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Chevy Venture Starting/Stalling/Idle Issues



  • towheelietowheelie Posts: 3
    I had to replace the computer in mine to fix the problem.
    I spend $2500+ trying to fix the problems for 2 years and never did.
    Spent $844.66 for a new computer and reprogram at the dealership. Have not had a problem in several years now.
  • Hi, I have a 98 chevy venture 3.4L with 190,000 miles. The problem I am having is that when i make a left turn, the van acts like it wants to shut off, and while i am sitting at a stop sign it lurches sometimes and other times it don't do anything wrong. What is the problem. It starts just fine, i don't hear any noises. All the fluids are fine. Any advise would be helpful.
  • ebar1ebar1 Posts: 3
    Hi - the best suggestion I found from someone here was that it was related to a wiring problem under the brake pedal. I have the same problem with my van - a 2003 Venture (no lurching though) - it just dies for no reason. I realized it was happening when stopped, when slowing or in the middle of a left turn. It doesn't happen often, but it is weird when it does. I'm waiting for an appointment to have it looked at but I suspect wiring is where the problem lies. Good luck with your van.
  • I have a 2003 chevy venture, problems started with it about 2 weeks ago. While i was driving down the road it would just shut off as if i was shutting off the key, i would pull over and it would start right back up most of the time other times it would have to sit a few minutes to an hour or so and it would start agian. Then the van started acting like it was running out of gas as I would try to go uphill or even drive on a flat surface. It would spit and sputter. Took it to advance auto and they used the hand held computer and a code came up for a sensor which was the "vapor pressure sensor" it is located at the top of the gas tank on top of the fuel pump, so that part was 42 bucks. My fiance replaced the sensor, the van finally started after a few minutes of spitting and coughing and grumbling, it seem to smooth out and it was running fine. I took it down the road it was fine, I took my daughter across town to her practice and after that I decided i wanted to go to the store, i had to go up a long hill (mountain if you will) and it started spitting goin up the hill, made it to the store, left there then and stopped at the gas station, put some gas in it up to a half a tank added some dry gas to it, it ran fine the way home about 5 miles, a couple of days later i tried to go up the hill and it started spitting and sputtering very badly but never stalled this time, but i couldn't make it no farther i had to turn around and drive it home. So yesterday I took it down to the local garage and they had a computer that read misfire code and emissions but it has an exhaust leak so that could be the emissions code, the guys at the garage told me to start with a tune up, so 60 bucks later for new spark plugs and wires it started and the check engine light was even off, but I went up the hill and it was still spitting a tiny bit, went to advance auto to get on the computer again it was still reading the same code for the sensor i had replaced, so i went to auto zone to use their computer, codes came up for emissions and misfire, they had my fiance convinced to put on a new gas cap, well that didnt solve the problem, brought it home now it will not start at all, it will crank but it will not start! The problem is not the fuel pump because you can clearly hear it running and my fiance took the filter off and blew threw it and put it back on, I asked the guys at the garage what to do if the tune up didnt fix it and they said "that should take care of the problem' which the spark plugs were very very bad so i thought for sure we had the problem fixed! can someone please help before i set this thing on fire!!! I have read every single post on here and alot of people had the same problem but the people that had the same exact problem im having didnt have solution. :(

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