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Jeep Commander Start Stall and Idle Problems



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    I know... i was corn-fused... ;)

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  • bofh_xkbofh_xk Posts: 2
    Sorry - this is a long post...

    I had a 2006 Jeep Commander Limited 4x4 Hemi - had relatively few problems over the 3 years that I owned it. Sadly someone ran a red light and totaled it for me. I LOVED my Commander so I bought a 2008 Overland 4x4 Hemi in 2009.

    Wow, what a mistake that was. I bought the car with 4500 miles from a dealer. Had leak issues from day 1. This Jeep had a cracked windshield, which the dealer had replaced. The people that did the work did a terrible job - broke my rain sensor. Windshield continued to leak, plus leaks right above the "oh shoot" handles. After about 8 months, finally got all the leaks worked out. Leaks have returned to the "oh shoot" handles. The dealer I took it to notified me that whoever did the windshield did a horrible job and I need to replace the windshield. Dealer I bought the car from went out of business so I'm stuck with this $300-$400 fix.

    Struts had to be replaced at about 45,000 miles - I don't even go off road that much and probably like most people here, my Commander is my baby and I take really good care of it.

    I haven't had the dash lights problem but I have had constant problems with the Navigation / Entertainment system. Sometimes the display in the front won't come on or it will go off after the car is already on - but it is weird because the display is black but you can see lights around the sides. UConnect is constantly losing its mind. My rear DVD display has gone out completely (at 50,000 miles). Again, no abuse. They want $800 to fix that.

    Rear hatch will sometimes open with a button, sometimes not. It likes to fake you out like it is going to open, then when you reach for the handle, it sucks shut. It mocks me. Replaced the shock on it once when it quit working entirely (around 30,000 miles). Of course it wasn't under warranty. Around $100 fix - but it isn't really fixed.

    I had a full tune up done (spark plugs replaced and everything) around 30K-40K - not sure on other years but this year uses the old copper spark plugs that have to be changed every 30K. You can't use platinum plugs, read that could be a source of some stalling issues.

    The big issue - the stalling. That started around 45,000 miles. Started with dying while sitting at stop lights. Had to turn the key off and pull it out put it back in - car starts fine. Then it started stalling driving down the road. I never had the lights blink or any "codes" that showed up. Took it to the dealer 2x they didn't find anything wrong.

    Then it died on the freeway at 60+ mph. I was driving along then noticed hey, I am slowing down but my foot is on the gas. Could not restart until I pulled the key out of the ignition and put it back in. Took it back to the dealer - they replaced 2 sensors. 1 was for the transmission and 1 was an engine sensor but I don't remember which one. 4WD service light came on around that same time - they said it wasn't related and I paid to have the 4WD serviced. 2 sensors were covered by my warranty (about $100 each).

    That fixed the problem for a few months. Car was running better than ever. Then it started running rough, engine light coming on. I read that could be the gas cap so made sure it was good and sealed. Problem went away.

    Then, driving down the road - starting noticing jerking. Like the transmission is disengaging then engaging. Not constant, just 1 or 2 times then everything is fine. Then it started dying again. I can see the RPM's go up if I push on the gas but there is NO forward momentum. Sometimes I get lucky and the transmision will reengage and everything is fine. Sometimes it doesn't and the car dies. On the freeway, 75 mph it just jerked then died. I had to coast to the side of the road - dodging 18-wheelers - trying to restart does not work. You have to pull the key out and put it back in to restart. Service 4WD light came back on shortly after the incident but then cleared before I got it to the dealer. As of today, it has been at the dealer 4 days and they can't find the problem. There are no codes. They said they would open a case with Chrysler to see if others are reporting the problem - I told them to just google it - lots of people complaining. At least they are trying.

    This problem scares me to death because this is my families primary transportation. What happens if it stalls when we pull out in traffic? I can't believe Chrysler hasn't had a lawsuit on this problem. I'm certainly in if one is started.

    I still owe money on this car and Lord knows I can't afford to replace it. Besides, I would hate for someone to buy this car and get killed in it. And honestly, how much do you think we can get for trade-in on a car with a long wrap sheet of problems? It just makes me sick.

