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Chevy Venture Starting/Stalling/Idle Issues



  • Thought I would share this. A few days ago, our Venture after pulling it into the garage and shutting it off for 5 min it would not start up. Acting like an ignition problem, I ran tests and replaced a few parts. The Ignition switch and relay and checked all related fuses. Having my wife try to start the van while I checked the circuits and tapped the starter I noticed the starter start smoking at the purple ignition wire on the starter solenoid. Around a month ago the Venture had a oil leak from a sensor right above the starter. I replaced the sensor and it ran great. The oil is now causing the starting problems. I plan to replace the starter and clean all leads. It should take care of it. Hope this helps. I was on the right track with the ignition curcuit.
  • pjb61pjb61 Posts: 1
    Have a 01 venture will not idle when first stared when cold. It will run if you hold foot on peddle and die when you let off.Dosent do it all the time. When it is warm runs fine till you step on it hard from astop sign it will die or hesitate. No codes good fuel pressure.
  • Just recently I got into my van and it turned on perfectly fine, I drove it for about 2 min when I had to stop and wait for traffic and it just turned itself off. I went and tried to turn it on but it will not, it turns over so I have battery but that's about it. I put oil, coolant, and gas into the car encase it was any of those issues, but it was not. I let it sit for 10 min and tried again and it started fine, drove it around the parking lot for a bit and then turned it off, went to turn it back on and it would not. It just turns over but doesn't actually start! Anyone have any suggestions?
  • tjh87tjh87 Posts: 4
    It could be the fuel pump, and when you initially tried to restart it, was is accidentally in drive? The car will only start in Park or Neutral, I learned that the hard way. If the car is in Drive, Reverse or 1, 2, or 3, it will not even turn the engine. Back to your issue though, if it will turn but not start, it could be a few different things. Have you ever replace the fuel pump previously, because I suspect that the fuel pump could be bad, we had a similar issue where the van could not run without someone reving the engine. If you have the right gauges, you can test the fuel pressure. It might also be time to replace the spark plugs if they haven't been replaced, and check the air filter too.. A car needs three things to essentially run though, fuel, air, and spark, and without any one of those things, the car will not run well, if at all.
  • I am currently having the same exact issue with my 2003 Venture...Did you ever come up with a solution for your problem? I really need help figuring this out cause the shop that my van is at wants a $1000 to replace the computer in the van but they are not sure that is what is causing the problem...I am NOT willing to give that kind of money without a positive answer for problem to be fixed.
  • When my van had the problem of not starting or idiling and then stalling out we tried many things and then found that the problem was a loose wire behind the brake. It was a simple fix but took forever for them to figure out.
  • my crank but no start after warm was the cam position sensor, solved it. then after the water pump went it started to happen again. the coolant shot everywhere and assumed it hurt the sensor again. put another in and seemed to work again. still once in a while will get a funny start but maybe other issues w/TPS or IAC.

    I'll get to them some other day, for now only real issue is gas gage and sometimes the coolant temp gage not reading correct. I always thought might be a wire to the instrument cluster. a wire behind the brake pedal? I'll look under there once I have a chance. also traction control issues once in a while. sometime "service traction control" message which means to me just turn it off. need to check/clean brakes soon will check connections then.
  • I have a 2005 chevy venture has always ran great, shut it off today and it would not start again. All the lights still worked, battery was good, starter checked out fine. My mechanic checked all the wireing and was puzzled. I tried my spare key. Guess what it started just fine.So try your extra key before you pay a ton to have someone look at your van. Hope this helps you out
  • was happening with my key and my wifes key. I thought it could be the anti theft but fought this for almost a year before I got lucky and got a cam position low code. again we still get some funny starts but so far IMHO, that is what was stopping fuel.
    only $30 sensor and (1) screw but impossible without removing power steering pump which is not easy. damned front wheel drives!
  • I got a 2003 venture and lately its starting to spitting and sputtering. it only does it once in a while though. put it in neutral and you can rev it all day.I dont want to start replacing a bunch of stuff without some also lately dont want to downshift very good, any input would be appreciated
  • The van periodically is not starting. You turn the key, it makes sounds like it's going to start, but doesn't. The lights and radio are fine so doubtful that it's the battery.
    Someone mentioned moving/pushing the van a little then trying to start it. That worked once yesterday.
    Any ideas as to what this could be?
  • Try cleaning the throttle body. Take it of and hold it up to a light. You should be able to see light. Use brake cleaner, it works well for those kind of jobs. I did the same for my venture and my trail blazer.
  • Hello,
    I have a issue with my van that i cannot for the life of me figure out. A week ago it was running great, I shut it off and it sat for 2 days in freezing temps. I go to start it and all it does is turn over and make popping noises from out of the engine. It sounds like it wants to start came pretty close a couple of times but it will not turn over at all. anyone have any advice?
  • jay510jay510 Posts: 2
    1997 chevy venture idle perfect then drives 6-9 blocks when its cold, then it stalls and bog and turns off i have to pull over start up sometimes right away or sometimes i have to sit for a minute or 2 then it will start then drive a block or two and stall and bog out again i change fuel & air filter i dont know whats up it has 103,000 miles and there is no check engine light
  • ebar1ebar1 Posts: 3
    Did you ever resolve this problem? I just bought a 2003 Venture and it has the same issue. It dies while driving, just the battery light comes on, starts again after a few minutes. New battery, motor and other parts in it. Did you ever get an answer that worked?
  • kerrick1kerrick1 Posts: 4
    There was a wire underneath the brake pedal that was shorting out. They switched it out and it was fixed right away at the dealership. Had it at another garage for over two weeks prior to that with them trying to figure it out. Good luck and hope this helps.
  • ebar1ebar1 Posts: 3
    Thanks very much - I will check it out.
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