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Chevy Venture Starting/Stalling/Idle Issues



  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Fuel pump relay failing shutting down fuel and causing the stall??? Can't hurt to replace it - should be a fairly inexpensive part...
  • I have a 2000 venture, I replaced the lower intake manifold gasket about 2 weeks ago. after I did this the van had some trouble starting, It would turn over very slow, but then it would start. now it will not even turn over. the lights all work and nevr even dim, the starter relay closes and the doors all lock but then the starter never even tries to kick out the bendex. Wires all look good, and I have power at the starter, but I am not sure how to check the control circuit for it. I took the starter in and had it bench tested, they say it is good. Where do I look next?
  • I am having the same problem right now, starter benchtested just fine, but wehn I try to start it nothing happens. Fuel pump kicks on, all cabin lights work but when it is time for the starter to engage, all I get is a click inside the cabin. Did you ever get it solved?
  • Same problem as you, did you ever solve it?
  • the loud clicking are the clutches in the compressor engaging and disengaging the compressor (charging system) in the HVAC system. It is low on freon and causing the pressure switch to flutter (causing banging noise). Also causing the engine to run rough. Imagine the serpentine belt running smoothly (ac off) then getting smashed by the compressor engaging (stops the belt fraction of a mil/sec.) causing rough idle. #5 relay switch is only turned on when the HVAC is running. the switch makes the fans pull more air through the condenser/radiator. so it will only work when AC is running.
    Fix: have the high and low checked on the HVAC system. if low then a leak is somewhere in the charging system. find leak and fix, also have the radiator and condenser cleaned of rocks and bugs, have fins straightened on radiator and condenser (maintain air passage).

    matt: Mechanical engineer #88
  • blazin3blazin3 Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    change the alternator. which requires dropping the engine or taking the intake off. the alternator isnt charging the battery and on a full charge of a new battery will run a fuel injected engine for 3 hours of solid driving or maybe a full day of occasional driving. the clicking is the starter solenoid hitting on and off (low battery charge). what u might of heard running is the fan motor (air vents), so not to worry. i would change the alternator to keep the battery from draining.

    matt: mechanical engineer #88
  • have u tried a new ignition switch.

    matt: mechanical engineer #88
  • I have a 2000 chevy venture, I changed the head gaskets last week engine starts fine and runs well for about 20 miles. I keep getting codes P0101, P0102, P0301 and last night P0171. my fuel economy is way down does this sound like a MAF sensor problem or is that just a symptom? HELP ME, Please. I know just enough about cars to be dangerous...
  • Problem..... I have changed both crank shaft position sensors, have had a relearn procedure done, cleared the codes for the sensor errors and have cleaned the wiring connection under the drivers seat under the van.. I still get the error codes and the van will not always start once I get the code (0336). The sensor tells the fuel pump to come on/off, so I am getting no fuel, but only sometimes.

    New alternator, fuel filter, battery. Runs perfect when it does run.

    I noticed that just as the van gets to operating temp there is a very small but noticeable hick-up (misfire, hesitation) once it reaches that point, but only for a moment.

    Any Ideas on what the cause and fix might be?
  • HI all< new to this forum and I was hoping that somebody might be able to help me figure out my HIGH Idle problem on my 2002 Chevy Venture. If you start it and leave it in Park it will have an unusually high idle, this seems to be more aparent when its cold,however it still does it when its warm.. I have 122k on it and since I do most of the Maintenance on it , I should be able to fix it with some guidance and suggestions...
  • i am having the same problem but only mine was a little worse my moms venture started out with a knock with the engine so pulled the valve cover over the back of the 1 3 5 cylinders and the rocker arms pulled out so i he da coiled them back in next i was an injector then a plenum gasket then a Ign. Control Module(ICM) then Crank Postion Sensor(CPS)then wires then fuel filter An idle air control motor(IAC) then a mass air flow senser(MAS) so i went on alldatapro and looked at TSBs for a long time and looked until i came across something very promising it talks about P0101 which has all the things that i change that or tested but one thing i didnt do was check the Powertrain Control Module(PCM) also know as (ECM)engine Control module i tried ask techs from chevy they of course didn't give me the info and i work a shop and for 8years tech experience but who ever reads this let it be know that the dealers are still a crook of [non-permissible content removed] cuz the labor on it is only 1.1hrs and the PCM cost 450 dollars it just and easy way to make money now heres what you do go to the junk yard get a PCM from under a easy compartment located above the air box Two screws and a 7.5mm socket to pull the conecters off then take the old one with you and match the same numbers to the old one it should say something like this SERV.NO.12208644 depending on the number and thats your new PCM if you need re programming for those who dont have a subscibtion to a tech service like alldata or michell or something like that Email me i will send it to you
  • demeopdemeop Posts: 7
    just want to share my experience with a 2002 venture. van would always start cold in the morning like a brand new car. then only sometimes after my wife would take one kid to school, park for 40 minutes then go to take the other kid and it would crank, sound like it starts but does not. then crank forever and would not start. wait 15 minutes then maybe it will start. anyway this went on for months intermittently. no codes at all. read a lot about CRANK position sensor but because of learn procedure I did not mess with it without a code. then finally CAM position code popped up. only $30 for part, pain because it is under the power steering pump but changed it and for last 2 weeks it has been starting perfectly. other issues but they can wait for warmer weather.
  • Thanks demeop for sharing your experience. So are you saying you changed the Crank Pos Sensor or the Camshaft position sensor? I'm having similar issues with my '99 Olds Silhouette. Both sensors seem to be a pain to change. But I know I have enough seepage from the engine over the years that could have caused the "easy to start cold, but hard to start warm" problem. Thanks.
  • did you ever get your answer to your question? I am having the exact same problem.
  • demeopdemeop Posts: 7
    no problem stevie0040, I did only change CAM position as that req's no learn, only plug and play. only issue was pulling the power steering pump out, no big deal just sucks to do all that for (1) screw on the sensor. anyhow still have some funny starts but at least now it DOES start since I changed it. But only did it after I got a code for it, which this was intermittent for over a year. just over 100k now so I do need to do plugs and wires, just afraid of the back (3) plugs. either way it can wait til spring. have you done yours yet?
  • kleachkleach Posts: 1
    Hi,in decemeber 2010 i took my 2004 chevey venture to the dealership for an oil change.the advisor told me that my vechicle is due for the 30,000 miles emission service,which prevents the car from rough idling & prevent stalling. i agreed to have it done..the next day my car stalled. i told it back & the drove it around & nothing happend..3 days later it stalled out again..i took it back again..When they drove it around nothing happened..Until this day i still have the same problems..When it starts in the morning i let it warm up,then about 10-15 minutes later it will just shut off.I replace the battery with a die-hard,had the gas filter changed & still the same problem..Took it two another mechanic they drove it around they said the car was running smooth..They gave me a bottle of tune-up to place in the tank when i fuel up again..Did that and a week later while driving, it just shut off.Please help me..Thank You
  • On page 8 of this pdf file, there is a DIY method for the crankshaft position relearn procedure.
  • Code 0336 is crankshaft position system variation not learned. When the system is reprogrammed, the code goes away. Need I say more?
  • srulizsruliz Posts: 7
    did you ever figure out your problem. i am having the same issue with my 2001 Chevy Venture - High idle
  • azuazu Posts: 84
    I had high idle on my 99. I cleaned throttle body, which was dirty and gummed up and problem went away.
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