    I'll post back with any dealer updates...
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    I'm in very much similiar spot that you are in with this Jeep, i.e., I owe on it (as of this past week's repairs i have paid on non-anticipated maintenance of this Jeep as much as I still owe on it) and am not comfortable selling it to someone else. The independent repair shop that I go to recently gave me some great guidance: expect to pay $1,500 per year on it for maintenance and a liitle more every 2-2.5 years for new tires. regarding the stall problem, you should check my posts; the repairs - not dealership recalls and/or dealership repairs which have every time resulted in nothing more than me having a new problem and having to have car towed back - done by the independent repair shop have all really focused on leaking transmission lines, steering lines, i.e., the corrosion of seals, tubes, etc., and with those repairs the stalls have stopped.

    also, recently, and i haven't posted yet because i just picked up Jeep last week, there was a kind of stall feeling that as it turned out was a worn out bushing that was giving an 'about to stall sensation' as i was they explained about to lose the entire rear axle/rear driving shaft. the wearing out of this bushing at such a low mileage is result of the collateral damage caused by the reason for one of the safety recalls...
  • bofh_xkbofh_xk Posts: 2
    Geez, so the bushing problem, is that covered by a recall?

    I read your other posts and mentioned your success to my husband and my dad - they thought it was strange that transmission lines / hoses could cause the stall problem but admitted it could be a vacuum issue? On my Jeep it literately feels like the transmission disengages before a complete stall. How much was it to get all those lines replaced?

    Doesn't it worry you that if you are spending $1500 / year to maintain this vehicle - what will it be at 8 or 10 years old? I keep my cars for a long time because it is usually cheaper to maintain than buy a new one. But I don't know about this one.

    We are planning a trip to Colorado to do Jeep trails and this problem is so random I am worried we'll be stranded on the side of a mountain somewhere (or worse).

    And I'll reiterate, this sucks because I really, really, like my Jeep and there is no other SUV on the market that I want. But I also have the safety of my family to think about - including my little 4 year old.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    More concerning than the independent repair shop advising me to budget $1,500/year to get 250,000 miles out of it (its at 66,579 today) was not having any idea of how much more this jeep could cost me. They gave me that $-figure when I asked if they thought I could get it to last 90,000 miles; I drive maybe 800-1000 miles/month. I also keep my cars a long time, including BMW, jaguar & 2 jeep wranglers; I purposely traded a jaguar in for this jeep in order to reduce my maintenance costs, but, obviously this jeep is exponentially more in maintenance. Worse, the maintenance on this jeep is not regular wear & tear, a.k.a. To be anticipated costs it's mostly been repairs due to corroded materials & parts that were original to the car at manufacture.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    And, no, the bushing problem is not covered by recall. I'd prefer now to not ever bring this jeep in to another jeep dealer because every time it has been touched by the dealer I drive it only so far away as it then needs at least a $100 tow & $350-400 servicing 'not related to the recall repair' I just drove it away from. I'm certain that the repairs at dealer are a waste of time and it's best to find a jeep expert at an independent repair shop.
  • susano1981susano1981 Posts: 1
    Please tell me that you've gotten this problem fixed. I'm having the same problem - I drive down the road and my Commander starts to turn itself off but starts back up. On occassion when my husband has driven it, it has turned itself completely off driving at full speed - losing all power steering. I am scared to death to drive it - to ride in it - or to let my son be in it. I am so afraid that we will be rear-ended. We have taken it to a Jeep Dealer several times and they have "found" different things that need to be changed out but still it has not fixed the problem. I am ready to tell these people to drive my Commander on the interstate if they really think they have fixed the problem ... I will NEVER buy another Jeep again!!! ps: my Jeep is 5 yrs old and we are the only owners.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    Yes & no; the car is still not how any car - never mind a Jeep that has been so well maintained & is only at 66kmi should run. Every single repair done be jeep dealer in CT resulted in further & more costly repairs being necessary within 1 day of picking it up. My best advice is to find an enthusiastic independent repair shop with a mechanic who specializes in Jeeps. If I had not been referred to him I would have spent thousands more & the car would not be running dependably. Now, while its still sometimes 'weak' i feel that it's reliable; that said, I never let it miss it's 3k check up & I'm prepared to make the $1,500 in repairs annually.
  • Susano....I believe my issue started when I had my friend who is a car entusiast tune up my car. The Commander's seem to be ultra sensitive. He replaced the spark plugs, but take it from me, call your Jeep dealer to find out what kind need to be used and stick with it. After replacing the spark plugs, it continued to stall. I finally had no choice but to take it to an authorized Jeep dealer and it did cost some $, but they worked with me. It came down to replacing the coils and the computer chip (whatever that is called) but it IS under warranty until 80K miles. I am NOT a mechanic, but it is my belief that the wrong spark plugs triggered a chain of events. If you have recently replaced the spark plug, have the other things done and put the right kind on there. I have not had any additional problems. After dealing with the stall for two months, I realized that #1, your steering still works, it's just very tight. Don't panic, just slow down and get to the shoulder. Once I realized my steering and brakes were still there, I didn't worry as much. But you do want to get the situation fixed so it isn't a concern.
  • superdanksuperdank Posts: 1
    It happened to me today - -CODE P1414 & CODE P2172

    it is how I found this site.. any suggestions?

