case if the pressure cap failed...
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Sorry, but with many car dealers, TOO many IMMHO, the "soft", diplomatic approach simply does not work.

    If you have a valid complaint that you feel the dealer is not paying appropriate attention to then having a shouting match within earshot of the showroom often works, TOO often, regrettably.
  • Today my CX7 was making a grinding noise and then there was smoke coming from under the hood...its a 2007 with 35,000 miles on it. The dealer told me to bring it in but as I have owned the car for 37 months I am without warranty coverage as AC isn't covered in the 60,000 drive train warranty. What is this about I can't drive the car if its on fire. To me that's a drive train problem.
  • cxrabbitcxrabbit Posts: 134
    50,000 miles and my car came to a grinding smoking halt along the side of the road yesterday. I thought it was on fire and called the fire department. Geico towed it to my local shop for me. Trying to get dealer to cover it now since this is such a wide-spread issue.
  • barb34barb34 Posts: 5
    I had this exact same problem with my 07 CX7 2 years ago when it reached 38K miles. After a local mechanic bypassed the AC we thought we were okay until the parts came in, but it only lasted a couple of hours until the car wouldn't turn over at all. Turned out the AC compressor was shot. Mazda USA was rude and wouldn't help because we are overseas (military), but my stateside dealer helped us diagnose the problem and offered to order and ship the part for $900, they suggested that due to our circumstances we contact a used parts dealer to save time and money. So, we bought a used AC compressor with 5K miles online ($75) and had a local mechanic put it in (300 Euro).

    We are still having problems with the 07 CX7, (engine won't turn over at all now), the AC Compressor was the start of it all for us. It makes me sad, because I really love my car.
  • silviusilviu Posts: 1
    Hi guys,
    I have a problem with my mazda cx 7 and it is related to AC.everything works fine but when i need fresh air from outside and i turn down the temp to 15 i still get warm air,instead of geting fresh air from even in the cool day or nights i need to start the AC to keep the temp.comfy inside the car.Mazda dealer said it perfectly normal but i suspect that is something wrong with the hot air-fresh air valve(or whatever they call it). Any other cars i drove ,when i switch to fresh air i get fresh air from outside.
    Any idea?please HELP
    thank you!
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    It IS normal. But in my opinion it is also UNACCEPTABLE. Unfortunately, it's a design problem so we have to live with it.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    That's because 190F engine coolant is ALWAYS flowing through the heater core. Most modern day system rely, REQUIRE, that the A/C be fully functional, operational, in order for the system to have full range cabin temperature control.

    The simplist thing to do, fix, is to go to Home Depot and buy a manual water flow shutoff valve and install it in the water line/hose to the cabin heater core.
  • satz24satz24 Posts: 10
    unfortunately that warm air that comes as 'fresh' air is normal on these cars. Very annoying. It seems worst after the car has been parked for some time and then driven again.

    I think it's to do with the turbo heat soaking into the HVAC system. I've had mine back and forth to the dealer to no avail.

    Another problem I've had is when running the AC, warm air comes as the car slows down!!!

    Regarding the suggestion to manually shutoff the water line... I'd be very careful about that. You need to make sure that the cabin heater core is on a separate 'loop', otherwise you could end up disrupting the entire engine coolant flow!
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    Being on a trip some 400 miles from home recently, I was waiting for my wife, idling the car with the A/C on, when I noticed a very strong odor of burning rubber. Having read all the horror stories on this forum, I immediately shut off the A/C, hoping that disengaging its clutch would allow the pulley to freewheel, thus possibly avoiding the total failure described so many times here. We nervously made it home and I took the car to my dealer. They checked and, sure enough, the compressor had failed (52,000 miles). Total cost (new compressor, belt and labor) was only $566 plus tax! If it hadn’t been for the warnings from this forum, who knows what could have happened (at the very least, getting stranded in the middle of nowhere)!
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