  • I have been having the stalling issue for about 3 months. It happens at various speeds, driving conditions, and situations. The first time it happened, I took it immediately to my mechanic and he hooked it up to the computer to which no codes registered. He contacted Chrysler for help to which they gave him none. I have researched this problem online and have discovered that there a LOT of people with this issue. I contact Chrysler and received a "case manager". Well, she did absolutely nothing except tell me that Chrysler could not help me because my vehicle is no longer under warranty and my VIN # was not included in the recall for this issue. I have since filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic and Safety, and the Better Business Bureau. I suggest every owner of a Jeep Commander with this issue file a complaint with NHTS. They are the ones who get the recalls issued. So far, there are over 800 recent complaints registered with NHTS. Apparently, that isn't enough for them to do anything yet, but if they get a flood of complaints, seems like they would. Chrysler won't help you unless you are under issue or not!
  • fanmanfanman Posts: 6
    TSB 18-049-07 solved this problem for me 4 years ago and its never happened again
    see all my prior postings if you want to know how much fun I had
  • can you explain me how and where?? my 2007 hemi commander started with the problem this week.
    thank you..
  • Brought 07 commander Friday. It stalled Sunday night, brought it back to dealer, they said it was a sensor, fixed, returned jeep to me on Tuesday. Wednesday it stalled again, this time I told them something is triggering the sensor , they found an exposed wire in the harness which was connected from the computer module to the transmission and every time the wire touched the frame it would short out and send the truck into limp mode which is the 30mph speed limit it would travel. So far so good, but its only been a day (lol). Just wanting those with the same issue to have a place to start their mechanics to look. It's an electrical issue. (So they say).
  • magmaceomagmaceo Posts: 1
    I am having the same issues as most and when I told the dealership that there were many posts about the Commander stalling, he said you will find that with any car. I never had any issues with my Volkswagens or Hondas and this might be the last American made car I purchase. Except for the floor boards filling up with water if we get a bad rain, it has been a wonderful SUV until I took it to the dealership for the 60K transmission service to keep the power train warranty in place. It rode fine around town, but when we were on our way down to FL, it became sluggish when pressing the accelerator and hesitating when trying to go up hills. On the trip home, it turned off on us going 76 MPH on I-95; we were able to coast to the side of the rode and restart it, but having a semi on your tail and your car stalls, it is a frightening experience. We continued the trip home driving slower than I ever had, with it jerking and praying it wouldn't happen again. Took it to the dealership, they read the codes and reset something. The SUV worked great until we took a four hour trip to GA. The same thing happened again with the jerking, giving it gas and not wanting to go and we now knew how to handle it when it stalled. Took it back to the dealership, was told it was a sensor and had a list of other things that needed to be replaced totaling over a thousand. I have been diligent on getting the recommended maintenance and have never had a car stall on me on the highway, now I am afraid to drive it anywhere except to work and pray that the new sensors solve the issue. I posted a complaint on the NHTSA website and also notified Jeep via their survey of this, but too many people are having this issue for it to be something we, as owners are causing.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    The only thing I can now say about this SUV is that everything replaced After original manufacturing has worked well. It is the original parts that are major & costly problem.

    Also, though now a few years ago, I had no trouble with this jeep until I brought in for 1st oil change; after that it was starter, sensors, transmission & steering lines, etc.

    Your stalling - if they are still original - may be leaking transmission & steering lines.

    Also, go to an independent service station that is expert in jeeps for longer than decade; going to keep itself for servicing is a waste / they stick to 'party line'. It wasn't until I went to independent service station that the jeep finally got fixed & became reliable.
  • I was driving my jeep and when I came to a stop the censor started blinking. When the car is on park the censor is on and the jeep begins to shake.

    Can some one help me with this issue, does anyone have any idea what is causing this or has anyone experienced the same problem.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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